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March 6, 2019

Healing Crystals And Consciousness Levels: A Powerful Guide


In this article, we will explore the world of the famous healing stones by giving you a comprehensive guide on understanding healing crystals!

Unlike every other common article in the internet, this one will give you a more systematic approach, being a one-stop-shop of easily understanding healing crystals.

Understanding Healing Crystals

Here in our blog, we are not only focusing on the Jungian archetypes. As you can see in our blog posts, we also incorporate other forms of spirituality such as astrology, numerology, and chakra meditation to name a few.

We believe in a holistic approach to the human person’s welfare, one that covers the various aspects of understanding the intangible parts of man’s existence.

As such, we have dedicated ourselves, with our team, on a consistent pursuit of understanding more about humanity by constantly finding ways of understanding ourselves.

One particular way to do so is through understanding healing crystals.

These crystals are handcrafted by mother nature itself, for they are created out of natural rock formations. They are believed to contain the natural energies of earth itself, imbued overtime throughout the creation process.

The vibrations contained in each crystal translates into energy as we use them in our daily lives. As a matter of fact, even most of these crystals are used in modern technology, as they contain or conduct energies within or through them.

A good example of this is LCD, which technically means Liquid Crystal Display. Technically, these nematic liquid crystals are the heart and soul of most screen panels, allowing pixels to turn on and off as electricity is applied to them.

Further researching about elements and qualities of minerals will lead us to even more complex applications of these crystals, ranging from engagement proposals to nuclear powered energy cores.

Without a doubt, their application has been vital to the progression of man, at least in the sense of hard sciences.

But more than these practical applications, minerals and crystals are believed to have this healing power that will help persons to cope with their experiences in life.

Healing Crystals And Consciousness Levels

How Healing Crystals Work:

It doesn’t take a genius to understand how healing crystals work. This is because, after all, their application is reliant on the vibration that is stored within them.

As we apply these crystals, we use them in a way that we can harness these vibrations. But why so?


If we go back to the classic theory of Einstein, we can see how he states how the origin of things is energy. What this means is that at the core of everything that we can know and think of, energy powers them to be.

In the absence of energy, they cease to exist and turn back into nothingness.

Using this concept of energy and how it is stored in the various healing crystals that we know of, experts have told us how it leads to life-altering effects.

One of which is that each crystal has a unique power and intention, and if harnessed properly, will emit energy that can purify our minds, thoughts, and deeds.

The crystal quartz, for example, is a classic case of how healing crystals can be effective. By using it and bringing it with you on a daily basis, you are invoking its power of clarity in your life. Just by staring at it, it already emits its power to you!

Despite this, we can still hear a lot of skeptics regarding the power of healing crystals. However, we cannot really force them to have an open-mind. After all, the energy emitted by these crystals remain blocked if the user is actively blocking its vibration.

This is why it is crucial to understand that in utilizing these crystals, we have to approach them with a clear intention in mind. Each crystal has a unique composition in-itself which represents the kind of intention that we have. 

As such, this comprehensive guide will allow you to learn more about the different aspects from which the crystals that we want, or we have can actively influence us.

Furthermore, by providing a quick-guide on each crystal, you as a ‘crystal user’ will have a concise yet comprehensive understanding of the intentions and properties embedded in each of these precious healing stones.

So, if you have problem with say ‘lack of clarity’ as you keep on seeing life vaguely, or ‘lack of perseverance’ being easily persuaded to procrastinate and not follow-through, these healing crystals will be the perfect solution to your problem.

By opening your minds and hearts to their unique yet powerful vibrations, you are consciously pulling yourself away from those negative habits, freeing yourself from the chains of tardiness, insecurity, pride, confusion, impatience, and anxiety to name a few.

Through utilizing them properly, we will be able to positively influence the flow of energy within our lives as healing crystals will aid us not only in our physical journey, but also in the spiritual one.

We hope to have these vibrations penetrate us deep within our souls, guiding our spiritual journey towards the paths that we intend to take.

Aspects of Healing Crystals

The power of healing crystals is highly dependent on the intensity of our beliefs in them. By pouring in more belief and confidence that they will influence our lives positively, the more that their effects will change our lives.

But this belief is fortified with understanding.


For instance, someone who believes that regularly doing exercise may help their metabolism might actually have an effect on them. However, someone who believes this and understands the basic or even complex mechanisms in our body that allows such will have a far more effective routine.

This is not because they exercise more, but because they understand how things work, and are able to properly supplement it. The same way, of course, goes with everything else – coupling belief with understanding brings us not only knowledge but also wisdom.

