Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

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Six of Swords General Meaning

The Six of Swords is a definite manifestation that one has moved forward from the troubles and disappointments of the past. It indicates acceptance to the things that has transpired and to the lessons and experiences that come with it.

It implies progression towards the future and the journey towards the growth and change that every person wants to achieve. In this particular card, a figure of a woman and a child can be seen on board a boat rowed by another man.

Their backs are turned towards us and the woman is fully draped in a yellow cloth. They don’t want anyone to recognize them as they flee and escape from the struggles and problems that continue to torment them.

It appears that they are sneaking away from the life they have established and are very determined to leave the past behind. Aside from that, six long swords can also be observed on the sides of the boat which is a representation of a rational mind and strong intellect.

Six of Swords Upright Meaning

You are expected to undergo changes and transition but this will cause you grief and misery. The transformation that is bound to happen will be a normal occurrence for you but it will result to sadness and sorrow.

This could be best illustrated when there is a need to abandon a toxic relationship, an unhealthy working environment or an inefficient life plan or strategy. However, you have to remember that this is all part and parcel of human existence.

Instead of taking it negatively, consider it as a ticket towards a better future. Make it as a stepping stone in attaining the plans and goals that you have set for yourself.

Be positive and optimistic about the great things that this world can give if you embrace growth and progress.

Love Meaning - Six of Swords Upright

The Six of Swords presents the image of a man rowing a boat unto the distant shore, with swords protecting the passengers on both sides. This smooth-sailing affair bodes well for your relationship, as it means things are stable and that you are protected by your own competence from external problems-- you’ll not have to worry about bills and backlogs because you and your partner work well together.

As a matter of fact, all this card really suggests is that you continue rowing, because whatever your destination may be, you will very easily reach them without any problems.

Wealth Meaning - Six of Swords Upright

The peculiar thing about Six of Swords with regard to wealth is that while it does indicate a general defusing of tense situations, getting there requires a certain emotional intelligence. This means that in addition to things finally turning around for the better, the card also implies that you are a great diplomat-- able to handle the clashing perspectives of the people around you with great ease.

In addition, this crucial trait also makes you an excellent negotiator, capable of crafting great deals and easing the fears of your workmates and customers with your clever use of reasoning and rhetoric.

Six of Swords Reverse Meaning

You are trying to move forward from all the heartbreaks and disappointments of the past but you encounter hardships and difficulties along the way. You don’t want to stay in the desolation and despair that the present time is giving you but you are hesitant and doubtful in adopting change.

There is a tendency for you to revert on some unresolved issues and you keep regretting about the things you have not done in the past to correct it. In these situations, you will need to stay hopeful and positive.

Think of it as an opportunity to succeed rather than recognizing it as an occasion to fail.

Love Meaning - Six of Swords Reversed

In this position, your relationship is currently being tested by external forces. It could be that economic factors are causing you to earn less money, thus preventing you from properly taking care of your family.

It could also be that your career is suffering to a degree, and that you need your partner’s emotional support and connections to help you move along with life again. With this turbulence comes the understanding that the two of you should work together; only when you’re absolutely in sync will you be able to get through and overcome your challenges.

Wealth Meaning - Six of Swords Reversed

In the realm of wealth, danger and misdirection are inevitable. This is what the Six of Swords in the reverse position seeks to drive home.

There will be times when you’ll feel extremely confident about something, be it your quality of work or the rate you are saving, only for that confidence to be disappointed much later by external events. This outcome particularly implies that a great obstacle is about to impede your progress, and that you need to prepare yourself.

Now is not a good time to be foolhardy with your resources: save more and be austere.

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