January 15, 2020

12 Archetypes and the Fate of your Business


In today’s world, the one who has a better understanding of the marketplace often wins. As such, when one innovates and creates a good product, this creates a new stream of money commonly referred to as blue oceans. In comparison, red oceans are highly competitive marketplaces where people edge on each other using the same strategies and evaluators, often benefiting the consumers. 

With that, there is an increasing demand to think out-of-the-box. As business people need to expand their horizons in order to grow their businesses, they must think of ways that transcend traditional sales and marketing. 

As such, one of the popular ways to do this is to look at businesses from a people-perspective. Instead of highlighting systems and order, perceiving businesses as relational vs. transactional often pays dividends. 

If you’ve noticed, most of the businesses that sell today aren’t about the best features or benefits. Instead, it is more of how they package their items and appeal to your emotion that closes the deal. Especially for the unscrupulous free-market consumerist, this trap often brings them to buy stuff that they don’t really need.

Thus, if one were to have a greater understanding of people around them, then it necessarily follows that they are able to make that sale. But did you know that comprehending individuals are also highly dependent on knowing your own psyche? Yes, making that sale and inducing parabolic annual growths often requires a deeper understanding not only of the marketplace but the consumers themselves. 

With that, in this article, we’ll show you a way for you to understand your own path – through the Jungian archetypes. 

But why the Jungian Archetypes? 

If you think of the jungian archetypes, you’ll realize that they are more than just concepts in psychology. Instead, these archetypes are real representations of who we are and what we do as individuals. Drawing from the shared universal experiences of man, such archetypes serve as the most basic foundation in comprehending our nature. 

While these archetypes are not necessarily qualities of the human being, they are still valuable since such is a collection of shared responses coming from the collective consciousness itself. As such, Jung pointed out that all of these archetypes are within us, its just that some are more dominant over the others. 

Thus, with the set of responses that are outlined by these 12 archetypes, we are able to somehow determine our overall direction in life, including our businesses. With that, here’s a quick list of the qualities of each archetype and how they can impact your business: 

  1. Caregiver archetype – you must capitalize on your ability to make others feel genuinely cared for. By creating products that prioritize the consumers first, they’ll see your genuine intention. 
  2. Creator archetype – you must capitalize on your ability to innovate. Seeking originality above all else, this quest will lead you to create blue oceans, as mentioned above.
  3. Explorer archetype – you must capitalize on your ability to go out there and bring adventure by creating products that inspire people to explore the world. 
  4. Hero archetype – you must capitalize on your ability to save others from their pains and struggles. As a hero, you’ll be their guiding light in the midst of a long journey called life.  
  5. Innocent archetype – you must capitalize on your ability to sell hopes and dreams. By inspiring people to move forward, they will patronize your vision, which is for the good of all. 
  6. Jester archetype – you must capitalize on your ability to make others laugh. Like a clown, you will bring unrivaled entertainment that eases the worker’s soul. 
  7. Lover archetype – you must capitalize on your ability to make others feel loved and to inspire them to love themselves through products that improve one’s well-being.
  8. Magician archetype – you must capitalize on your ability to transform the lives of others. This can be done scientifically or spiritually as you alter the way they live. 
  9. Member archetype – you must capitalize on your ability to adjust and blend with the crowd. In this way, you’re selling that sense of security and comfort through conformity.
  10. Outlaw archetype – you must capitalize on your ability to break boundaries. As an outlaw, you are limitless and thus must market this philosophy through brands that go beyond the system.
  11. Ruler archetype – you must capitalize on your ability to dominate others. Thus, your brand must be an alpha wolf, something that decides the trend of the market.
  12. Sage archetype – you must capitalize on your ability to sell knowledge and wisdom. By packaging it as some sort of power, such can be seen as the ultimate resource towards progress. 

By taking note of these points, you’ll be able to understand the general philosophy behind your dominant archetype. As such, instead of pursuing what seems to be something against the current, your task will now be to simply shape your approach using such. 

Final Word

 The 12 archetypes are notions that transcend all forms of common sense and rationality. Because such responses are engrained deep within our psyche, it is not impossible to say that we are, after all, molded by it. 

 Thus, your approach to seeking how this wisdom can be applied to your business is nonetheless magnificent. As you enlighten yourself on the various approaches that it can bring, doing business under this light will help you move forward on your journey. 


If you’re not yet aware of your archetype, you can take our archetype quiz to identify it within seconds!

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