In this case, such principle applies to healing crystals. Thus, before we jump-in with our whole-hearted belief that they work, let us first explore how they work their magic so that we can know how to properly apply them.

Note: The various levels and qualities of crystals are directly sourced from Michael Gienger’s Healing Crystals book, which shows a brief summary of the qualities and aspects of each crystal.

Spiritual Level

This is, perhaps, the most crucial of the four aspects to be mentioned in this article.

The spiritual aspect of each crystal will basically outline what the person seeks on the level of intention, aims, and focus in life.

What this means is that in every human being, there is a core understanding of what they want to happen in their lives.

For instance, someone coming from a wrecked family lacks love during his childhood days. Inevitably, this lack will influence and affect the way they see life, and the things that they want to happen in their own lives.

As such, we can safely assume that this person is likely to seek love in their lives given that they have lacked it for a long time. 

But unlike wanting to buy the latest iPhone, this one is not simply an urge. What’s even more is that decisions like buying the latest things can be an expression being un-loved, as people yearn for attention from others.

In this way, we can understand this section as a sort of core-goal in life, which was heavily crafted or shaped during the childhood stages of one’s individuality.

As most psychologists would agree that faulty childhood experiences can leave an inescapable mark in us, our intentions, aims, and focus in life is heavily biased towards or against these experiences.

By looking at our own individual experiences, we get to understand how and why we work this way.

Given such, it is crucial to look at how each crystal can aid us in this category. Each crystal can influence the way we manifest our intentions in this world. The big difference is that by having the power of these crystals, we have an edge against others who doesn’t even know their existence.

When faced with a problem, these crystals can and will help us as they are physical manifestations of our intentions. Paraiba Tourmaline, for example, manifests one’s intention to love and be loved.


In the core of its spiritual level, this intention is manifested and turned into actual actions. By having this crystal, one aligns one’s intention with its power and vibrations, allowing for a more straightforward approach to life’s goals and meaning.

As such, if we are trying to modify our intentions and focuses in life, aligning such with the healing stone will help purify ourselves from the unnecessary distractions and thoughts.

By having a straightforward approach to our deepest desires, the spiritual aspect will surely change the parts of ourselves that we find difficult to address. All it needs is our trust and confidence, our belief that it will work so that it can slowly work its magic in our lives.

Subconscious Level

The subconscious level is the part where our soul rests. As such, the psyche can be found here, operating within the middle stream, as we ingest, digest, store, and throw information away.

Passing by a certain route, we can see a lot of things, most of which are absorbed by the mind and stored there. However, even when we fail to notice them, these ideas are registered, subconsciously influencing the choices we make.

For instance, repeatedly seeing a cluttered room may unknowingly lead to a cluttered mind. When people see chaos, people may live their lives in chaos as well. Even more than that, maybe the room is cluttered as a reflection of one’s mind.

This is the silent power of the subconscious level.

While we may think that most of our choices are consciously made, the influences of such conscious choices are not consciously chosen. Meaning, while we prefer that red polo shirt, our choice may seem authentic, but before we realize it, we chose red as we were conditioned to choose it.

In the same way, the general question here is that “are we able to apply this power of the subconscious to our lives?”

There are multitude of ways to do this, but one of the most effective is through healing crystals.

As these crystals emit energy and vibrations to our body, they also emit ideas and thoughts to our subconscious mind. Taking advantage of such powers is secret in sustaining a better mindset.

For instance, the Andean Opal (colorless) has the quality of programming the subconscious to become flexible and highly adaptable. If you feel that your overall life is too rigid and limited in its ways, utilizing this crystal will slowly change that.

Given such, it is important to know which crystal supports an idea or notion. Being aware of the subconscious effects will consciously influence the subconscious, molding it to our liking.

If you were impatient before, easily annoyed by a few minutes wasted on small talk, using certain crystals with related properties can change that. By holding on and believing in your crystal, your life will be transformed before you even know it.

The key is in understanding and believing that these crystals will work, so that we don’t even have to think why they work. The subconscious operates in such a way that it doesn’t necessarily makes us aware of our actions, but continuously influences them.


As we use this key of understanding and belief, we will embed the value of healing crystals in our minds.

Such key will open the doors to bigger possibilities, not only in the conscious mind, but more importantly on the subconscious one. As our choices are shaped by it, the way it is shaped will affect with the way we live.

Conscious Level

After the spiritual and subconscious, we are now headed to the conscious level of understanding the value of healing stones.

