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March 31, 2022

The Divine Link Between Sexuality and Spirituality


Did you know that both sexuality and spirituality are intricately linked as they are both parts of our life force? Sexual, spiritual, and artistic energy are all components of a single whole. If you are artistically expressed, it is certain that you will be sexually expressive as well. When you’re in the midst of intimacy,  the Divine must be involved, and that creativity is a process of spiritual communication.

Humanity’s most fundamental function is sexuality. It has a significant impact on the physical well-being and vibrancy of the person. Sex is also a vast, universal power that has the ability to unite your soul with your physical body. Additionally, sex is the meeting point of involution and evolution at the heart, leading to an outpouring of genuine love.

The most common misperception about sex is that it is filthy, banned, or morally incorrect. In reality, sex is a hallowed institution. Not in a traditional sense, but rather as pure cosmic consciousness, sexual activity is a physical activity that allows for a personal connection with the divine. Are you ready to find out more about the correlation between our sexuality to the spiritual?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • The relationship between spirituality and sexuality
  • How your spiritual life affects your sexual life and desire
  • Understanding how most people link pleasure to religion
  • Unlocking the connection between sexual urges and intimacy

How do spirituality and sexuality merge together?

It is our connection to our soul, to the non-physical components of ourselves, that we define as spirituality. We develop our spirituality in order to develop as an everlasting entity, as a life force that exists outside of this physical realm. Our spirituality provides us with a reason for living our human lives.

In its most basic definition, sexuality refers to our relationship with our bodies, pleasure, sensuality, and sex – all expressions of living in a human physical body and experiencing our shared humanity to the fullest degree and most personal core of our being. The difficulty is that the spiritual and physical are frequently pitted against one another when, in reality, they are just two complementary, to begin with.

“Transcending” one’s sexual or physical desires does not automatically make one “more spiritual.” You lose touch with your humanity as a result of it. The contrary is true: if you are really connected to and enjoying your physical existence and sexuality, you are living wholly in your human nature, which is the most spiritual thing you can do.

Why should you understand the link between Spirituality and Sexuality?

The act of living your life while rejecting your sexuality is the act of cutting yourself off from your own vitality It is trying to distort the very energy that you were given in order to live a life of splendor and achievement. The denial of one’s spirituality is the denial of one’s own existence, one’s own purpose, and one’s own divinity.

Your sexuality is the source of creative energy – spirituality manifested in material form. You were created by the most tremendous creative ignition imaginable: the collision and fusion of two tiny cells, which resulted in the formation of an altogether new human being. To put it mildly, it was magical. Even so, we take it for granted that we come from a great creative force that is determined to bring new life into the world, and we cease seeing it.

How is sexuality spiritual?

Sacred sexuality is diametrically opposed to what our society portrays as sexual encounters. In today’s society, sex is entirely externally centered. It’s an objectification of form, buried in fantasy, sitting on the sidelines as an “observer” through pornography and taking the warm, human flesh we connect with for granted.

While this popular strategy will undoubtedly result in an orgasm, it can be primitive and brief. Having sex in this manner takes us out of the present moment. The present is the only true reality. It takes us through ourselves when, in fact, the holy grail – sex as a connection with the soul – is a potential that lives within us at all times.

Why is sex the most sought-after experience in modern culture? Because we are looking for this relationship with the divine. Because it enables us to surpass ourselves in ways that no other experience can.  It’s a tremendously potent energy. Also, it has greater power than we think to be a driving force for the extraordinary in our existence.

How strong is the connection of sexuality and spirituality?

Sex and spirituality have a close connection. Consider the role of sex in nature: procreation, fertility, and the diversity of animal and plant life. This is a hint that the vast life energy, the insatiable desire to create, has a universal, spiritual aspect. In humans, the sexual drive to reproduce is known as “libido,” which also translates as “life force” in a sense.

In this manner, the sexual urge that gave rise to each of us ties us effortlessly with nature, the entire cosmos, and each other. We, too, become participants in the grand dance of creation once we reach puberty. We have sexual drives and attractions, as well as the ability to engage in sexual conduct – erotic behavior.

