Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what seven of pentacles tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Seven of Pentacles General Meaning

Victory has multiple faces; it’s not just about the things you gain, nor is it just about the flowers, the congratulations and the accompanying loud merriment. Sometimes, it’s just about that simple, contented gaze at what you’ve achieved.

The tired but clearly joyous look of pure happiness at the thought of finally being able to finish a truly monumental, difficult task. Such is the symbolism behind the seventh card of the Suit of Coins.

You’ll see, for one, that the sky is slightly dark, indicating that the time for rest and relaxation is about to begin. The completion of one’s toil is represented by the man placing his neck firmly above his tired hands, gazing upon the work of art that is the decorated shrubbery, adorned with six of the seven pentacles.

Beneath the man’s feet is a flower beautifully decorated by the same pentacle. All of this shows you the wealth that comes with simplicity itself-- that not all victories come in the form of grand gestures, but in quiet determination and raw passion for one’s craft.

Thus, if you ever meet this card in a Tarot reading, know that you’re in good hands.

Seven of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Meeting the upright version of this card indicates passion for productivity and personal resilience. The toughest of workers know that to achieve their objectives, they have to endure the slow grind, day by day.

Being able to last this long requires people to have a strong sense of what they really want in life, because the alternative is to lose your very self in the struggle of your own work. By getting this card, you will necessarily be compelled to try to figure out the very core that makes you resilient and productive.

It can be your loved ones, ambitions, or just because you find it fun-- it doesn’t matter because you’ll surely develop either way.

Love Meaning - Seven of Pentacles Upright

The general air that this card provides is the power of relentlessness in a relationship. This means that your relationship is not going to falter, and will in fact only grow as time progresses.

With each pentacle carefully placed to occupy the shrubbery, every aspect of your bond will fall into place: on the financial front, you will see money in your pockets to help fulfill your wishes for one another. On the familial front, you will earn the approval of your parents if you decide to hold a wedding.

You will also enjoy heightened fertility in this happy time.

Wealth Meaning - Seven of Pentacles Upright

If you’re looking for residual blessings or bonus pay for all the assistance and loyalty you’ve given to your company, business or, indeed, yourself, then you’re in luck: the Seven of Pentacles in the upright position indicates exactly this. Consider the image: while the man painstakingly puts the coins together on the shrubbery, a sole coin seems to have fallen from the ground, which the man can take as a result of his efforts.

By the same token, you are likely going to receive recognition and even preferential treatment for going the extra mile.

Seven of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

The biggest problem of this outcome is that it represents impatience and anxiety; two traits that can crush one’s staying power. It could be that you’re feeling immense weariness with your job to the point where you no longer want to continue that, or that you’re trying and trying, but feel like you’re not really going anywhere.

These are frustrations that everyone feels at some point, but drawing this card means you’ll especially have to focus on doing yourself a favor and going for more relaxing activities. After all, work may be necessary, but you’re far more important than just your 8-hour shifts.

Love Meaning - Seven of Pentacles Reversed

You have done everything to hold things together, but you’re very anxious about the future and it’s causing you to feel very tired and weary. In the reverse position, all of this implies that you need to find comfort in the embrace of your partner more than ever.

The mindset that you should shoulder the burdens of the entire world all on your own is not sustainable in a relationship that is built upon emotional support. If you need help, don’t be ashamed to ask because your partner is more than happy to help.

Wealth Meaning - Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Exhaustion is a very serious problem in the workplace, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Seven of Pentacles in its reversed position. If you are tasked to do one thing, and this task requires so much effort from you, you are bound to feel tired, but while tiredness is something you can recuperate from relatively quickly, this isn’t the case with exhaustion: it means you’re done and completely wiped.

This card tells you exactly this, because your health is the source of all your earnings. Without it, you can’t have money.

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