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July 9, 2018

3 Simple and Life Changing Ways To Harness Cancer’s Energy This Month


It’s that time of the year when Cancerians are celebrating their presence on this earth. There is a beautiful loving vibe in the air as our attentions subtly turn to our home, sentimental memories and the presence of our emotions and intuition.

Sometimes cancer can be deeply intuitive, emotional, sensitive and sentimental but they do have a tendency to make it difficult for people always to see this side of themselves, instead, they might use their crabbiness to push people away or prevent people from taking a closer look at the beauty that is inside.

From June 20th to July 22, we can all embrace the energies of the Cancer and bring some of their qualities into our own lives. In doing so, we might clean up some of our energy, take some time to assess our emotions and look at how we protect ourselves from the world.

We can also check in with our goals and plans using the intuition that is available to us right now to figure out whether every goal we have is really what we want or need and adding to our list of things to do those goals and plans that we know we need to do, but we don’t prioritize.

This is also a great time to open our hearts and attend to our emotional needs.

Now, we acknowledge that we have just mentioned emotion, intuition, sentimentality and the cleaning up of energy. Intimidating as these issues might sound, you can alleviate your fear, for our crabby friends are brave and fierce.

Cancerians handle such challenges well, and if things get too much, they know they can retreat for a short while until they are ready to return to the task at hand (when they’ve re-established their equilibrium).

And since the cancer energy is around for all of us to harness right now, you might just find the right amount of strength and courage to face some things that will make your life comforting, as well as more loving and heart-centered.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Here are 3 Simple and Life Changing Ways To Harness Cancer’s Energy This Month

Step 1: Home is Where The Heart is

This saying couldn’t be more appropriate for a cancerian. You don’t need us to tell you that the crab carries their little home with them everywhere they go. Home is where the heart is for our Cancerians – quite literally.

This period in cancer is perfect for assessing your home, and noticing those little things that you don’t like, but that you can change. Spend some time alone with your intuition to determine what you can do around your home to create a loving and comforting space (or enhance the loving and comforting atmosphere in your home).

Clear the energy using aromatherapy, incense, or sage, or even clapping in the corners and make sure you clear out all of the dust and cobwebs in the corners. If your home needs a good clean and to be organized, now is the time to do it.

Check areas of your home, and areas of your life where you could bring in some sentimentality (which is perfect for making your house a home). The most obvious way to do this is to put up, or refresh photos or mementos of loved ones, and don’t forget to pep up your pet’s bed.


Finally, think about other people’s homes, or homes you see in magazines, what do you like about them that you could bring into your home? Bringing new ideas into your home also brings in new energy, that will be sure to inspire you for the next twelve months.

Step 2: The Emotional Cleanse

Cancerians manage their emotions reasonably well, taking the time to retreat when things become too much for them and by default processing their emotional needs. During Cancerian season take time to stop and pay attention to your emotional needs too, it’s the perfect time to purge.

Do you need to clear up any unwarranted emotion such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, or loss for example, perhaps you need to learn to forgive?

This month is a wonderful time to start to address emotional issues, and if you do, you’ll find a safe place, enough resources and the space to help you open your heart and simply let things go.

Just remember that you have the energy of the brave crab around you and emotions are just like fear they are more intimidating when you don’t face them than they ever are when you start to let them go.

Here’s a simple technique for letting go of emotion.

  • Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Make sure you are warm and have a box of tissues handy!
  • Think of the strongest emotion that you are feeling at the moment, but if you can’t label the emotion work through these emotions in this order (anger, sadness, fear, guilt).
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take time to acknowledge that you are entirely in control of your emotions and that if you do happen to feel too overwhelmed at any point, all you have to do is open your eyes and you’ll feel calm and reassured.
  • Start to allow yourself to feel the first emotion. Notice how it feels in your physiology, does it make you want to scream, do you feel sensations in different areas of your body. Notice this and as you do reassure yourself again that you are in control, and that this needs to be expressed for it to be released.
  • Continue to express the emotion through your physiology, even if it feels uncomfortable know that it will start to reduce as you release the pent-up emotion.
  • Keep doing this until you feel calm and stop feeling any more physical sensations or emotion.
  • Take some time to acknowledge the peace you feel and carry on with your day.
  • Congratulate yourself on successfully releasing an emotion.

Note: You might find that your muscles sometimes ache in the days that follow this exercise, this is just the result of the energy shifting from your physiology. It’s also possibly to feel more of the emotion you have just cleared quite soon afterwards. This is just repressed emotion rising to the service ready for you to express. Just repeat the process as many times as you need to until it stops.

Step 3. Gratitude and Awareness

Now that you’ve cleansed your home, and purged your emotion, you’ll have plenty of headspace to acknowledge and bring your awareness to everything that is good in your life. And you can add to that list that you now know how to stay on top of your emotions.

Focus on gratitude and awareness during cancer season at every opportunity, and if you can, write down what you are grateful of so that you can reflect upon it over the next twelve months.

Since cancer is a cardinal sign, it pushes forward and breaks new ground which means that the work you do, during cancer season is life changing.

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