In this level, the focus lies on ideas, values, convictions, views and manners of thinking. From such, we can interpret this level as the conscious perspectives that we have about ourselves and about the world.

First off, the value of how we perceive ourselves consciously is one of the most effective ways to change our lives. More than what we perceive, self-image can be a powerful tool in crafting the kind of individuals that we want to become.

Given this premise, we can safely say that somehow people fail in life not because they aren’t gifted or talented in one way or another. In some cases, people aren’t also lazy, rather they do whatever is necessary. But why do they fail?

One answer to this question is this – they fail because they don’t see themselves as successful people. By not being able to perceive one’s self as a successful and purpose driven individual, one will fail to see the value of pursuing what they want. 

In the same way, the individual’s perception of the world will also affect how they become receptive of its values and convictions. Whether we like it or not, the world around us has its own conviction and perspective about what is right or wrong.

This perspective is commonly streamlined through media, making it difficult for us to avoid ideas which perpetuate productivity and the romanticization of poverty.

However, we are not entirely trapped in such viewpoints. At the end of the day, we have the faculty to decide which things to accept and reject. Such conscious decision making can only happen in the level of the mind, where one is capable and powerful enough to change one’s perspective.

While the spiritual and subconscious levels do influence the psyche, such influence, no matter how strong, is still expressed in a passive tone.

This is in direct contrast to the conscious level, where the expression is always in an active tone, as one commands oneself to do this or that, think of this and that.

As such, it would be greatly beneficial for an individual if the conscious level is also actively influenced by the vision that they want for their lives.

One effective way, of course, is through the help of healing crystals. Given that each healing crystal also has a “conscious level property”, they can help shape the way we perceive life and how we respond to it.

By carrying and using certain crystals, we can re-align our focus towards concepts of love, progress, success, and all the other positive visions that we have for ourselves.


Physical Level

Last but not the least, the physical level is one of the four main aspects from which healing crystals can have a positive effect in our lives.

While all the other three aspects are known to bring a change in the way we think and proceed with our actions, this last aspect can be quite intriguing for most. Such is because healing crystals are claimed to have properties which can cure certain illnesses depending on the function that they are aligned with.

Perhaps, not many of us will agree with this section. Some might even dismiss healing crystals altogether just because of this absurd and baseless claim. But for those who truly believe in its power, they would consider that in one way or another, such crystals will help us cure our illnesses.

For instance, the crystal Aquamarine (Beryl) is believed to be capable of helping us heal allergies and hay fever. While this can be quite doubtful for most (given that there are no properties present in the aquamarine that actively fights against allergies and hay fever), we have to remember that the point here is that believing in the power of these crystals is the key to them helping us.

As such, do not expect that the article and the quick guide will provide and prove a way to you on how they can possibly have such healing effects.

Rather, a healthy way to accept this topic is to regard it as part of what we call the “placebo effect”, where the drug doesn’t really have the healing properties, but the psychological framework of the patient makes them believe in such.

While it isn’t really super effective on all illnesses, this placebo effect has been proven to be part of the healing process in some specific cases. At least on the level of the hard sciences, this placebo effect is known to have benefits to illnesses directly linked to depression and similar psychologically-induced cases.

But for some spiritual healers, this “power of the mind” goes beyond such limited application. If we examine eastern medicine, we can see cases wherein they apply certain medications with no active drug, at least from the western perspective.

Even so, it is believed that such drug, say one derived from horns of the rhinoceros, will have great effects.

Assuming that they are wrong, we can at least say that this positive effect stems from the power of the mind to mold what will happen to the body.

For some individuals, they have reached this peak where they are able to control their bodies with their minds. Amazing inhuman feats can be exhibited, for instance, by monks who have practiced years of meditation.

This level which seems to go beyond the “normal”, is believed to be a result of one’s undying perseverance to elevate one’s self.

In the same way, the healing properties of these crystals are to be understood with the same caveat. Although we cannot really prove how they fully “aid our digestion or cure our fever”, we can at least let it be, believe, and hope for positivity while moving forward.

Quick Recap

With these four aspects or levels of how healing crystals can affect and influence our life, we can then specifically select crystals that suit our taste or need.

Given that we are able to identify the delineation between their functions, healing crystals can work its magic without being ambiguous, at least from the standpoint of the user.


Moreover, to a certain extent, most ideas from intentions to visions are highly coordinated. If one aspires for tranquility, such can easily be linked with calmness and patience on different levels.

This will allow us to have a coherent and comprehensive way of understanding healing crystals.

Having this context will give us a way of understanding crystals, as their basic function or intention will be indicated in the quick guide.

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