October 29, 2019

15 Steps to Tap on your Universal Consciousness


The Universal Mind is a reasonable energy power into which we would all have the option to tap in case we develop the attention to do in that capacity. How to connect with it?

The entire matter, all that we know with our five senses, including our cerebrums and that table and chair we use for dinner, is amazingly important. That importance has surrounded particles and particles that have aggregated in numbers and instances of improvement to make that psyche and that table and chair. Moreover, the proportional is substantial for trees, vehicles, animals, and individuals.

Physicists in like manner reveal to us that imperativeness can be made nor squashed – it must be improved. Thusly, ice changes into water and water into steam. We take the vitality that has been transformed into the issue and amends it continually. Likewise, we have our physical world.

Steps to Tap on your Universal Consciousness - human brain

Three Scientific Facts about Human Brain

Fact 1. Neuroscience is a lovely thing. We have MRIs that can indicate which parts of our minds are dynamic when we take part in critical thinking, imagination, memory, and such. It has allegorically analyzed our cerebrums into the majority of their jobs and can see mind harm from injuries and strokes. Our brains are physical things, with cells made up of particles and iotas.

Fact 2. Quantum material science is additionally an extraordinary thing. It currently reveals to us that there at last is regardless of – no particles or iotas. They can be crushed in molecule quickening agents until there is nothing there – just vitality. Given this reality, we presently have understood that all of issue known to mankind is, at its center, only control. What’s more, that incorporates our minds.

Fact 3. Medicine has recorded, on various events, examples of brain death (no movement in the mind at all, as estimated by EEGs) and afterward an arrival to the life of the person who was medicinally dead. Individuals who return have fundamentally the same as stories – floating over their bodies in a condition of attention to some sort as well as pushing toward the light. Plainly, cerebrum demise reverses. Assuming this is the case, why just for a few?

What do we call “pure energy”? Some call it God, and they give God specific traits. He set the majority of this moving and either remain included by hearing our petitions and reacting or, as in some religious gatherings, made the universe and stays a disconnected onlooker.

Others call this vitality “First Cause” – a power that gets everything under way. It might likewise be known as the Universal Mind – an imaginative vitality power into which we would all be able to tap in the event that we build up the awareness to do as such.

We Are All Connected to the Universal Mind

If we are the power and the Universal Mind is energy, we are altogether associated with it. What’s with that association, we have, through our awareness, access to the majority of the knowledge that is in mind.

Presently, a large portion of us has a genuinely frail association with it since we are living in the “race world” with its consciousness. We acknowledge the need; we accept disease and illness; we acknowledge strife and issues and outrage and disdain.

These things don’t matter in the Universal Mind. It is our incorrect musings and convictions that make them genuine in the now to us. In any case, when we start to tidy up our association with the Mind’s Energy, we have a relationship that can show the majority of the decency that right musings and convictions can show.

The Universal Mind is nonpartisan. It is our awareness that decides how the mind shows in our lives.

Tidying Up the Connection


Several years prior, Wayne Dyer composed a book and really addressed on that book everywhere throughout the world. The title was The Seven Faces of Intention. His reason was that there was just one power known to man, a vitality power that he called Intention. What’s more, he composed and talked about the association that we as a whole have to this power in changing degrees.

What keeps us from genuinely associating, he expressed, is our race cognizance. That awareness shows in 6 convictions that our cerebrum has “concocted” in light of our living on this Earth. These incorporate such things as we are what we have, we are what other individuals consider us, we are what we have achieved, and we are isolated from one another and from God, or the Universal Mind.

We need to travel, learn, and right these sense of self convictions if we are to have the lives we indeed can have, and we do that by raising our awareness. Furthermore, our cerebrums have little to do with this other than to be the archive of the contemplations that we have.

Here are the contemplations and convictions that we should sustain until they are predominant to tap on your universal consciousness, and the majority of the inner self considerations have been dispersed.

Step 1. Meditate Frequently

Meditating and contemplating is a movement which powers your innovativeness and provides you the vitality expected to satisfy your wants. It crosses over any barrier in your minds, and it causes you to take advantage of the forces of your subliminal quality. It enables you to remain concentrated on the present minute, which is additionally essential for having the option to associate with your subliminal quality.

