Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what nine of pentacles tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Nine of Pentacles General Meaning

The appearance of this card in your tarot reading is almost always an awesome thing, since this card shows you the true extent of wealth: vast resources, grand estates, and a feeling of financial invincibility that just cannot be shaken. The man wears an elegant robe worthy of nobility with flowers emblazoned on it.

Not only that, the garden on the background is shown to glisten with the pentacles gently shining along with his clothing. He wears a yellow glove and holds a peculiar bird, which counts for both extravagance and utility.

Aside from this, he stands on flat lands, seemingly overcoming the chaos of the unknown within the background. With these in mind, take much heart.

You are most likely enjoying the time of your life right now, experiencing the full material potential of life. You’re succeeding romantically, you’re succeeding monetarily, and you’re thriving in your own business.

With the wealth you possess in nearly every area, you are ready to bring the good news unto others who might listen. The resources you possess thus impress the need for generosity in order to afford others the same opportunity that led you to the peak of your personality and career.

Nine of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Having the Ninth in its upright position means exactly what it looks like: tranquility, confidence and riches. You carry within you great happiness which you can very easily access by just looking once more at all the possessions and people who surround you.

You are well-connected and well-to-do, with the only thing left being for you to enjoy the luxury of living a fulfilled, full existence. Of course, this means getting rid of the notion that you must necessarily earn more.

After all, it is not about earning more of one thing, but about earning the right thing.

Love Meaning - Nine of Pentacles Upright

Reaping life’s rewards is the main theme of the Nine of Pentacles, especially in its upright position. This makes it all the better when it comes to romantic matters, since it means you not only have a partner that is charming, intelligent and wise, you two constantly enjoy great accomplishments together.

For one, your partner may be on the verge of getting a raise or reaching an academic breakthrough, which both of you will be sure to enjoy. With both of you succeeding in your fields, your relationship will only continue to grow stronger.

Keep up the momentum!

Wealth Meaning - Nine of Pentacles Upright

Wealth is a powerful communicator; having much of it means that you’re going to be a lot more confident in all the other areas. You have money to go to the gym so you can work out and develop your self-esteem, and you have books you can buy, which will increase your knowledge and understanding of the world.

Needless to say, this card tells you that you will achieve all of this and then some more, ensuring that you will not only just earn money, you’ll be inspiring others as well. Seize this opportunity and work!

Nine of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

In its reverse, the Nine of Pentacles can represent profound greed and relentless ambition. You have within you a vast empire, but you’re forcing yourself to earn much more than what is appropriate for you.

This tendency to desire for so much more than what you could need or even want can lead you to stress out about the tiniest of details, such as how expensive your clothes are or making unnecessary quotas which leads to self-harm if they are not met. Hence, you need to go back to the drawing board and get to know yourself a little better.

Ask yourself how much you actually need or what you really want materially, and then overcome your greed.

Love Meaning - Nine of Pentacles Reversed

In the reverse position, the Nine of Pentacles means that you or your partner may have been wronging each other for some time now, and that you’re bound to pay the price. If you’ve been stabbing your partner in the back or even cheating on them with other people, then you will suffer great regret.

Relationships are hard to forge, but as life will soon tell you, breakups hit even harder. You are presented with a choice: come clean and set yourself straight before it’s too late, or suffer the consequences of your actions.

Wealth Meaning - Nine of Pentacles Reversed

This card suggests that you may be too caught up with your current successes to see the current dangers that loom ever closer. Soon, you may be put in a situation where you have to let go of material comfort.

It can be anything from getting kicked out of the house to being unable to pay an emergency hospital bill for yourself or your family. It is okay to seize the day and enjoy what you have, but always remember to prepare for eventualities.

Things can always happen, especially when you least expect them, so taking good care is necessary.

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