Four Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

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Four Of Swords General Meaning

The appearance of the Four of Swords signifies calm and tranquil days. It represents peace, rest and recovery from the hustles and bustles of your busy life.

It gives healing and respite if you are sick and wounded. It may not be permanent, but you must enjoy it while it lasts.

In this card, a figure of a noble and dignified knight can be found resting on a tomb. An image of three swords can be found hanged on the wall which stands for the pain and anguish that he has encountered in his life.

The fourth one is found beneath him and this symbolizes the fact that the battle against such suffering has come to an end. A stained glass can also be seen on the wall which illustrates a picture of a mother and child.

This indicates a hospitable and welcoming attitude towards the exhausted warrior after a horrendous and atrocious fight.

Four Of Swords Upright Meaning

The presence of the Four of Swords Card in Upright suggests that today is the right time to rest and contemplate after a long and big battle. It provides you with an opportunity to relax and meditate after all the grief, woes and hurdles that you have encountered.

The future may be full of terror and uncertainties but you must permit yourself to enjoy some cool and soothing days. Do not deprive yourself to take some breather.

Give yourself a break from all the stressors that haunt you each day. In this way, you would be able to regain new strength and power to fight the new challenges and difficulties of life.


Love Meaning - Four Of Swords Upright

This is a time of calm and rest, especially from a very heated argument or after a catastrophic event that has stretched the limits of your love for each other. With the four swords being laid in their proper place, it is a card that tells you of the benefits of avoiding future conflicts by promoting meaningful dialogue and providing each other respite.

As always, communication and honesty will always be the key to ensure a lasting relationship. If you do not practice this, then your relationship may as well be as good as dead.

Without proper ways to verbalize and express the things that bother you, your grievances may fester and cause you to create more conflicts with your partner. However, you also need to give each other some space, especially after a particularly nasty fight.

This will give the two of you some time to think things through and allow your emotions to settle down before actually discussing what just happened. If you’re feeling especially weary of each other after a big argument, try giving yourselves a day or two to think about what went wrong, and then come back to each other with a smile! Your relationship is worth fighting for, and the first step is to allow you and your partner to exercise rationality when trying to resolve conflicts.

This way, you can ensure that you are taking the proper steps to patch things up without causing unnecessary annoyance or harm to one another.


Wealth Meaning - Four Of Swords Upright

The Four of Swords in the upright position symbolizes the importance of deep meditation and resting in one’s career. Many people often associate money with just hard work, and while this seems true, the secret is, in fact, properly managing your time.

There is life outside work, and you must balance your time between the things that enable you to live and those that make life enjoyable and bearable. Once you mastered time management, you will gradually come to see its benefits in helping you live a life well-lived.

The material effects aren’t visible at first, but you often find that getting 8 hours of sleep a day and taking vacations when you’re feeling particularly stressed actively helps your mental capacity, making you more capable of working and therefore earning money. Investing in your health is never bad for you.

As you focus on yourself rather than solely on expanding your career and making more income, you would find yourself finding joy in your work and seeing life from a lighter and brighter perspective. The benefits will start to outweigh the disadvantages you have outlined earlier, and everything will fall into its proper place.

With your mind now more relaxed and focus, you can finally do work at maximum productivity. You may not notice it now, but the outputs you will do will far exceed the quality of those you did when you were speedrunning overnight while nursing cup after cup of brewed coffee.

Four Of Swords Reverse Meaning

The Four of Swords Card in Reverse implies agitation and restlessness. Your intuition says that you need to take some rest but your mind is not willing to give it to you.

You still have the urge to fight and go through your personal battles but you do not have the adequate amount of power to surpass all of it. In these situations, it would be best if you would take a moment to breathe.

This will provide you with a feeling of peace, tranquility and recovery.


Love Meaning - Four Of Swords Reversed

For couples, this could very well mean a prolonged sense of dread. Both of you are unsure how to proceed especially after having a big talk.

Perhaps one of you is moving out of the country, which could make communication much more difficult, or that you’d just gotten into a really big fight and you’re wondering whether things will be the same. In either case, this uncertainty is pernicious because it puts everything about your relationship into question.

However, if you love and believe in each other, you will be able to keep things together regardless. This is a test of how committed you are to one another and the lengths that you would go to make your relationship work despite everything that has happened.

If you manage to make it through this challenge, you can safely say that your relationship is for keeps. The trials that you will be facing are not anything like you’ve ever experienced before.

However, if there is something that you have that will see you breeze through this with little to no problem, it would be your strength of character and love for your partner. If both of you hold on to this, everything will go your way.

As the negativity subsides, only then will you realize how far you’ve gone as a couple during this tumultuous period. Yes, it was painful, chaotic, downright confusing, and overall has a  “0/10 will not experience again rating, but through it all, your relationship has become stronger and more resilient than ever.


Wealth Meaning - Four Of Swords Reversed

If you’re thinking about starting a business or otherwise propelling your career, upward is the way to go. Unfortunately, the Four of Swords in the reversed position represents the exact opposite: not only are you facing stagnation, but things may also already be spiraling out of control.

For one, you’re feeling very anxious and insecure about the task at hand, and it’s starting to affect your capacity to fulfill your plans in life. In the chaos, you heed your instincts and panic, even more, worsening things.

This is your cue to pause, breathe in deeply, and rationalize everything that has happened. As you may have already known, it is not a good time for you to be overwhelmed by emotions.

If you allow yourself to be swept in too much by what you feel, you are just further jeopardizing yourself. Gradually flesh out everything that is happening and trace the root cause of it all.

Ask yourself: was my reactions and subsequent panicking worth it? Did it add any substance to my already insane situation? What can I do to address my problem in an orderly manner? Answering these questions may then lead you to what is causing you to act irrationally and be better. You may still be able to do some damage control, and so use this to your advantage.

Take note of everything so that you won’t redo the same mistakes the next time around. This is a precarious scenario for you, so tread lightly.

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