Page Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

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Page Of Pentacles General Meaning

The Page of this Suit is the quintessential representation of a merchant: eagerly looking at the pentacle, head slightly above, as if looking also at the distant sky, he sees unlimited opportunities, no doubt colored in yellow and gold. Likewise, the earth he treads is filled with verdant grass stretching far into the great beyond, indicating youthfulness and vigor.

Indeed, he has all the makings of a Homo Novus (New Man), rising from the rank and file, achieving great prosperity and gaining a huge network of open minded individuals. He is entrepreneurial and an intelligent planner, doubtlessly capable of making smart business models.

And if you get this card, you most likely have a lot in common with this Page. Carefree and economically adept, you have a very good eye for new prospects and ventures.

In fact, you probably have an idea budding in your head right now and you just don’t know what it can do yet. At the moment, you are the very manifestation of an ambition that’s just waiting to become a beautiful reality both for yourself and for the world, so all you really have to do is to take the next step and listen to that voice of brilliance within.

Through and by this card, the chance is huge for you to achieve great material success.

Page Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

For this position, you are called upon to initiate something great. At the palm of your hand is an exciting venture into the unknown.

Sure, everything seems unclear for you right now, but dig deep and try to search for what the card might mean to you personally: perhaps you’ve been thinking of a concept that you’d dismissed because you thought it wouldn’t prosper, or perhaps there’s really just something you want to try. If that is nagging at you right now, then this card is telling you to be bold and take the first step!


Love Meaning - Page Of Pentacles Upright

As in all things, you prefer to take things slow. You are not in a rush to enter a relationship, much less settle down while you are still unsure of the future you will have with your love interest.

As such, you developed a more intimate view of them that is yours alone.  This does not mean, though, that your relationship would be perpetually smooth-sailing.

There will be challenges along the way, but you will be rewarded with a strong and virtually unbreakable bond with your partner if you manage to hold out. Who knows, the emotional investment maybe even worth the marriage vows! And if you are single, you can expect that things will be going your way just as nicely.

You’ve been doing your best to win the heart of your crush; they will finally reciprocate in one way or another! Every effort that you’ve made will eventually be worth the time, primarily that the love that you’ve found is founded on patience and understanding of the person your heart chose to be with.


Wealth Meaning - Page Of Pentacles Upright

Slowly but surely makes your pace steady. Indeed, while many people have chosen the path to easy money, you instead decided to work hard and do the grind, no matter how difficult and thankless it was.

Now, you feel like your own endgame is near- but this time, you know that you will win. This feeling is not unfounded, considering all the hard work and dedication that you have poured into getting where you are right now.

But there is also a drawback, you’ve been a bit too obsessed with working too hard that you completely forgot that you should focus on other matters that you may have had overlooked before. Broadening your horizons and developing other skills are just as important as honing and refining the talents that you have right now.

This no time for you to be complacent; although victory is within reach, it is still not an excuse for you to rely too much on what you already have, considering the fickle nature of the modern world. Go beyond your limits.

There are so many things that you can do with your skills if you choose not to be limited by what you have right now. Your financial gains will be more than what you expect them to be with the right mix of innovation and dedication.

Page Of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

Opposing the upright position means a need for you to think deeply about making that next move. If you feel very confident that something could work, you need to try and make sure that the conditions for implementing your thoughts are set before you can proceed with your plan.

Life is filled with things you can’t really control, and just as any other obstacle, this card will tell you to stop and think first, because rushing your plans could backfire against you, and you may lose the pentacle of timely opportunity. Breathe in, breathe out, do more research and take things slowly.


Love Meaning - Page Of Pentacles Reversed

Part of relationship maintenance is pouring in your heart and soul to make your significant other happy. To be sure, it is hard work, but you have exhausted every means possible to you right now to keep the person that you love right now.

But if you are in a relationship and your partner doesn’t seem to be impressed nor appreciative of all the things you have done for them, then perhaps that relationship is not for you. Love is supposed to find beauty in everything, yet if your partner cannot find such, nor are they willing to reciprocate your energy, chances are they barely care for what you do to them.

The same goes for if you have been eyeing someone for so long, yet every time you make a move, you permanently get blocked by them. Maybe they tell you that they aren’t “ready” to be in a relationship yet, or perhaps they’re just ignoring you and would only acknowledge your presence if they have to.

Know your limit. Being a martyr will not do you any good and instead would cause you further ruin.

If you love a person, you must willingly let them go, not just for their own sake but also for your own. You will find someone more deserving of your love and devotion if only you will acknowledge that you deserve those, too.


Wealth Meaning - Page Of Pentacles Reversed

You have been focusing too much on one aspect of your work that you already forgot the importance of balancing out your time and effort on everything that you are capable of. Some parts of your work aren’t as well-made as they were supposed to, and you couldn’t do pretty much anything about it anymore.

You must be able to develop all parts of your skills so that you can function correctly. Balancing out everything may be difficult, but it is essential if you want to be able to progress not only as a person but also to improve your career prospects.

On the other hand, you may also be too unfocused to do anything. Distractions such as external problems, personal struggles, or even your procrastination tendencies can prevent you from working effectively.

Worse, they can be recipes for disaster and result in you facing even more unpleasant consequences such as being called out by your boss, among other things. It would then be wise for you to slowly let go of these distractions, especially that they are affecting your performance and productivity negatively.

You can start by addressing your problems first, especially those that have been burdening you for quite some time now. Confront them as soon as possible so that you can move on and do your work.

As for the things that induce procrastination, the best course of action would be to set those things aside and reorient yourself to get you back to work mode. The quicker you get things over with, the better so that you can go back and fix whatever mistakes you made before.

Remember that every moment counts in the industry. If you cannot get your grips together, you miss out on so much, especially your chance to improve your position and financial status.

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