November 19, 2019

Chakra Stones and Crystals for Deep Healing


Perhaps, you are already familiar with the 7 chakra points, right? As pipelines of cosmic energy, these chakra points serve as gateways for us to be empowered (did you know that each of the chakra symbols has its own meaning?). However, from time to time, these chakra points encounter problems. For instance, an imbalanced diet or even sleeping pattern can distort the natural flow of energy. Similarly, problems in the office or in relationships can also contribute to the loss of proper flow.

With that, we seek to employ chakra healing as a solution. By regularly doing chakra meditation, we are ensuring that these pipelines do not remain clogged.

However, doing such is not enough. Sometimes, chakra meditation alone lacks the necessary push for us to fully break the blockage. That’s why even when others regularly practice chakra meditation, problems related to their chakra points keep on recurring at a bad rate.

Given such, the solution to the problem is amplifying our chakra meditation technique. Thus, the perfect candidate for the job is none other than chakra stones!

Supercharged by mother nature itself, as supported by chakra frequencies, these chakra stones contain low-frequency vibrations within them. As such, these stored vibrations can help alleviate the blockage as each chakra stones is specialized. Here’s a guide on how to unblock your chakras.

Thus, with our seven chakra points as depicted in the chakra chart, all it takes is a single crystal to improve our chakra meditation. In the succeeding sections, we’ll be giving out some of the best chakra stones for the job!

Chakra Stones and Crystals for Deep Healing

Root Chakra – Amber

As the governor of our sense of self, the root chakra plays an important role in our lives. As such, it is often the main source of our desire for the most basic things, such as food, sleep, and even sex.

With that, losing the flame for the root chakra translates to a lack of will to live. As such, Amber is the perfect stone that’s fit for the job since it provides that much-needed life force in order to push you further.

Sacral Chakra – Rainbow Jasper

Governing our sexual desires and our creative powers, the sacral chakra is crucial in giving a sense of meaning in our lives. As we translate our thoughts to reality, this chakra point allows us to become creative and innovative in our approach.

With that, a problematic sacral chakra often leads to a lack of inspiration. Failing to see the beauty of what’s there, we become indifferent to the world without us even knowing it. As such, the Rainbow Jasper is known to restore creative energies on the spiritual level, allowing us to be back on track.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Beryl

Given that we have a lot of tasks and goals in life, it is essential for us to have that willpower to move forward. With that, the Solar Plexus chakra governs our courage and will to conquer challenges in life. It provides that necessary fire to push towards progress.


Thus, a problematic Solar Plexus chakra means that we will feel limited and uninspired with our dealings. Lacking the push to go out of the comfort zone, we remain complacent as we keep on compromising with our own failures. As such, Beryl is known to bring that inner courage, which can help us move forward.

Heart Chakra – Rose Quartz

Perhaps the most famous chakra point, the Heart chakra, is the seat of our romance and relationships. Allowing us to form meaningful connections with others, this chakra point ensures that we are able to connect with them on deeper levels.

With that, a troubled Heart chakra translates to disconnection with other people. Given such, we’ll find it very difficult to connect with others even when we are trying our best to please them. Thus, the way to go is to use the Rose Quartz, for it has energy that helps us restore love and romance in our lives.

Throat Chakra – Lapis Lazuli

Communicating with others is an essential task as we are social beings. With that, the Throat chakra is the primary pipeline for cosmic energy to help us properly relay our thoughts and intentions to other people.

But when we have a troubled Throat chakra, we’ll often find ourselves in constant misunderstandings. Failing to get the proper message across, a simple miscommunication can turn into an irreversible conflict. Thus, it is necessary to employ the help of Lapis Lazuli, for it can fine-tune how we deliver our thoughts to others.

Third Eye Chakra – Crystal Quartz

As the seat of both conscious and unconscious thoughts, the Third Eye chakra gives us our perspectives in life. With that, we are able to see perspectives and realize what we want to do with our lives.

But with a troubled Third Eye chakra, we’ll have a limited approach in things. Unable to see the long-term effects of our decisions or even the subtle thoughts that lurk deep in the unconscious, we become trapped by our own thoughts. Thus, to bring back clarity, the Crystal Quartz is a necessary tool for us to move forward.

Crown Chakra – Amethyst

Last but not least, the Crown chakra is responsible for our higher self. As humans, we are not only made of flesh but also of spirit. With the presence of the Crown chakra, we are able to connect with our higher self.

However, a blockage in the Crown chakra means that we become too worldly and superficial in our approach. Failing to see the spiritual self, we become absorbed in our erratic choices. Thus, it is necessary to utilize the energy that’s stored in an Amethyst crystal to help us alleviate this spiritual blockage.

With these seven chakra points, using the help of healing crystals will greatly increase our chances of better spiritual healing. Simply by restoring the blocked gateways, we’ll be able to unleash our full potential as persons!

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