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July 7, 2018

How to Remember your Dreams


“Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.” – Sigmund Freud

Did you ever wonder why if dreams were so prophetic, they weren’t easier to remember? You can be having the most insane, time of your life and then wake up to have it vanish from existence as if it never happened. Sometimes you’ll wake up terrified but not even sure why. The uneasiness and unknowing of the fleeting dream is seemingly just as haunting as the dream itself.

Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Spiritualists all agree there is power in a dream. It’s a message from our subconscious or from our Spirit Guide. It’s a reflection of waking fears or trauma, or maybe it’s an idea for a new invention or artwork. If you’re like the hundreds of thousands of people who cannot remember your dreams, this puts quite a damper on communication with the cosmos.

There is hope! There are actually tried and true ways to improve your ability to recall your dreams and start interpreting the messages coming from inside or from the other side. Either way you believe, you have to admit it’s still a lot of fun to remember your dreams! Here’s How:

1. Dream Journal

The most commonly known dreaming tool is a dream journal. Keep a dedicated notebook and pencil next to your bed at night. Any time you wake up at night, write down what you remember from the dream. Even if it’s just a color, a name, or a feeling. It doesn’t have to be neatly written or organized, just write it down. You can start interpreting signs from dreams right away – anything you remember can be a message, so look it up!

2. Put it on your Radar

Before falling asleep each night, set the dreaming intention. Tell your brain to remember; put it on your radar. Energy goes where attention flows, and dreams are no exception. Instead of telling yourself, “I never remember my dreams.” Start convincing yourself that you can. Your brain only works toward what it thinks is important, so make sure your brain knows it’s important.

3. Don’t Hate, Hydrate

This increases your chances of waking up after you have the dream. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t increase your dreams, but only the likelihood you’ll wake up after having an intense one.

4. Avoid Caffeine, Sugar, Nicotine… and Facebook before bed

Sorry y’all. This one is an important one. In order to attain the deep sleep needed for a serious dreaming session, it’s important to avoid the waking effects of stimulants. Yes – even Facebook is a stimulant. In fact, anything with an LCD screen is making it more difficult for you to fall or stay asleep in general, let alone sleep deeply enough for dreaming.

5. Exercise Regularly & Meditate

It’s no secret that regular exercise is amazing for your body physically and can relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety; however, it’s also linked to more dream recall. Meditation works in a similarly calming way, reducing the effects of stress leading to an easier, longer and deeper sleep. Try an easy night time yoga sequence video on YouTube, and practice right from your bed. You can also try going to bed earlier as many of us just enter deep REM sleep when our morning alarms start chiming.

Dream On

You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to remember, examine, or interpret your own dreams. With a little bit of effort, intention, regular exercise, and rest you can begin to understand your own subconscious or speak directly with your Spirit Guides. Life’s tough, get all the help you can get.

Life is short. Remember the Dreams!

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