Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what justice tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Justice General Meaning

There is no other way to interpret this card but to relate it with law, fairness and equality. It depicts the trait of being kind, just and reasonable towards other people.

It speaks of the importance of truth and how it affects our actions and thoughts in our everyday lives. The justice card shows a figure of a scale being carried in the left hand and a sword with a dual tip at the right.

It symbolizes the natural balance of intuition and logical reasoning and the need to be impartial in the process of making decisions. The woman is dressed in an elegant red cloak with the tip of her white shoes protruding on her robe.

This is a manifestation that her conclusion to an issue will depend upon what they put into the table.

Justice Upright Meaning

The appearance of a justice Card in Upright implies that judgment will be rendered with fairness, candor and honesty. It indicates that a favorable decision will be made to a dispute or argument in which you are involved.

The injury or pain that you have experienced will also be vindicated and acknowledged in order to satisfy the demands of justice. It subjects the wrongdoer to a moral or legal accountability and will enable him to realize the consequences and effects of his actions.

Also, the upright position of this card represents truth and its influence on you and on others. It emphasizes that truth must always be the ultimate basis and that it must be carefully considered in passing a judgment.

Love Meaning - Justice Upright

As in all things, love requires justice and an equitable way to settle conflicts between partners amicably. This much makes the Justice card particularly useful when couples are still working out the kinks and the relationship dynamic.

Here, it might be prudent to ask about how the both of you can make decisions together, as well as come up with checks and balances to make sure both of you are in good order. It doesn’t have to be as detailed as an entire Constitution, but it must nevertheless be fair for both of you.

As such, think together.

Wealth Meaning - Justice Upright

Personal integrity is always tied to wealth, because not going back on your word means that you can be trusted. For the Justice Arcana in the upright position, this translates to you gaining much gravitas with people around you: your team will respect and revere you for leading them to their objectives, your business will prosper because you care about your customers and investors in equal measure, and your bank account will have much money because you’re always using your money with great caution.

Your prospects are looking up, and everything will continue to stay well with consistency.

Justice Reverse Meaning

It may connote repudiation and disavowal of the importance of justice. You have denied someone their right to a fair settlement of their disputes.

You intentionally fail to acknowledge the consequences of your wrongdoings. You cannot accept the guilt that must be lawfully imposed against you.

If you are the victim, there is a tendency that justice will not be rendered in favor of you.

Love Meaning - Justice Reversed

Injustice and imbalance fester in your relationship when you see this particular outcome. If you see this card, there’s a huge chance that a conflict great enough to shatter the love you’ve built for each other might come due to the resentment that comes from being treated unjustly.

What makes this tricky is that resentment doesn’t often turn into violent hate until it’s too late. As such, you need to be sensitive about your partner’s needs and even reform your ways.

Talk to them before it gets out of hand.

Wealth Meaning - Justice Reversed

Just as integrity means great wealth, corruption and injustice will wreak havoc on your finances. If you haven’t been treating your customers or employers well, you might end up getting fired unless you reform yourself.

Likewise, if you are being shady with your business practices and abusive to your employees, it will only be a matter of time before you see your businesses shuttered with either a lawsuit or bankruptcy. If you want to remain successful in everything that you do, change your ways and be kinder to your people, because kindness begets kindness as well as income.

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