Make reflection a piece of your day by day schedule. Guarantee that you are loose in a pleasant spot, with no probability of unsettling influences. Ensure that you’re in a relaxed position. Concentrate on your breathing, or utilize a reflection instrument such as pictures, music, or mantras to focus your brain and stop every single other idea. This takes time yet is attainable. If diverting considerations go into your record, and your mind begins to be distracted, slowly discharge those musings, and make your psyche back to your picked methods for core interest. The measure of prattle will result in the long incredible as your record turns out to be increasingly serene, peaceful, and quiet. The more you ponder, the simpler it will turn into. When you accomplish a condition of complete unwinding and stillness, carry your considerations to your goals. That which you center around now will progress toward becoming engraved onto your subliminal quality. You will begin to convey cerebrum waves at a recurrence to pull in things of similar rates.

Step 2. Reflect

Reflect regularly. You should have a reasonable thought and reflect on what you need to be. Try not to stress over how to do this; to begin, simply make a nitty-gritty and hearty view. Picturing things can assist you in achieving them.

Stage 3. Accept

You should accept that what you need is conceivable. Know it is understandable. Try not to balance your fantasies, objectives, and wants with uncertainty and cynicism.

A few people make a rundown of their objectives. Others keep memorabilia, filling it with words and photos of the things they wish to achieve. This keeps goals genuine and realistic in your brain. Use assertions to continue helping yourself to remember your intentions.

Stage 4. Tune in to your Inner self

Tune in to your instinctive contemplation, following up on when where fitting. This is your subliminal self sending messages to your conscious individual.

Stage 5. Try not to rush on things


You should not rush for things to occur. Instead, acknowledge that they will occur, and enable things to happen time permitting. Utilize your cognizant personality to expel periods from procedures.

Stage 6. Positive Thinking

The intuitive personality does not address. It doesn’t have a steady interest, uncertainty, and skepticism of the cognizant nature. In this way, whatever it is advised, it accepts. Attempt and cultivate upbeat, adoring, agreeable, and positive considerations so your subliminal quality can support such thoughts.

Stage 7. Positive self-talk

Start changing your self-converse with just great and valuable thoughts. Self-talk is the consistent progression of contemplation experiencing your mind where you question things, break down issues, and for the most part, muse upon things.

Stage 8. Try not to absorb unnecessary things

Keep yourself from retaining thoughts that you don’t need or need. Turn off the TV or radio when you are not utilizing them, and don’t enable them to play out of sight. Attempt to block out from the inactive jabber of individuals around you.

Stage 9. Inventive pastimes

Taking up a leisure activity that moves your creative side will assist you with tapping into your subliminal quality. This can be anything from painting to mold, verse to a blossom course of action, photography to move.

Stage 10. Use sleep

The intuitive personality is continually working, day and night, when you are alert and when you are resting. Have a snappy report session before you rest; this will assist your subliminal personality with processing things while you are dozing. Keep a fantasy journal. All the time, imagining is the inner mind’s method for speaking with you.

Stage 11. Pose inquiries.

Pose inquiries of yourself and other individuals. Burrow past the soundbites: “If this is valid, what makes it genuine?” Dig into your own suspicions: “For what reason do I believe that way? Is it useful? Where did I get that supposition?”

Stage 12. Practice interest.

Put yourself from another person’s perspective: What might it be want to be the contrary sex in specific circumstances or thirty years more established? Investigate a theme you’ve never investigated, similar to water cultivating or ebb and flow medications for schizophrenia. Watch a creepy crawly in your lawn or individuals touching base at the air terminal.


Stage 13. Think something ludicrous.

Consider something you’ve never pondered, similar to the starting points of the universe or why stop signs are red or how sewing was created. Think something contrary to what you usually think. On the off chance that you regularly think government officials are altogether warped, consider every one of the manners in which they are helpful to humanity.

Stage 14. Practice graciousness

There is no compelling reason to yield to those old conscience considerations that have been living in that memory bit of your mind. You don’t need to be harsh to anybody or any animal. High awareness comes when we comprehend that consideration benefits us as much as the other individual.

Stage 15. Offer yourself a reprieve from the information.

Take a stab at killing the TV and the various gadgets that stream contribution from outside sources. Sit for a couple of minutes and focus on the contemplation that spring up. If they aren’t energizing or life-improving musings, have a go at producing some new thoughts that are engaging and elevating.


When we become mindful that the Universal Mind is altogether given substance by inclination, at that point, it is never again essential to us which musings we “pick” to make our existence. What does make a difference is an inclination we offer substance to all idea. What’s more, when we understand that we never again need to pick among dread and Love (in light of the fact that there is just Love) at that point, genuine life experience turns into the Heaven on Earth that we once just longed for.

Thus, with these stages mentioned here, it will be easier for you to become one with the universal consciousness. Although it won’t be healthy to constantly tap on them, being there makes them handy enough such that you can easily reach out when you need to. As long as you constantly exercise this connection, it will never be lost.

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