Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

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Page of Wands General Meaning

The Page of Wands is one of the most adventurous and exciting cards in the tarot deck. It depicts a bold and free-spirited individual who is thrilled and elated to experience new quests and ventures.

He is a person filled with so much energy and spirit and this makes him positive and hopeful about life. He is optimistic about it despite the numerous problems and challenges that he may encounter along the way.

In this card, a figure of a young man can be seen standing while holding and looking at a mystical wand. He is dressed in an attractive yellow shirt patterned with images of salamanders.

This is a representation of transformation from bad to good. His background is an empty desert which is a reflection of his disposition as of the present time— barren and unproductive.

However, this is just temporary. If he utilizes his skills and qualities in a useful and appropriate way, success and fortune will surely be within his grasp.

Page of Wands Upright Meaning

Your life is filled with so much excitement and enthusiasm. You are keen and curious on discovering new things, meeting diverse kinds of people and exploring different places that you have never reached.

You are bound to attain success in all of your ventures if you would not let your doubts and inexperience defeat you. This is the reason why you should not let these uncertainties affect your urge to explore life as this will crush numerous opportunities and endless possibilities.

When faced with difficult challenges and frightening events, do not be easily discouraged and disheartened by it. Instead, consider it as a motivation in becoming more resilient and courageous when going through obstacles and problems.

Love Meaning - Page of Wands Upright

The Page of the Suit of Wands is about as optimistic as any medieval page can get. Just as he gleefully looks at his new wand, so too will you enjoy a brand new thing throughout the course of your relationship.

Granted, it isn’t necessarily material-- it can be a proof of your partner’s deep affection for you, such as you getting your first kiss, or even an incoming pregnancy. Either way, what you’re about to receive is a blessing that will carry you through any challenge you’re about to take on.

Wealth Meaning - Page of Wands Upright

Adventure awaits the enterprising spirit, and since you have picked this card, there is a great chance that you’ll receive far greater things. You are the peak of your life, surrounded by job letters, compliments, respectful coworkers and of course, much money.

You have reached this level because not only are you kind, you’re endlessly begging for more activity, which gives your brain more exercise to think of more strategic decisions at the soonest possible time. You are intelligent and a freethinker through and through, and be proud of it because it is your greatest gift.

Page of Wands Reverse Meaning

You have the burning passion to initiate things such as a goal or project but there is difficulty in accomplishing it. You have the strong urge to fulfill your plans but it constantly fails to prosper.

This may break your heart or destroy your self-esteem but do not dwell on it too much. Maybe it is the universe’s way of saying that you should explore new paths and leave the dreams of the past behind.

Love Meaning - Page of Wands Reversed

In the reverse, you could end up losing a part of yourself along the way, or even a foundation of your relationship. You could, for example, be facing a betrayal which could rob you of your ability to trust anyone’s romantic intentions ever again.

There is no understating how devastating the loss could be for you, but there is a ray of hope. In love as in any other Tarot reading, there is something to be gained for every loss.

The initial damage will be hard to sustain, but if you don’t give up on yourself, something more romantic will come your way.

Wealth Meaning - Page of Wands Reversed

Old habits die hard, and unfortunately one of them includes being reckless, which the Page of Wands Card in Reverse position represents. Those who pick this card have a fundamental hunger for both challenge and opportunity, which is a healthy trait to have in the free market, to be sure, but only if you use your brain instead of instinct.

Don’t just go around grabbing offers even when you think and know they might be scams, or you might literally lose money. Study both your dream job and personal intricacies and weigh them with the job’s objectives.

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