July 4, 2021

July 4 – 10 Horoscope Summary


Negative energies abound during this time. This can make things quite difficult to navigate, especially that even the mere feeling of getting up from bed can be quite a chore for anyone. Do not despair, though. Indeed, times can be quite tough, but it doesn’t mean that things will stay that way for the rest of your life. Try to think of it as a mere challenge for this time. Things will get better, you just have to be patient.

Mercury square Neptune (July 6th)

Mercury has long been associated with communication, intellect, and productivity. Usually, transits made by this planet are welcomed with open arms since they seem to bring in positive change, along with mental and social stimulation.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Since he is squaring off with Neptune, things will not quite go the way they’re supposed to. This is because Neptune is too concerned about imaginations, idealisms, as well as the spiritual world. All these are beyond the concerns of Mercury, who values rationality and intellectualism even more. Add to that the fact that they are going to square, they would appear to be facing off in the sky.

During this time, productivity, communication, and even a person’s sense of purpose might not be functioning well. Everything will feel as if they are all over the place, and some may even feel lost and confused on what they should do next with their lives. The best course of action, then, is to take things easy. There is no need to stress excessively over what is happening in your life. Take a step back and breathe in fresh air before plunging headfirst into whatever needs to be done.

New Moon (July 9th)

Lunar transits are considered to be quite auspicious, and this one is no different. With all the power it holds, it only makes sense how people look forward to this event happening every month. The abundance of good things and good news are just too irresistible!

But beyond all the good luck that the new moon can give, it is also highly important to remember that this transit promises new beginnings. If you have been looking for a sign that something new is coming, then you are in luck. Great things are brewing on the horizon, and you are now called to accept these with open arms.

Along with great things are of course, changes. Some changes may just be so drastic that it can shock someone as it happens! However, you also need to remember that transformations are normal in a person’s life, and instead must be welcomed. There is a future out there waiting for you, and you need to be able to adapt to whatever life will throw at you.

Major Transits of the Week

July 6th: Mercury square Neptune

July 8th: Venus square Uranus

July 9th New Moon

Weekly Summary per Zodiac Sign


With all the negativity plaguing you during this week, you just might feel like you are about to give up and call it quits. Remember that you have the soul of a warrior. Giving up is not an option! Instead you should soldier on, no matter how difficult things can get.


Undesirable things are bound to arrive soon enough, and you need to be able to handle yourself well. It is important that you do not resist the changes that are soon to come in your life. Though you are one for stability, you also need to recognize how they are necessary for you to fully realize your potential.


Being unable to fully understand yourself can cause serious challenges to you in all aspects of your life. However, you do not need to pressure yourself into realizing everything at once. Patience is a virtue, and it will serve you well if you wait long enough.


Be discerning of whatever it is that people are showing to you. Some people are just out there, trying to purposefully deceive you. Examine the things that they are saying, and what they are telling you. Make sure they coincide, or else you just might have clear evidence of their lies.


Assert yourself and whatever it is that you want to happen. Even if things can be quite shaky for now, you know that you have the ability to change things for the better. Don’t be afraid to put your foot down and turn the tide in your favor 



The truth may hurt, but it will ensure that you are not being misled. Do take an effort to find out whatever it is that is truly happening so that you will be properly guided on what you should do next. There are so many uncertainties, but it is only when you become adamant in upholding the truth that you will truly see things for the way they are.


Being unmotivated and lacking in energy will rob you of the want to actually do work. This can be particularly difficult for you, especially that there are so many things that need your attention. However, you should just let things flow naturally so that they won’t stress you out even further.


While being chaotic is part of your personality, everything will feel a bit too much during this period. Be kind and give yourself the time to take a break and just process things in peace. This will help you reorient yourself, and help ease you back to your fighter mentality.


Not being able to feel things the way that you usually do can be quite bothersome. However, even the most confident signs like you need some time off to take care of oneself. This will help you greatly as you regain your self-esteem, as well as ease your emotional disturbances.


Be straightforward and be blunt in whatever it is that you need to say. You know that you don’t want to waste time, and being able to flat out tell people about whatever it is that bothers you will aid in lessening your stress, and also inform others of what needs to be done.


Challenges will block what you once thought of as an easy way to success. It may get you down, yes, but you must not let these drawbacks pull you down even further! It is just a bad time, not a bad life, and you will have the opportunity to change the tide to your favor later on.


Your emotions play a huge part of yourself, but this time, you need to set them aside. With so many things going on, you can’t risk losing yourself. Stay focused, there are still so many things that have to be done.

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