July 25, 2021

July 25 – 31 Horoscope Summary


Staying on high alert for both good things and bad will serve you well during this period. There are just so many things happening to you in this period that keeping an open mind, as well as a vigilant eye, will help you see what are the things that are going on around you- even when they are not apparent to everyone.

Mercury opposes Pluto (July 25th)

Tensions run high as the planet of communication and intellect finds itself having a face-off with what many consider as the most mysterious and elusive planet of all. While energies run high, and the urge to do certain things even greater, caution must nonetheless be exercised.

There is a sense that something great is on the horizon, owing to the first and last planet interacting, and no matter what your sign may be. Unfortunately, there is nothing truly positive that comes out when these two clashes. High emotions, constant agitation will characterize you during this period.

The best way to counter what’s happening? Being patient and trusting in yourself and your capabilities that you will be able to pull through, even when times get tough and all hope seems to have been lost.

Jupiter retrograde (July 28th)

Unlike most retrogrades, the Jupiter retrograde is something that many people look forward to because of its positive implications. The good vibes and events that keep on happening is a manifestation that everything will go along smoothly and in your favor.

Enjoying this time is a priority for literally anyone. Often, this transit is a breathing period, especially during times when everything is happening far too fast for anyone’s liking. Make the most out of this period, and give yourself the rest that you obviously need and deserve.

While the sense of uncertainty is still there, it will nonetheless be eased by the gentleness of this period. Allow yourself to relax and release the tension in your body- heaven knows you need to take care of yourself better after everything that you’ve been through.

Major Transits of the Week

July 25th: Mars opposes Pluto

July 28th: Jupiter retrogrades

July 29th: Mars opposes Jupiter

Weekly Summary per Zodiac Sign


No matter how heavy your workload may be, trust that you will still be able to pull through everything that you have to do. Even when things may not seem to go right, you ended up where you are right now because of your skills. Have faith in yourself, and in your capacity to do good, and to do well.


Emotions will run high during this period, causing you to struggle both emotionally and physically. It may even feel like things are getting too much for you to handle! But remember that you are strong. Never forget that you have the ability to foot down and assert yourself and the things that you want in the long run.


Be careful when acting on the things that are going on in your life. Recklessness is not an option during this period as your literal future will be at stake! Tread with caution and pay attention to what is happening around you- you will prevail if only you will be a bit more conscious.


Handling crises is nothing new for you, but this time, preventing one from happening will be on your to-do list. Several events have happened which have the potential to tip over, and you need to do your best to stop the pot from boiling.


Getting discouraged because of your inability to manage everything is normal, and you must allow yourself to grieve for whatever it is that you are going through. However, this is not enough reason for you to give up on your goals. This is merely a setback that you can overcome.



The thrill of doing things recklessly is something new to you, and you just might get addicted to it! But, always remember that you also need to exercise restraint and caution before taking the great leap of faith. A misstep might cause you everything, so be acutely aware of what you are doing.


Perfection is something that you would want to achieve in everything that you do. While this is commendable, it is not a valid reason for you to beat yourself up when you do the slightest mistake! These are part of being human, and it is important that you forgive yourself, learn from this experience, and become better the next time around.


Think things through before deciding on what is the best course of action. There just are things that are not too obvious on the surface but are actually what makes the world go round not just for you, but also for those who are around you. Listen to your intuition and discern properly.


Being profound isn’t exactly what you are known for, but being one will serve you well during this period. Try to see things for what they are, and not for what they seem to be.  Bide your time so that you can full grasp what are behind the things that you take for granted, and consequently, come to appreciate them.


Vigilance will be a trait that will be indispensable to you during this period. You might even find it hard to trust those close to you, but this is understandable, considering that some people around you do not exactly have your best interests at heart. You must also be careful when doing things for yourself- after all, you might even sabotage yourself.


Self-expression will allow you to relieve some of the burdens that you have been carrying during this period. It will allow you to say or act out whatever it is that causes you grief, and in turn, allow you to recalibrate yourself so that you can face challenges, even at times of hopelessness.


Keep a close eye on anything and everything. Vibing along to things is not an option right now, as the risk of triggering disastrous consequences runs high. Be careful when doing your tasks- there are things unseen that will be more than happy to bring down everything that you’ve worked hard for.

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