Page Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

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Page Of Swords General Meaning

The Page of Swords is a representation of a person who is adept in negotiation and communication. He exudes a remarkable standard of intelligence, wit and critical thinking and is very proficient in spotting and identifying crucial issues.

He relies on his reasoning and judgment in making important decisions as he knows in himself that he possesses excellent analytical skills. In this card, a figure of a young and hopeful woman can be seen standing on a rocky cliff.

She seems to be gazing from the distance with sheer drive and willpower while holding a long sword pointing upwards. Amidst the strong gush of wind swaying the trees and the stormy clouds above her, she appears confident and determined to overcome the challenges and predicaments of life.

Page Of Swords Upright Meaning

With her brilliant mind and intelligent notions, there is no doubt that the Page of Swords can withstand any type of dispute and negotiation. Just like you, she is a depiction of a witty and smart individual who is very proficient in expressing her thoughts and communicating her ideas to others.

Her language is so convincing and dogmatic that she always finds herself in heated arguments and debates. When the Page of Swords is placed in an upright position, it implies that your passion and energy to accomplish your goals are massive and outstanding.

It indicates that you are overly keen in putting a plan or strategy into actual practice. You are so enthusiastic in pursuing the things you have envisioned and you cannot wait to fulfill it right away.

You are thrilled and excited to share such project to other people.


Love Meaning - Page Of Swords Upright

The Page of Swords constitutes the kind of daring and sharp wit that is so typically associated with youth, and in relationships, this is no less different. Bold and fearless, you and your partner like to explore things often, even to the point of complete recklessness.

All of this is good, but it could also cause the two of you to fight over petty things, which suggests a potential immaturity. Wonder and innocence are not weaknesses, by any means, but immaturity could prevent the two of you from honestly working together and make the relationship seem whimsical rather than genuine.

You must strike a balance between going YOLO and being serious in your relationship with one another. Such things are not to be taken lightly, especially when your lives will be potentially put at risk if you don't look out for one another and be mindful of your actions.

The world is indeed large, and it is more fun to explore every inch of it with someone who matches your inherent curiosity and eagerness to see it. Therefore, to have fun while also being mature, you have to become more understanding, perceptive, and, more importantly, focus on more than you focus on the external things.

As you grow in wisdom, so will your love. You will finally understand what it means to have a solid and loving relationship.

Maybe by then, you'll realize how you don't have to go crazy to experience the world; all you have to do is be with someone willing to share their life with yours.


Wealth Meaning - Page Of Swords Upright

In the context of jobs and wealth, this card’s upright position represents the youthful vigor and vitality that people often dream of when confronting tasks. You are the absolute opposite of a procrastinator: boundless in your imagination, constantly thinking of ways to solve problems, and filled with so much energy that you can go on for days without any drop in consistency.

Because you brim with so much energy, you’re also paying attention to the smallest, most important details. You are genuinely at your prime, so squeeze all you can from this stage in your life.

This enthusiasm will not go unnoticed by those who are also out to find individuals like you. As you power on through the things that you love doing and sharing them with the world, many will open opportunities for you, each one better than the last.

Indeed, it pays off to have your passion as your profession! Although accepting every single invitation is impossible, choose as much as you can and make sure that they are things that you will find pleasure in working on. This way, you can unlock more of your hidden potential and use them to your advantage later when the time comes for them to be used.

These opportunities will then lead to your eventual success, which will come in due time. However, at present, continue the momentum of what you are doing and do your best every time.

This is your moment; make every shine of your light count!

Page Of Swords Reverse Meaning

As the Page of Swords is known for her sharp tongue and exceptional intellect, the reversed position of this card may connote a negative and misplaced application of these qualities. It may mean that you have been using these traits to employ fraud and trickery in your endeavors.

It became an effective tool in achieving what you have desired in life but in a corrupt and wicked way. Other than that, it may also be a sign that you have been using your aptitude in language to deceive and hurt people.

You may have been constantly hurling painful words to others without realizing that you have already inflicted madness and suffering in their hearts. Be mindful and vigilant with the words you say to them.


Love Meaning - Page Of Swords Reversed

In the Reverse card, both of your pettier and more immature sides, unfortunately, dominate the core of your relationship. You get into fights often with your partner in no small part due to relatively tiny things, and you may find it easy to resolve this, having arguments too frequently can take a toll on your relationship, because it can slowly alter your preconceptions of your partner.

This is an essentially tricky time for the two of you since, as said earlier, this will break down whatever impressions you used to have about your significant other’s character. Alternatively, it may be that they are now on the roll to show you their “real” side, and it is now up to you whether or not you will accept these traits of theirs.

Because of how sensitive this is, you may need to consult a friend, your tarot reader, or even a relationship expert on how to deal with your specific problems to prevent fallout. Either way, the final decision of whether you will continue in your relationship will always lie with you.

During this time, you need to exercise the full extent of your mental faculties and listen to your intuition to be appropriately guided towards the right decision. Through it all, keep in mind that a relationship is worth saving if it was not toxic to begin with, nor is the chaos bringing out the worst in you and your partner.

Otherwise, though, perhaps it is time for you to break off and move on.


Wealth Meaning - Page Of Swords Reversed

The reversed Page of Swords indicates a lack of concentration and poor financial management. At this stage in your life, you’re uncertain which path you should take, and you’re likely scared about making any life choice at all.

The future is uncertain, but then again, that is where we are all headed. Right now, the decisions you may be making are not conducive to your situation.

Maybe even it is a potential roadblock between you and your goals, leaving you even more confused than before. You are young, yes, but rather than use your energy for the good, you are using your energy worrying about your problems.

The thing to remember if you are in this situation is that you have to differentiate between valid and illegitimate concerns. This means knowing what your real goals are in life by introspecting your personality.

Look within yourself and ask: what do I want to do with my life? What can I do about it, and how will I do things to achieve my goals? Keep in mind that you do not have to answer these questions right away. Take your time discerning stuff so that you will know which path to take.

Once you are sure of your answers and outlined a game plan that will help guide you in your journey, you can finally take the great leap of faith needed to kickstart things. Yes, there is no assurance where you will initially land, but success will be yours if you put your heart into it.

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