Knight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

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Knight Of Cups General Meaning

The Knight of Cups is traditionally linked to homecoming, arrival and returning to one’s spiritual abode. It stresses the importance of having a clever and smart mind and how powerful it is when combined with physical strength.

It inspires you to innovate new and novel ideas so that your journey will turn out fruitful, successful and less challenging. A knight can be seen riding on a tamed white horse.

He is carefully holding a golden cup while trudging along the difficult roads of life. Instead of hastily commanding the horse to go faster, he gradually advances forward to emphasize the advantage of staying calm and peaceful when faced with problems and adversities.

The horse he is riding represents his power and vigor while its white color symbolizes purity and light.

Knight Of Cups Upright Meaning

Popularly known as the most effeminate among the numerous knights in the tarot deck, the upright position of this card signifies your constant use of instinct and emotion in formulating plans and decisions. This means that when you make choices, you follow what your heart tells you.

It will not matter if the option you selected is illogical or unreasonable as long as it complies with your emotions and feelings. Furthermore, the upright placement of this card may refer to the advent of a certain person or the happening of an event.

As the knight here is portrayed as a messenger, you can expect the arrival of an individual or thing that would aid and benefit you emotionally. It may also connote the commencement of an undertaking or venture that would enhance and develop your creative pursuits or would give you some emotional advantage.


Love Meaning - Knight Of Cups Upright

The adventurous Knight drawn carefully in this card tells you to ride towards love itself. Like many things in life, love can only really be gained by fighting for it and risking failure itself.

A classic situation where this can be applied is when you confess your love for someone whom you have been interested in for so long. Of course, such acts are terrifying because not only will you risk embarrassing yourself, and there is also the fear of rejection.

But you cannot progress your relationship with the person you love if you do not take the first step. No one met a person and immediately had an intimate relationship with them; there is always the first stage that had both sides admit what they feel.

By being courageous, you will do yourself a massive favor by finally admitting your love for the person you want to be with, both by letting go of the emotional weight and opening up the high chance of winning them over. Remember that fortune despises the cowardly and blesses the bold, so to quote Shia LaBeouf: “Just do it! Make your dreams come true!”.

And if you are in a relationship and have been wanting to settle down for so long, this is your sign. Take a deep breath, get the ring, pop the question to your beloved and let everything fall into their place.

There is no time to lose, so take heart and believe in your love and commitment.


Wealth Meaning - Knight Of Cups Upright

In questions of wealth, the Knight of Cups represents conquest and victory, and this is largely because of the accompanying symbolism: knights of medieval times were often clad in armor so they could march to war and gain loot. Of course, none of that is possible today, but it does mean that you’re crushing every single problem you encounter at work.

If you’re in sales, you’re gaining money and constantly meeting your quotas. If you’re a writer, your mind is filled with inspiration.

This is your time to shine as you will be able to meet your goals and exceed expectations. Indeed, it would be your “they said I couldn’t, so I did” moment.

Your years of experience in your field will finally let your mastery of its ins and outs be at its peak. Additionally, this improved work efficiency of yours will gain the attention of interested parties.

Promotions and pay raises will be offered to you, along with some other companies presenting a job offer to you. Still, there would be people who would contribute to becoming your business partner for an in-demand product.

Bask on all these triumphs, and keep up the excellent work. As you maintain the consistency of your work while also advancing in both responsibility and finance, never forget always to aim higher and not to rest on your present victories.

There’s still so much more to take! You are winning, and things will stay that way!

Knight Of Cups Reverse Meaning

While it is good to fairly rely on your emotions and feelings, it is nevertheless damaging if you cling too much on it. The Knight of Cups in a reversed position indicates that you have been overly manipulated by how you feel and that your mood and volatility have greatly controlled your thoughts and deeds.

You have lost the ability to make the appropriate action and you hastily jump into false and misleading conclusions. In order to resolve this dilemma, you must balance the use of your emotions with the right amount of logic and intellect.


Love Meaning - Knight Of Cups Reversed

This a sad outcome to behold, as it indicates a fear of taking risks. Love is not always about making the “smart” choices, nor can you ever really predict its outcome.

You don’t know if it will last, and this is scaring you. This is even truer if you’ve had traumatizing experiences with other people, as it can ruin your idea of love forever.

The pain that you endured in your past relationships may still be a result of an open wound. It hasn’t closed yet, and thus, cloud your judgment of anything romantic, the same way that a fractured bone can distract you from doing anything productive.

If you do not do anything about it and just let it fester, it will sooner or later affect how you interact with others. You might hurt not just the person you are interested in but also your family and friends who only wanted the best for you and were trying to help you.

At this juncture, it may be necessary for you to heal before you start moving again. Rest on your steed, and ride out once more when you’re ready.

Give yourself some well-deserved self-care before engaging in things that involve romance and feelings. Talk with others, go on a hiatus, and focus on yourself.

Only when you have felt that your past injuries have closed and healed is the time that you enter the dating market to find happiness once more.


Wealth Meaning - Knight Of Cups Reversed

In the reverse position, the Knight of Cups represents loss and even impoverishment. The latter, in particular, can manifest in different ways: you may be earning money, but you’re not happy with your job and it’s slowly killing morale and productivity, or you may have spent too much of your savings that you’re actually broke.

Either way, this is not a good time for you. Without you knowing it, you were already sacrificing your well-being and are on the verge of endangering your career and your income.

It would be best, then, if you act while it isn’t too late and you can still patch things up. There is still a chance for you to bounce back, but you’re going to have to rethink your current moves.

Don’t go out recklessly only to lose; make an action plan and implement it thoroughly. As much as possible, keep your plans realistic and easy to obtain.

Consider your current situation and only take calculated risks after you have thoroughly assessed them so that you won’t emerge from all these messes empty-handed and in a state even worse than before. There is no guarantee that you won’t be experiencing any losses, but it pays to be on guard and to act with caution.

Everything you built for years is now under threat, and now your future is rife with too much uncertainty. Be wise and prudent, or else you might not be able to get your life back.

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