Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what seven of cups tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Seven of Cups General Meaning

The Seven of Cups card epitomizes imagination, illusion and fantasy. It encourages the frequent use of mind and imagination in order to innovate new and creative ideas.

If put into action, the birth of these thoughts will be crucial as it would open many doors for self-growth and numerous opportunities towards success. The card is portrayed through a man looking at the seven cups containing different symbolisms.

He seemed to be turning his back towards the world because he is in a state of contemplation and reflection. The clouds floating before him represents his illusion and thoughts while the things found in the cups are the many fantasies that he imagines when he dreams.

It may speak of the many options he is bound to choose and the several decisions he is required to make.

Seven of Cups Upright Meaning

The Seven of Cups Card in Upright implies that you have allowed yourself to dream big and to aspire for greatness. You are inspired and motivated to live each day because you are determined to accomplish all of it.

However, there is a tendency for you to cling too much on wishful thinking. There comes a point in your life that daydreaming has become a routine and habit.

Dreams, if not put into action, is a useless piece of imagination. You must exert an effort to put it into reality.

Love Meaning - Seven of Cups Upright

In relationships, the Seven of Cups represents the multiplicity of you and your partner’s choices. This is a great thing, because whatever you choose, with the upright position’s predictions, it will most likely end well for the two of you.

This means that if you choose to find a job together, you’ll likely find high-paying ones. If you want to save up, you two will most likely manage the money well.

If you’re alone, this is better, because it means your partner will be someone who has an eye for infinite possibilities!

Wealth Meaning - Seven of Cups Upright

The Seven of Cups in its upright position represents mysteries and choices, which is doubly amplified in financial and career matters. This is because in managing your wealth, there are so many options available and out of all of them, only one or two may work for you.

However, since it is in the upright position, your odds of discovering something great is very favorable, so all that’s left for you to do is to really just explore every option. Do not be afraid of having to try again, because only in taking risks does one eventually succeed.

Seven of Cups Reverse Meaning

You seemed to be consumed by your fantasies and illusions. You do not have the strength and courage to put it into action because you are reluctant to face the realities of the world.

You are overly blinded by these thoughts and you tend to feel unsure on what you really want. You are experiencing difficulty in distinguishing the real from the unreal and this could obstruct your view towards success.

If you would just push yourself in actualizing these ideas, abundance and prosperity will not be hard to achieve.

Love Meaning - Seven of Cups Reversed

It is highly possible that you’re thinking too far ahead about your relationship’s state at the moment. If your relationship is at its early stages, you might already be thinking of tying the knot between you and your love.

Sure, it feels good and reassuring to dream, but you always need to watch yourself, because you end up risking great disappointment by dreaming too much. At this moment, it behooves you to relax and take your time.

Test the waters and move step by step. Always remember that relationships are at their best when forged slowly.

Wealth Meaning - Seven of Cups Reversed

In the reversed position, the Seven of Cups means an existential dread has gotten in the way of your decision-making process. Sometimes, the weight of making choices is heavier, especially in the context of wealth where losing has real life consequences.

Further still, you may be doubting your own financial management skills, especially if your career is at a low point. There is a good news, however: you have time-- time to consult your friends and mentors about what to do next.

Wisdom is everywhere around you, and overcoming that dread is a matter of just reaching out to them.

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