Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what knight of wands tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Knight of Wands General Meaning

The presence of the Knight of Wands signifies spontaneity, ambition and unpredictability. The creature in this card has the personality of being an initiator and instigator due to the curiosity and intuition that overwhelms him.

He constantly makes spontaneous decisions that would often lead to new places, diverse people and different challenges. If these hurdles are surpassed, success and happiness will not be difficult to achieve.

In this card, a figure of a knight can be seen riding on a seemingly aggressive horse. With his stern looks, protective armor helmet and striking salamander-patterned robe, there is an inference that he is ready to conquer the challenges that he may encounter along his journey.

The orange color of the horse as well as the tassels adorning his front and back all resemble blazing flames. This stands for his fiery passion and igniting drive to defeat and thwart any obstacle that may try to crush his winning spirit.

Instead of a sword or battle gear of some sort, he is holding a long wand in his right hand.

Knight of Wands Upright Meaning

You are courageous, bold and full of energy and life. With the commanding posture of the knight and horse, it seems that you are equipped and prepared to go through difficult challenges and nerve-wracking adventures.

You are positive and hopeful that you can survive any problem because you have a strong mind and willpower. You remained fearless and undaunted when faced with unfamiliar people and unknown roads because you have a bold and brave spirit.

Furthermore, the blazing energy and essence that you possess right now is ideal if you start a project or finish a task. This will lead to a successful outcome when coupled with rational thinking and efficient strategies.

Love Meaning - Knight of Wands Upright

In the Suit of Wands, an upright Knight represents novelty and excitement, especially adventure, so in your relationship, you can expect for something new to happen with which to break your monotony. It can be something as simple as finding a new restaurant to eat in, thinking of a brand new topic to pounce on, or something as grand as getting a fluffy pet dog! The possibilities of the Knight are untold and infinite, so there’s much for you to expect, but don’t get too excited either-- just let time do the work and stay contented.

Wealth Meaning - Knight of Wands Upright

The Knight of Wands has a special design which gives it a special affinity for positive Tarot readings Card on Wealth, in that the knight wears a golden robe in addition to the plated armor. This means that not only do you have divine providence on your side, you also have enough existing resources to make risky ventures.

A golden robe indicates riches, and all this amounts to is that you’ll most likely succeed when you go for risky investments. This card encourages you to push through with your plans, so make really good use of the opportunity provided!

Knight of Wands Reverse Meaning

The Knight of Wands Card in Reverse implies a feeling of frustration and disappointment when faced with unnecessary delays and hindrances. You seemed to feel lost and misplaced in this journey and you lack the will and motivation to change your direction towards the right path.

You view this current situation as futile and pointless as you can no longer control your pace towards your desired destination. This will make you more unhappy and miserable about life.

Furthermore, the reversed position of this card may also indicate impatience and intolerance in a relationship. You fear commitment and there is difficulty in finding a stable partner.

In terms of work and career, you may also lack stability and steadiness as there is a tendency for you to constantly transfer from one job to another.

Love Meaning - Knight of Wands Reversed

In the reversed position, the Knight of Wands might be telling you to not be too hasty with your current plans. More importantly, it also reminds you not to stretch yourself too thin by pursuing too many areas at once.

Life is complicated enough for you to just recklessly undertake, and in romance, impetuousness will make things far worse than they already are. If you have any problems, attack them one at a time, according to priority.

By being patient, you will be directly extending your relationship’s lifespan, so be sure to approach the romantic front more slowly.

Wealth Meaning - Knight of Wands Reversed

Like all things, life prescribes that you keep your confidence to a minimum; becoming too sure of your own capabilities increases the likelihood of you getting this card’s reversed outcome, which is all the worse for wealth Tarot readings because it shows that you’re the type who’s easy to lure in. The moment you see the slightest prospect of a wealth, you go in and participate without knowing in full the potential consequences of your actions.

Unfortunately, every expense is additional burden; if you wish to avoid crushing your wallet, manage each expense carefully.

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