Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what ten of pentacles tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Ten of Pentacles General Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles is one of the most richly designed card in this specific suit, with equally complex suggestions of prolonged financial prosperity and general stability in all of your holdings. On the foreground, you see six pentacles making what seems to be shrubbery and four more at the bottom.

Connecting the dots will give you the image of a tree-- a life-giving natural force. On the middle, you’ll find a small space, such that the tree makes up the entire card’s length, suggesting long-lasting growth.

Likewise, an old man can be found sitting and staring at two of his pet dogs while surrounded by concrete fortifications and a man holding what seems to be a spear. A lady speaks to him in the distance, perhaps a helper of the old man making idle chatter with what we can assume is the old man’s guard.

This truly reassuring card tells you to take heart and be contented or at least happy that everything you’ve done this far will eventually lead you to a great life in the long term. It could also indicate a happy retirement and a caring, loving family that will someday be right by your side in the fullness of your life.

Ten of Pentacles Upright Meaning

If the mighty tree stands proud in this card, so too will you be filled with great blessing. This card promises you security and longevity, which can be realized in how well you can handle all aspects of your career: family, financial, romantic, the extent of your social network and all others.

With this reassurance, all that’s left for you to do is to make a solemn vow that you will always toil and give life your very best until you reach an age where you can finally enjoy it peacefully with loved ones by your side. This card holds good omens, indeed.

Love Meaning - Ten of Pentacles Upright

The Ten of Pentacles in its upright position suggests that your relationship not only has long staying power, it’s a fruitful one and something that will be remembered by all your friends and family. You and the love of your life are both extremely prudent when it comes to expenses, and you have a solid connection that transcends mere description.

It’s unique all on its own and doesn’t rely on external validation. Each argument you may have along the way will simply improve your character and no power on this earth can stop you.

Wealth Meaning - Ten of Pentacles Upright

Financial security is the one guarantee that the Ten of Pentacles brings to anyone wishing to put money in their pockets. In the image, there is an old man, which tangentially alludes to great life expectancy.

Of course, the longer you live, the more opportunities you have for earning money, and also the more room for making mistakes and improving on them. This means that you have life on your side in your quest for permanent financial security.

This will take time to accomplish, but if you work hard and long enough, you will get what you want and more.

Ten of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

A mighty tree that does not stand on its roots means imbalance and lack of proper order. The primary object of stability is sustained growth, but it can only be achieved if everything is in good order.

In your case, you might need to focus on your mental and physical well-being before continuing any further, as you may be overworking yourself in order to achieve a stable life. Every moment that you have in life is crucial, and however long or short that may be, we can always make changes to make sure nothing is left to chance.

When you get the reverse position, then, you may need to recharge yourself and come back later.

Love Meaning - Ten of Pentacles Reversed

The reverse position of the Tenth shows that your relationship has internal cracks and is founded on superficial things. While bonding over unimportant things is a good step to knowing each other, if you’ve gotten past that phase and have been together for some time, that is no longer tenable.

The two of you have to go beyond things like sex or dinner dates and start asking the hardest question: why do you love each other? This is because all relationships have to undergo that existential test, and failing this test means you won’t last long.

Wealth Meaning - Ten of Pentacles Reversed

Just as the upright is good for all things long term, the reversed position of this card is bad in every conceivable way. It means that all the material things you’re currently enjoying are, in fact, temporary.

The little boosts in your salary as a result of you taking extra time may in fact be gone soon enough, and worse you might even be laid off due to a looming crisis within the company. Tough times are coming soon, and all the things you’ve taken for granted until now will be taken away, so get ready.

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