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January 17, 2020

Emotional Healing through Mindfulness Meditation


Nowadays, emotional healing is often a necessary thing. With people easily scarred by things of the past or events of the future, having that go-to center where we can resolve our worries will almost always feel like heaven. With something where we can rest our worries, emotional healing becomes an indispensable resource for us. 

 As such, emotional healing can also be challenging. Given that you have to open up to another person so that they may give you a piece of advice on your worries, you are essentially placing yourself in a position of vulnerability. And for a lot of people, doing so can be quite the task given that they are already in a position of powerlessness. 

With that, in this article, we’ll be pointing out briefly how to deal with emotional stress and problems through mindfulness meditation. By doing so, we’ll have a far better grasp on dealing with it. 

What is Emotional Healing?

Loosely defined, emotional healing refers to the act of positively dealing with one’s emotional struggles. In life, our struggles are things that we usually have to deal with and may result in either/both positive and negative outcomes. 

For instance, when one undergoes a break-up, one will be emotionally strained. As they have invested time, money, and emotions to the other person, they will naturally feel such strain given that they have latched themselves on the other person. 

With that, the one that’s left behind will feel the emotional tremor that it brings as it disrupts the usual emotional balance from within. With such discord, it will necessarily cause chaos from within. 

Thus, the only way to deal with this is through emotional healing. By addressing this problem in a systematic manner, one will be able to get through it. Instead of being stuck in the feeling of uncertainty and hope, one can proactively take control of their emotions. 

 Through emotional healing, we are able to ground our feelings, not on external factors but internal ones. Taking control of our own ship, we restore the balance that was lost. Thus, the next time some unforeseeable event happens, we are prepared for it. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Why is Self-Analysis a better choice in Emotional Healing?

With the above-given scenario, one option is to go for counseling. Instead of dealing with one’s problems, one can hire a professional counselor to give proper care and advice. 

 While this is working, such a method is arguably not the best one that we can make use of when dealing with emotional healing. As this kind of healing naturally involves dealing with one’s own set of neuroses, discussing it with a therapist will take months, if not years, for them to comprehend your thoughts and feelings. 

As such, Horney argues that we are better-off with learning how to deal with our own psyche. By learning this process of self-analysis, we dig deeper within ourselves and allow it to unfold. 

In general, there can be a lot of ways to do this. For instance, the shadow work method that’s being used by the Jungian approach entails a kind of unraveling oneself. By bringing out your repressed thoughts and emotions, you get to personally deal with your own shadow. 


As such, instead of relying on someone else for this, dealing with your own shadow means that you get to create a more meaningful experience. Just as when it is more meaningful when you solve things alone, successfully dealing with your own emotional problems can lead to an even more powerful kind of healing. 

Self-Analysis through Mindfulness Meditation

With the above points, self-analysis is definitely a method that we can rely on. Although it can be risky and problematic over time, learning how to do self-analysis outweighs the cons. Just like reconciling with your own shadow, self-analysis leads to substantial growth on top of the healing. 

 Given such, one powerful way to do self-analysis and begin emotional healing is through mindfulness meditation. During this state, you are practically focusing all of your energies on things that matter the most. With mindfulness meditation, you can cut off the unnecessary noise in the world and bring yourself towards progress. 

 For instance, this can be shown when you are trying to kill off some of your bad habits. By engaging in mindfulness meditation, such transition becomes far easier given that we can sort out the thoughts that pass through our minds. 

With that, we are able to identify which ones are creating negative ideas in our minds. As such, this allows us to weed out the root cause of our emotional struggles. 

Through mindfulness meditation, self-analysis becomes more accessible as we are creating the necessary conditions for us to unravel the deeper parts of our psyche. Given how the psyche is multi-layered (conscious, personal unconscious, and collective unconscious), deciphering it alone is already a challenging task. 

But with mindfulness meditation, we have a concrete approach to take, which can effectively disassemble our thoughts despite this complex layering. 

Thus, if you want to proceed with this gargantuan task of analyzing your own self, you must first know more and master the principles of mindfulness meditation. 

Final Word

In proceeding further, you’ll realize that emotional healing is not impossible to achieve alone. Just like how the human body is capable of repairing its own problems, individually dealing with our emotional stress is never an impossible task. 

 As long as we are equipped with the right tools for the job, such as the various ways to do mindfulness meditation, we do have a clear-cut way to proceed. Just remember that everything is a process in itself, and thus, it takes time, effort, and patience to eventually bear fruit. 

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