Each will also have a weaker or stronger personal psychological or biological propensity, which will influence how much we recognize and act on this new talent. Furthermore, by paying close attention to those around us – parents, close family members, others in our communities and schools, not to mention our peers – and through the powerful influence of the media – radio, television, films, and the internet – we cultivate our sexual approaches, working towards becoming fully physiologically and psychologically adult sexual beings.


There must be a balance found between indulgence and constraint, which can be difficult to achieve, especially because, while auto-eroticism is frequent, fully natural, and healthy, sex entails intimate relationships with another person, with other folks. The situation frequently presents a minefield throughout adolescence, when it is prone to human error and injure or harm others.

“Keep yourself pure for the one mate who is right for you,” for example, is balanced by “Have as many sexual encounters as possible, then you’ll be better equipped to identify the one who is your actual life partner.” As you can see, as we get better at understanding the essence of the connection between spirituality and sexuality, we can now ascertain that sex and a good kind of sexual desire are also forms of worship for a lot of people in the world.

How can you have spiritual intimacy?

#1: Connect with your spiritual side

Understand that we are spiritual beings living a human experience and that you were born from a heavenly design. Accept sex as a component of this spirituality. Do you feel guilty or embarrassed? Don’t do it. Sex is lovely, fantastic, incredible, natural, passionate, erotic, and spectacular. Sex should be freely performed with willing parties and within the confines of both people’s boundaries.

#2: Make the decision to perceive your lover as heavenly

Recognize that if you are a divine manifestation of this force, so is your spouse. Yes, that individual who irritates and tests you to no limit. Extend your knowledge and release all judgment on the person God has chosen for you as your soulmate. Accept sex as both a form of adoration for your spouse and a sacred image of the heavenly – no matter how disparate you think these two things to be.

What you put into it is what you get out of it. Strengthen your passion muscle. You will be loving your partner into the best manifestation of their divine providence if you have this ultimate vision for them. This is unquestionably divine essence in motion.

#3: Build an environment for the development of sacred intimacy

Make use of your senses. Grab a soft, lovely blanket that will be used solely for your union with your sweetheart, and keep it close at hand. Rose petals should be scattered across the room. Candles should be lit, and music should be played.

#4: Prep your body

Hygiene is required before meeting the divine. Dress your body with oils, shape your hair, put on cosmetics that make you feel your best, and even wear jewelry if it helps you feel more spiritually grounded. Wear anything special to this place, this act – a robe or anything else that you feel will equip your body and spirit to connect.

#5: Initiate spiritual intimacy with a ceremony involving aromatic oils

Enter the ring of rose petals when you’re both ready. Breathe for six inhales and six exhales while joining your third eye. Take turns rubbing each other with sandalwood and rose essential oils. Apply the oil to your partner’s crown, third eye, heart chakra, and private parts.

#6: Trust your sexual instincts

Allow yourself to explore sexual closeness in whichever way you are moved to do so. Allow each session to be distinctive and different in its own right. Understand that being fully present at the moment during intimacy implies being completely aware of where we are right now.

Try looking each other in the eyes. Maintain your focus on the present moment. Immerse yourself in the visceral sensations of this event. If you don’t know where to start, try to incorporate tantra sex practices. Tantric is a sexual technique that combines sex and spirituality in a wonderful way.

#7: Have a heavenly climax

When you reach your climax, try bringing that energy into your soul and heart. Experience the orgasm release and draw that happiness into your heart at the same time. Consider yourself and your spouse enclosed within a three-dimensional six-pointed star. You might want to try an energy orgasm if you’re a more experienced practitioner of intimate sex.

#8: Utilize opulent aftercare

Share your thoughts and feelings about your experience in the afterglow, a technique called aftercare. Take a bite of luscious dark chocolate. Joke about your difficulties with this new method, and enjoy the enlarged intimate experience.

Final Word:

Sexuality and spirituality are both inherent within our very being and essence as sentient people. We should embrace those aspects of ourselves and be able to harness and use both to our advantage to take care of ourselves in a way that doesn’t hurt others but benefits them as well.

Which among the aforementioned steps to have spiritual intimacy is your favorite?

Comment your answers down below!


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