July 18, 2021

July 18 – 24 Horoscope Summary


While good vibes will rule the waves this week, some bad juju is unavoidable. You don’t have to worry, though, as they too, shall pass. With the right mindset and motivation, everything will be within your reach. Be brave, and just press on!

Mercury square Chiron (July 19th)

Mercury is the planet of communication and intellectualism. It encourages people to socialize and exchange ideas, regardless of their form and shape. This can help build relationships, while also improving and encouraging self-growth.

On the other hand, Chiron is known to be the planet of emotional pain and unhealed trauma. Its effects are lasting and can be quite disruptive and destructive, especially to those who do not have a solid circle that can provide mental and emotional support.

When these two clashes, it can only mean that disturbances, in the form of fears and insecurities, will manifest themselves. It is important that a person must keep their fortitude and keep their sights set on their personal goals. Allowing negativity to do its thing is not an option, so keep the faith and stay strong!

Mercury trine Neptune (July 24th)

As said, Mercury values communication and learning. Its premium on things related to the mind allows for it to manifest particularly strong intellectually related things that can help boost a person’s life, as well as their experiences.

Neptune, for its part, is a dreamy planet. It concerns itself with the spiritual world and prefers to act on things that would help improve a person’s relationship to the universe itself. It calls on people to look within themselves so that they can see what is outside them clearly.

This transit, then, brings out the best of both of these planets. Self-expression, healing, as well as related activities that can help one’s well-being will be all the rage during this period. Act on these accordingly so that you will be able to help yourself, as well as aid in improving others in your own little way.

Major Transits of the Week

July 19th: Mercury square Chiron

July 23rd: Full Moon

July 24th: Mercury trine Neptune

Weekly Summary per Zodiac Sign


Having fun and playing around will keep you pumped up and happy during this week. So many things are happening, and you can use this time to enjoy yourself! Let yourself loose and be reckless, this is the time when you can be unapologetic and just show your true self.


Negativity will be all around you, and so you must need to be careful about whatever it is that you do. Do not allow your thoughts to rule you, and only manifest the good things. Resist all the bad juju, and only manifest the things and events that will make you happy and satisfied.


Being cautious will go a long way for you during this period. This is not the time when you should give in to whatever it is that you want! Give everything a long and hard thought so that you will be able to discern properly. Only when you feel like you were able to think through things thoroughly that you should go and decide for yourself.


Your belief in your own abilities and skills will go a long way. Even though people are trying to pull you down, remember to never let anyone dim your light. Keep your head held high! You are talented and more than capable to do things the way you want to, so take heart!


Examine yourself and how you are actually living your life. You just might be living an empty existence merely concerned in satisfaction and instant gratification! This is not a good way to truly live a good life, and you need to upgrade things a little if you truly want to live a life without regrets.



Do not let your inner voices hold you back. There are still so many things that you are yet to do, and you need to keep your head held high. Being afraid is perfectly normal, but you must never let it dictate you and steer your life towards the direction you certainly don’t want to take.


Give importance to the people who have always been there for you. Without them, you would be struggling even more than you actually are, and it is important that you show your gratitude for the first chance you can get. However, it is also good that you pass the kindness forward, especially towards those who need you the most.


Taking the leap of faith is nothing new for you. In fact, you look forward to doing it every time! This period will be no different, as it will allow you to do things no matter how reckless or crazy it is. Keep the adrenaline going, and live life to the fullest!


Finding the confidence to do something will be hard to come by during this time. However, this must not stop you from believing in yourself and your capabilities. You simply are worth more than what anyone else thinks about you.


Life will be a bit skewed towards the slow side. You might find this time quite boring, underwhelming, and not stimulating at all. However, you only need to be patient. Good things come to those who wait, and if you will allow time to do its things, you most certainly will be rewarded greatly.


Being a bit down and under the weather may not be enjoyable at all, but it is nonetheless a lived experience for many people. This will be your reality, especially during this period, most especially because you need to recalibrate yourself. Don’t worry too much, as everything will work out towards the end.


With so many things going on in your life, you will need to have some kind of break. However, when you receive the energy and motivation to do the things that you have to do, be careful where you spend your energy. You just might end up wasting it if you aren’t being too careful, leaving you with so many regrets.

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