King Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

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King Of Wands General Meaning

The King of Wands is an epitome of a brilliant, strong-willed and ambitious leader. He exemplifies a charismatic authoritarian figure who likes to go through adventures, challenging trails and other vigorous adventures.

He also embodies the figure of an arbitrator and mediator due to his adeptness and proficiency in dispute resolution. In this card, an image of a king can be seen sitting on an elegant throne.

He is dressed in an attractive orange robe which is similar to that of a flame, a yellow cape adorned with pictures of salamanders and lions and a crown shaped like tongues of fire. Like its burning flames, it stands for the blazing drive and strength to overcome and surpass any challenges that he may encounter along the way.

He is also holding a beautiful wand which represents passion, inspiration and creativity.

King Of Wands Upright Meaning

The King of Wands Card in Upright symbolizes pure and intense energy. He is known to be a rational thinker and a quick decision maker so that when he thinks of a brilliant idea, there is a tendency to implement it immediately.

You might be just like the king— a person who instantly makes proper judgments when put in a situation to do so. With your authoritarian and stern stance, you are born to be a great leader and commander.

You are also capable of transforming each plan or goal into reality. These qualities will be your stepping stone towards success and progress.


Love Meaning - King Of Wands Upright

In the upright position, the King of Wands exhibits both the ability to accomplish anything with the requisite will. This means that if you’re planning something that’s particularly big in your relationship (milestones such as having new children, moving to another house, or simply changing your status from single to taken come to mind), then by the power of the Suit of Wands, it will be realized.

It is what they say: ask, and you shall receive. The things that you will be having soon will entail huge responsibilities, but if you prove that you are ready to take on them, the world will give you whatever you desire, no matter how big or small it is.

All you need to do is dream big and of course, act on your desires for one another. All will be accomplished in due course if you simply try.

As for your relationship with your loved one, it will only get stronger as these positive changes start to sweep in your lives. What you have right now won’t go back to what it has been, but it will be for the better.

The blessings of life and love are yours for the taking. After all, you earned it.

For those who are still dreaming of that certain someone who would love and hold them close, it is time to wake up from your fantasy and welcome reality. Love will change your life in almost every way possible, and you have to be prepared to welcome it with open arms.


Wealth Meaning - King Of Wands Upright

The inherent property of the wand is a symbol of ability and the King is a figure of great respect and magnitude makes the King of Wands a highly suitable card for people seeking wealth. In your case, either you are the capable leader or you are under the tutelage of someone who is, meaning that you are actively learning the skills you’ll need to manage your own set of teammates one day.

This is a time of meaningful learning as not only will you acquire the relevant knowledge and skills that you need in your field; it will also teach you several values and the importance of following a work ethic. Be aware of what is happening around you as it may guide you to greater heights.

In addition, you are an astute learner, saving up constantly and taking down notes on how to resolve workplace conflicts. A bright future is ahead! You will become a good team leader, provided that you apply everything you learned during this period.

The opportunities that will open as a result of your learning process will be plentiful, and the lessons you will gain right now will prove to be indispensable to your success. And, like the king in this tarot card, you will then be tasked to handing down all this knowledge to the next generation of leaders.

Don’t worry about losing your job; by then, you will have had everything you’ve ever wanted after proving yourself over and over again that you are as talented as you can get.

King Of Wands Reverse Meaning

When the King of Wands is placed in the reversed position, your trait of making decisions at a snap may be construed negatively. This means that you have the tendency to be haughty and arrogant when formulating judgments.

You go unbothered or unheeded by anyone when you really feel like making a choice. Nothing can stop you when confronted with the extreme urge to do so.

This leaves you with the impression of being overly dominant, selfish and conceited towards others.


Love Meaning - King Of Wands Reversed

The reverse suggests withholding your biggest decisions for another time due to more recent, challenging circumstances. For example, thinking about getting a car for your family this month may not be in your best interests because of more pertinent expenses.

You have to be financially responsible during this period to ensure the comfort and security of your family. Some unexpected events may happen out of nowhere, and you need to exercise prudence so that you won’t be making potentially destructive mistakes.

In short, keep your eyes closely tracked on your wallet and bank account! At which point, the best thing that you and your partner can do is have a solid savings plan and making sure that everything is in order first before you start pursuing big things. The same holds true for any other milestone: being ready is important above all else, so make sure you’re not making any sudden moves.

Plan out whatever it is that you want to do or purchase before proceeding. This will help you retain your focus on your family’s needs more than other unnecessary things.

Additionally, you also have to keep your eyes peeled for seemingly inconsequential but life-changing things and occurrences. Should you weather through this storm, your relationship with your family will remain stable, if not more robust.

The bond that you have with your partner will also experience a surge of strength, mainly after they come to realize the trust you have given them during this trying time.


Wealth Meaning - King Of Wands Reversed

In the reversed position, the King of Wands symbolizes the dangers of dictatorial rule in financial matters. Listening to no one else but yourself makes you dangerously predictable, allowing not only other people to take advantage of you, but also causing you to be completely dependent on your own foresight-- which at this point may not be worth much.

This is a dangerous trait to have as it may alienate you from your coworkers. Rather than work with them and produce outputs born out of collective effort, you instead placed a gap between you and them, effectively shutting off anyone who comes close.

As such, when the worst happens, later on, you will be totally unprepared. Arrogance and pride often bring nothing but total ruin, and unless this lesson gets through to you, you will have to walk where all other dictators have-- downwards.

While you still have time, change your domineering trait in favor of that of a leader: understanding and a people-person. True, acting friendly towards can be challenging, especially if your colleague is *that* type of person.

But it is necessary so that you can become the best worker that you could be. On the other hand, if you are an employee who tends to boss around your coworkers, then stop doing that.

They are your equals, and you need to view and respect them as such. No one is higher than anyone, and you instead have to learn how to get along with them to ensure success.

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