You Have Selected: Judgement

At a time of great upheaval or transition, there are typically many things one can do: seek resolution, closure, or in some cases even debt consolidation.


Judgement - Debt Consolidation

At a time of great upheaval or transition, there are typically many things one can do: seek resolution, closure, or in some cases even debt consolidation. In the case of this reading, the revelation of this upheaval as well as the solutions needed to resolve the matter comes from one card: the Judgement.

Generally speaking, the card here indicates that you are now about to face a situation of grave import. You might run into some sort of mishap willingly or otherwise. And the consequences of such will be severe enough to reconsider your life choices or reevaluate your career strategy.

At such a point, the most crucial move you can make will always be the first. After all, if you make the wrong move here, you could end up drowning yourself in financial trouble. Being in such a situation effectively means that your moves will be fewer and have greater consequences. In the financial realm, one of which is debt consolidation.


But while the specifics are easy enough to infer for some, there are many more things of great import. What, for example, is the solution the Judgement offers for the next calamitous event? Why would you even consider taking that option?

Why would debt consolidation be more important than any other option, perchance? The answers will come to light with an even better understanding of the Judgement card.

The True Face of Judgement

Historically and mythologically, judgment as a concept has always been given high political accord. It typically presents itself as a reckoning of people by a higher, more objective power. The reckoning may work in favor or against them, yet in the end, the ramifications of being subjected to judgment are truly grave in all its glory and horror.


Indeed, the true meaning of this Judgement is revealed in the way the card is drawn. A servant of God, Gabriel the Archangel, descends from the heavens. His presence towers just above a cloud, as if it is a pedestal from which he can stand and proclaim the penultimate will of the Lord.

This will is revealed through a trumpet. The people below are naked and simply look on. Now, there are several things to take into consideration here: nakedness represents purity and honesty. It shows that there is nothing one can hide.

Since the card is an image, it is unclear what the actual sound the trumpet makes-- the actual Judgement is. The people know nothing; only that it is so strong and supreme that the mortals below are compelled to look upward. This mirrors your life’s problems: you know not what comes next-- only that debt consolidation is one of your few options.


Debt Consolidation: On Wrestling with Financial Reckoning

Considering the analysis of the Judgement card above, it becomes even more clear why finances are the primary focus here. Typically, an upheaval at this point in one’s life is significant enough to hit one where it hurts: this means money. In this setup, the role of debt consolidation is becoming increasingly clear.

This is because debt consolidation is effectively the first move of transition you can make. The card sees that you have gone through so much. Whether it is due to your own actions or something out of your control entirely is irrelevant. What matters is that you are able to make the move regardless. As a way to effectively restructure your debt in more favorable terms, debt consolidation will be a crucial lifeline.

As such, if you are going through a particularly rough time due to a sudden expense, the card tells you to make this move. By no means does it stand as a panacea to your problems, but it will buy you enough time to finally make choices that can improve your career. You can take up a much higher-paying job later, for example, with the time debt consolidation gives you.


In other words, this may be your last resort due to your financial problems, but you have the guarantee that it will be your best one yet. Take this choice and make your move, as it will all be worth it in the end!