Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what eight of wands tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Eight of Wands General Meaning

Out of all the cards in this particular Suit, the Eight of Wands holds the distinction of not being held by anything: no hands are present to hold even one of the wands, nor does any of them stand on dry earth. You can very well imagine the wands flying across the open field, as if they were flung into the air by some external force.

Even further, it is the only card in which the wands are not, in fact, upright and facing the sky. Despite this, all of them are drawn parallel to each other with but one destination in mind: the ground.

On the periphery, you’ll see a vast river and a seemingly endless plot of land, giving the impression of endless possibility: the card doesn’t tell you where the wands will land-- only that they will hit their marks eventually. This obviously geometrical take on the Eighth suggests precision and certainty.

Just like a perfectly executed plan, you have a reason to be confident that you’ll meet each of your objectives in time. For this particular card, it isn’t a matter of if, only when, so take heart!

Eight of Wands Upright Meaning

Drawing the Eight of Wands Card in Upright position is a momentous occasion, as it means your goals are about to be realized in full and that you’re going to experience success. As with all happy moments, however, you must take care not to lose sight in your own certainty.

Do not let the prospect of achievement prevent you from taking precautions or noticing any potential obstacles that might still be in the way. Remember, the wands are still in flight, so while you’re definitely guaranteed success, you still need to exercise caution in order to ensure total victory.

Love Meaning - Eight of Wands Upright

The Eight of Wands in its best position is an indicator of success, especially in terms of romantic goals. It means that your relationship is about to reach milestones which you yourself may not be able to predict.

From something as heartwarming to your beloved finally saying “yes,” to something more material such as success in investments, new furniture and wider connections, every blessing that you’ll gain in the future will be essential in making your relationship more durable, so don’t squander them and make proper use of life’s gifts to you.

Wealth Meaning - Eight of Wands Upright

If you’re a person who approaches problems slowly and steadily on the road to acquiring more fortune, then the Eight of Wands in the upright position suits you particularly well. This is because the imagery directly translates to successful implementation: if you have a quota for this year’s quarter, you’re definitely going to meet them, since everything from the rate and pacing is under control.

The eight wands flying together also represents harmony within the team, so you are all focusing more on your current goals instead of bickering, fighting and sabotaging each other.

Eight of Wands Reverse Meaning

The reverse position indicates uncertainty and the likelihood of fortuity; with the wands now facing upward, the card could be telling you about the need to reevaluate your game plan. While making or implementing your plans for the future, try to apply foresight and see what could go wrong as failure could be looming in the horizon.

The best way to do this is by looking at all the things you’ve already done right in order to find your personal structure for success. At this point, ask yourself: “What did I do to succeed before,” and “Can I apply them now?”.

Love Meaning - Eight of Wands Reversed

In its reverse position, the Eight of Wands’ message is that you may be thinking of things too far ahead and therefore overextending yourself to the point where nothing really gets done. Romantically, this is a fatal mistake, because the ideal outcome is for you to take on challenges step by step, according to priorities.

In other words, there is no possible way to sustain a relationship with just passion or drive alone. You need to focus on the more important aspects of your relationship so you and your partner can reap the rewards of your efforts later on.

Wealth Meaning - Eight of Wands Reversed

A reversed Eight of Wands card is one of the worst cards for any wealth Tarot reading. The reason for this is as simple as the reversed imagery suggests: the direction of your plans is unclear, and in some scenarios, the execution may have already been botched.

For example, to reach your monthly goals, you have to do your weekly quota, and in this regard, you may have already under-performed in the previous weeks, lowering your chances of meeting the overall objectives. There is still a chance to save things, but you will need to step up as a leader.

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