Six Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

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Six Of Pentacles General Meaning

The number six is a distinguished number in the Suit of Pentacles for a very special reason: it represents simplicity in abundance and fairness in the administration of justice. This is best embodied by the golden scale which the man carries as he hands over golden coins to two beggars with a smile on his face.

His clothes show that he is a man of means, wearing a beautifully decorated red robe and a hat to boot. Notice also that the background shows six pentacles distributed unevenly.

If you draw a straight line following the pattern, the image that you get is of an uneven scale, giving you a conscious compulsion to try and correct this flaw. This upsetting feeling is that innate desire for justice.

It’s a desire that makes you reflect in great detail whether or not you’re distributing your resources equitably. Of course, resources can’t just mean money-- it can also mean your skill set, social connections and even your personal affection for other people, all of which you can share in order to help not just yourself but the larger world around you.

. As such, this card appeals to your desire to help and love for justice, to create a more tolerable world for you and everyone else to live.

Six Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Drawing and seeing this card in your tarot table means that you are a revered person with honest designs and a charitable heart-- and it symbolizes the desire to do more for the common good. In a world that forces you to compete, it can be very difficult to notice the injustices that happen all around you-- people not having their basic needs, or friends feeling anxious about not being as good as others.

To counteract these, you need to contribute to the world’s betterment by sharing your talents and helping others, not only because it is the moral thing to do, but because it advance you as a person too.


Love Meaning - Six Of Pentacles Upright

With the Six of Pentacles comes a piece of awesome news for you and your partner: your relationship shall prosper to the point where you’re able to share your blessings with other people. Both of you are fueled by a sense of justice so great that you never resort to needless indulgence.

You are also aware of the plight of the people around you and eager to help them by donating to charities. It’s rare enough to find a lasting relationship, but it’s even rarer and more refreshing to find one that actively helps the world.

With this, you can direct both of your energies into dedicating yourselves to doing great acts such as philanthropy or activism. It may seem like a tall order, but you and your significant other are capable of helping transform others’ lives.

Your dedication to one another is enough proof of that! Although it may not seem like your relationship will benefit from this, it can help you become closer with one another. Because you will be working closely together, you will spend more time and get to know the person you’re with in a more intimate way.

Relationships are meant to help bring out the best within people. The fact that you and your significant other want to become catalysts for positive change is a prime example of this.

As you help others, you will find yourselves becoming an even better individual not just for your partner but for yourself and the world as well.


Wealth Meaning - Six Of Pentacles Upright

Financial managers such as yourself need to note the importance of equity and fairness in all your decisions. This doesn’t even have to be about other people; when managing your finances, you have to make an important balance between wants and needs.

It’s okay for you to have fun, but don’t overdo it and make sure you still have your eye on the ball. Similarly, treat your employees and coworkers well and reward them according to their performance at work, not for nepotistic or friendly reasons, but because they’re excellent, capable individuals.

Balance out being a strict, no-nonsense boss while also being a compassionate and appreciative individual. While being forceful and assertive has its merits, especially in the office setting, you also need to be aware that you are dealing with human beings and that you have to consider their well-being at every step of the way.

The same goes for you. Yes, you are well aware that you have been working hard and deserve a break every once in a while.

But denying yourself rest, or conversely, slacking around will not give you any career boost. Make sure not to overdo one over the other, or else you would pay for your actions dearly.

Finding the middle ground in your career is one of the hardest things that anyone has to do. But this is a necessity because while a life, not well-lived is not worth anything at all, just letting life drag you around will not make it meaningful either.

Six Of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

In the reverse position, this card represents an impurity in one’s intentions. It could be possible that a small part of you thinks helping others is only ultimately about helping yourself.

To some degree, this can seem true, but this outcome suggests caution because of what it can do to you. Every ill motive always returns to other people, and if you continue to operate with an impure heart, it could someday backfire in the harshest of ways and lead you to the point of no return.

As such, you need to reflect on your actions carefully and think about what it actually means to do right by others.


Love Meaning - Six Of Pentacles Reversed

In the reverse setup, this card implies that you two may be too selfish with one another. Nothing gets done because the two of you are constantly insisting on your respective ideas.

You are proud and eager to show to the other that you have the better call. In any other setting, being competitive is a good thing, but remember that in a relationship, you are two minds working together towards a common goal.

As such, there is no sense in being domineering to one another. On the contrary, being too insistent on your position could eventually doom your relationship.

Being in equal standing with your partner ensures that no one of you will overstep your boundaries. It is also a way to forge a close relationship founded on mutual love, understanding, and respect for each individual.

Mutual respect is key to a lasting relationship; without it, the partnership becomes toxic, leading to even more disastrous consequences. Be more understanding and accommodating of your partner’s needs and wants.

Hear them out as much as you could, and make them feel that they are seen and heard in your relationship by talking things over with them rather than imposing. When they know that they are being treated fairly, they will also feel your commitment to making your relationship work while also making them happy.

However, if you choose not to change your ways, your partner might develop hostility towards you. Eventually, this hostility will turn into anger which could ruin your relationship and make it irreparable.


Wealth Meaning - Six Of Pentacles Reversed

Likewise, for the Six of Pentacles Card in a Reversed position, mismanagement is the bane of anything remotely associated with wealth. If you manage your money poorly, this means you’ll have nothing when time deems it necessary.

Be wise on where you put your expenses. There are so many things that may tempt you right now, but chances are, they aren’t worth their price, or to an extent, not even worth having.

If you prioritize your wants over your needs, it is safe to say that you are diving headfirst towards a financial disaster. Also, it would be best if you become more open to your coworkers.

Sure, your standard of work may differ significantly from theirs, but this doesn’t mean that you have the authority to demean and act as if you are better than them. If you don’t socialize with your team and manage their intricacies, you will be isolated and alone, unable to contribute a lot.

If you’re a boss, this means you run the risk of universally losing morale for everyone. The more morale is lost, the higher the chances of people leaving, and therefore a huge loss in your bottom line.

Your concern right now is not so much on your productivity but on that of your team and the quality of work that you are producing along with them. It is a tall order and far more challenging than focusing on yourself, but it is necessary if you don’t want to lose out on your career and finances.

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