Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what nine of cups tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Nine of Cups General Meaning

The Nine of Cups is a good indication of happiness, satisfaction and contentment. It connotes a feeling of reward and achievement when you experience something pleasurable.

The fulfillment that you get out of it does not always pertain to money or material wealth but may be disguised in the form of a happy family, a healthy relationship or the blossoming of a new romance. The card portrays a man in his middle age years, happily sitting and contemplating on a wooden chair.

His arms are calmly crossed and he seemed to be lounging on the bench with satisfaction and contentment. He wears an exquisite white dress and a red turban on his head which depicts how active his mind is and how dynamic and lively his thoughts are.

Nine of Cups Upright Meaning

The satisfaction and fulfillment you are currently feeling are a manifestation of how you worked hard in battling the difficult problems of life. It was a nauseating emotional ride but you managed to survive it.

You have gone through defeat, failure and loss but you rose up from the ashes. At this time, you deserve to enjoy and celebrate this accomplishment.

A new chapter in your life is about to unfold and this is something to be cherished and valued. The Nine of Cups is also a sign of positivity and bliss on the various aspects of your life.

It may indicate success and productivity in your career, romance and passion in your relationships, stability and fruitfulness in your finances and optimum wellness in your health status.

Love Meaning - Nine of Cups Upright

Prepare to smile, because you’re going to be having a lot of fun with this card. As the image suggests, you are going to live an abundant and pleasant life with your one true love.

You two are capable financial managers, and are likewise driven to always improve and make your relationship even better than before. If you’re single, this means you’re ambitious enough to create positive outcomes for your future relationships.

All in all, this means you’re a great asset to your lifelong teammate, and that you should keep things up.

Wealth Meaning - Nine of Cups Upright

In financial Tarot reading, the Nine of Cups suggests material abundance and the primacy of giving. Right now, you probably have a lot of material things as a result of your wise financial decisions.

You have saved enough, allowing you to buy the things that you want and even acquiring capital to finally start a business of your choosing. Because of all your blessings, this card also reminds you to share them with others by giving gifts to your family and friends, reminding them of their importance in your life, so you can invite even more blessings into your life.

Nine of Cups Reverse Meaning

You have arrived at your destination but there is still a feeling of disappointment and dissatisfaction. You may feel that you have already attained your goals and dreams in life but something is still lacking.

You may have reached your momentum but something is still not right. Why do you feel empty? What must be done in order to fill this void? Only you can answer these questions.

Start to understand and know yourself better.

Love Meaning - Nine of Cups Reversed

Poverty and emptiness are awful bedfellows when it comes to love, and in your case, these two might especially be the case. In particular, you and your partner may be in a relationship that seems strong on the surface, but only invites worry because you can’t seem to find any joy in the cuddling or dates.

It could also be that you are getting bored of one another and can’t find any sense of fulfillment in keeping things together. Hence, it might be a good idea to put your affairs in order and set things straight.

Wealth Meaning - Nine of Cups Reversed

Being too engrossed in your own financial wealth is never a good thing in any respect, and the reversed Nine of Cups is a great reminder of this. Strategically speaking, simply hoarding money especially when you already have a lot of it prevents you from exploring opportunities which could lead to even greater financial stability.

Focusing on greed could also harm teamwork as it can lead you to make decisions that wouldn’t sit well on any team setting. It may even create friction between you and your loved ones.

Wealth is a good thing, but not in excess.

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