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July 15, 2021

Discover the Super Blue Blood Moon Astrology NOW!


We simply cannot escape unpredictability in life! Every now and then, we are bound to receive wild cards that can make things absolutely topsy-turvy. Sometimes they are fun to have and experience and sometimes they aren’t. The Super Blue Blood Moon Astrology is definitely a topic of interest when it comes to life’s unpredictabilities.

But what comes after those twists-of-fate? Change! Just like how the moon experiences an eclipse, we also face circumstances that propel us towards a different life chapter. The next phase of our lives can be very intimidating but we should be welcoming to new beginnings.

Eclipses of all sorts symbolize the renewal of a cycle and pose new and possibly better opportunities for your future. Sometimes we don’t know what to do when we face certain changes in our lives. We often find those moments quite overwhelming, to say the least.

Wouldn’t you say that we should embrace and accept all kinds of changes in our life? How will you know when it transpires? How will you know exactly what type of change is in store for you? Numerous questions must be running through your mind right now.

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Seizing Opportunities using Super Blue Blood Moon Astrology
  • Letting Go of Emotional Baggage during Eclipses
  • Revitalizing Yourself with the Full Moon Eclipse
  • Accessing Your Power through the Blue Blood Moon
  • Using your Sagittarius Moon to Ensue Hope

What is the Super Blue Blood Moon Astrology?

This is an event that consists of three rare lunar phenomena in one night. A cosmic combo!  These lunar phenomena are called the supermoon, the blood moon, and the blue moon. The Super Blue Blood Moon is extremely unique because it only happens every 150 years. As a result, the blue blood meaning merges into one due to the three-in-one event.

It is said that this celestial trifecta occurs in the zodiac sign, Leo. Opportunities of leadership are present during this event as well as taking risks and indulging in necessary rest. This event helps you release positive energies to jump over obstacles and let go of emotional baggage. The kind of change this occurrence will bestow upon you is an increase in possibilities for abundance in your life.

Blood Moon Meaning

Ancient cultures regard the Blood Moon as an ominous event. It was given this name because of the moon’s color during this eclipse – the reddish tinge it takes on. Whereas the sun, Earth, and moon form a straight line, with the moon passing through the shadow of the Earth. Light passes through the Earth’s atmosphere during the eclipse, resulting in red light from the Sun. Which is then reflected onto it and gives it a reddish color, thus the nickname “blood moon”.

What is the relevance of the Full Moon Eclipse to you?

A Full Moon Eclipse happens only when half of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun. When the Earth’s shadow covers all or part of the Moon, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon and blocks any direct sunlight from reaching the Moon. Its very essence entails overshadowing the past, transcending old fears and beliefs, and illuminating your light from the inside out!

Evolution comes with Super Blue Blood Moon Astrology, bringing about significant change. Subconscious thoughts and feelings of yours will surface and ground themselves in reality. Evidently, this is the perfect time to cleanse your emotional state and set newer and better intentions. This eclipse will be really advantageous to you especially because of the fact that it calls for you to let go. Let go of the attachments and emotions that serve you no benefit.

Connection to the Sagittarius Moon

When it comes to change, you are given the choice of whether to approach it optimistic or pessimistic. If you have a Sagittarius Moon, Super Blue Blood Moon Astrology compels you to take a leap of fate. You will need to trust your instincts the most during this event. With that lighthearted soul of yours, you are going to be able to walk down meaningful paths in life. And given that this eclipse amplifies positive energies, those positive qualities of yours become contagious to those around you.

super blue blood moon

Super Blue Blood Moon Astrology Enchanting Side-Effects

#1: Emotional Cycle Reset

During the Super Blue Blood Moon, the sun temporarily blocks out the illumination that creates the full moon. This signifies the unveiling of whatever it is you have hidden underneath your subconscious – your unseen feelings and innermost thoughts. However, these feelings and thoughts are ones that have a rather negative impact on you and others. These hinder you from becoming a better version of yourself. As the shadow passes over the moon, it temporarily ceases the illumination of your emotional being. There then arises an opportunity to reveal and transform your current emotional state.

#2: Transformation

We all experience transformative moments in our lives every once in a while. Oftentimes we find those changes to be quite abrupt and sudden, leaving us in a state of bewilderment. Being only human, that is completely fine! But we should also recognize that these eclipses that bring about change are a way of the universe lending us a helping hand. 

“How?” you may ask. Well, the Super Blue Blood Moon has got your back. Sometimes we just need a little push towards the right direction, but it is during times like these that the universe intervenes. The transformation causes the diversion of a path, the good kind.

#3: Pre-Ordained Grace

Once the universe extends its hand down from the heavens, a sort of change that transpires. It causes you to take the road down to wherever it is you are meant to be. The universe has a cosmic plan for everyone in the world. And this cosmic plan usually happens during the Super Blue Blood Moon. Consider this to be your Grace Period! Bask in the blessings, you deserve them!


#4: Cosmic Plans

You can trust that the universe is guiding you towards a wonderful destination. Eclipses bring about events that are merely a part of the universe’s cosmic plan. These instances are significant, granting you the opportunity to rethink certain matters of your life. It is for the best that you discern what your next plan of action will be; what to let go of, and what to let grow. The Super Blue Blood Moon is an occurrence that you can consider to be miraculous. After all, the best things in life are the ones that come unexpectedly.

#5: Embracing Change

Metamorphosis is an amazing thing to experience in life, the fulfilling kind of change. This eclipse marks the essence and influence of growth and maturity. Endings are more than necessary to have – although they can be quite painful – for the purpose of prosperity. The Super Blue Blood Moon grants us the opportunity to start anew and to further deepen our universal relationship.

Final Word

Super Blood Moon Astrology is a celestial trifecta that brings about significant change to a person’s life. It urges you to embrace transformation to change for the better and to continue down the path to improvement!

Which of the enchanting side-effects of the Super Blue Blood Moon do you find most interesting?

Please comment your answers down below!

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