Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

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Page of Pentacles General Meaning

The Page of this Suit is the quintessential representation of a merchant: eagerly looking at the pentacle, head slightly above, as if looking also at the distant sky, he sees unlimited opportunities, no doubt colored in yellow and gold. Likewise, the earth he treads is filled with verdant grass stretching far into the great beyond, indicating youthfulness and vigor.

Indeed, he has all the makings of a Homo Novus (New Man), rising from the rank and file, achieving great prosperity and gaining a huge network of open minded individuals. He is entrepreneurial and an intelligent planner, doubtlessly capable of making smart business models.

And if you get this card, you most likely have a lot in common with this Page. Carefree and economically adept, you have a very good eye for new prospects and ventures.

In fact, you probably have an idea budding in your head right now and you just don’t know what it can do yet. At the moment, you are the very manifestation of an ambition that’s just waiting to become a beautiful reality both for yourself and for the world, so all you really have to do is to take the next step and listen to that voice of brilliance within.

Through and by this card, the chance is huge for you to achieve great material success.

Page of Pentacles Upright Meaning

For this position, you are called upon to initiate something great. At the palm of your hand is an exciting venture into the unknown.

Sure, everything seems unclear for you right now, but dig deep and try to search for what the card might mean to you personally: perhaps you’ve been thinking of a concept that you’d dismissed because you thought it wouldn’t prosper, or perhaps there’s really just something you want to try. If that is nagging at you right now, then this card is telling you to be bold and take the first step!

Love Meaning - Page of Pentacles Upright

Couples beholding the Page of Pentacles in its upright position often find that there is a sense of surety in their relationship. Both of you have plans and everything is laid out like a calendar.

You know when and where to take vacations yearly, when to settle down and have children-- possibly even their names! However, while order is a good thing, you may want to at least give your relationship some unpredictability. Propose at the least expected moment, for example, or surprise your partner at work-- these small things are sure to help your relationship further down the line.

Wealth Meaning - Page of Pentacles Upright

You possess the soul of an impatient yet bold adventurer, eager to climb the mountains above and swim the waters below. You are very much akin to the man in the picture: young and more importantly, always focused on that coin.

In return, this gives you a peculiar sense of being rooted: everything you do always traces back to that determination to give meaning to your life, and in return, this makes you a very industrious employee and an inventive thinker, capable of producing both results for the company and money for yourself. You’re special and soon, rich.

Page of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

Opposing the upright position means a need for you to think deeply about making that next move. If you feel very confident that something could work, you need to try and make sure that the conditions for implementing your thoughts are set before you can proceed with your plan.

Life is filled with things you can’t really control, and just as any other obstacle, this card will tell you to stop and think first, because rushing your plans could backfire against you, and you may lose the pentacle of timely opportunity. Breathe in, breathe out, do more research and take things slowly.

Love Meaning - Page of Pentacles Reversed

While the upright position represents relative predictability, the Page of Pentacles Card in Reverse suggests that you may not be too sure about anything. If you’re single, this means you’re not quite sure who your type is, and may only want a relationship just for the sake of being able to brag about it.

If you’re in a relationship, you’re likewise unsure where to proceed. You two might have great careers, but nothing seems certain beyond your financial security.

Thus, consider coming up with a plan and organizing your relationship a bit more.

Wealth Meaning - Page of Pentacles Reversed

If this outcome manifests itself in a Tarot reading about money, be careful. This is a bad omen, in part because it means that you’ve got absolutely nothing figured out.

You are constantly hesitating and whether you do it consciously or otherwise, you know you’re holding yourself back. This mentality can unfortunately do more than just make you socially withdrawn: it also prevents you from just planning anything.

If this is the case, you need to snap yourself awake. There is a way to take risks without being reckless; figuring that out is your best chance.

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