The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what the devil tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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The Devil General Meaning

Do you sense a feeling of being stuck in a dark and gloomy world? Or perhaps the condition of being trapped in a place filled with despair or angst? If yes, then you may have been ensnared by the devil card. The presence of this figure signifies entrapment, anger, emptiness and violence.

It suggests that you lack contentment and fulfillment in your life and that you experience fear in letting go of your inhibitions. The devil is portrayed in the form of a half-goat and half-man creature with wings similar to a bat.

Chained below his feet are a naked man and woman with horns on their heads. It symbolizes that the devil holds control over their lives and that the more they are held captive, the less they become human beings.

The tails that can be found on their bodies adorned with grapes and flames at the end represents their obsession over earthly lures and exquisite things.

The Devil Upright Meaning

The upright position of the devil card is potentially draining and challenging. It signifies that you have been continuously imprisoned in a toxic and stressful situation, be it in the form of an unhealthy relationship, growth-retarding job or depressing personal life.

It may also mean that you have been enslaved by material and expensive things and that you experience difficulty in controlling it. There is addiction and obsession over these earthly matters and you lack the drive and determination to get away from it.

Love Meaning - The Devil Upright

Contrary to what many people might think, an upright Devil on romantic matters does not just signify mere lust or toxic sexual attraction. It can also mean an attraction to money, a need for that initial emotional high of being with someone (i.

e, short-term relationships), or even using someone else purely because the person you want to be with doesn’t like you. All of this means that you may not be working on yourself, which ultimately causes you to use others.

That said, in order to have a better romantic life, you must learn to love yourself first.

Wealth Meaning - The Devil Upright

The Devil is a cruel card in the upright position and rightfully so, for it is from evil that all negativity springs forth. You may be consumed by a certain obsession that prevents you from moving forward as a person, and while obsession does give you focus, it can isolate you from the world and all its possibilities.

Your lack of social connection means that you know of far fewer career opportunities, nor do you have the means to address financial concerns. Asking for help is extremely hard for you, but not doing so might truly jeopardize your financial well-being.

The Devil Reverse Meaning

At this moment, you came to realize that you are capable of freeing yourself from the many chains that restricted you. You have learned how to break the doors and walls that confined your self-expression and growth.

You are now ready to conquer your inhibitions and to redeem the freedom that you once enjoyed. This may be a difficult path to take but the destination towards the desired change will always be worth it.

Love Meaning - The Devil Reversed

The Devil Card in Reverse position carries within it the true effects of a relationship built upon immoral foundations. This means that the relationship may be founded on things which can be considered abusive or even unjust not just to yourself, but even and especially to your very partner.

As such, this can both make you feel increasingly awkward and in some cases, even litigious. To prevent things from spiraling out of your control, you two need to honestly make steps together to solve things amicably.

If you’re single, find your most toxic traits and do something about them.

Wealth Meaning - The Devil Reversed

If this card is reversed, then you just dodged a bullet, likely by how stable you are as a person right now. As it is, you are sure of everything and you see the full joy of living in a world with friends.

People are always around to help you think about what to do next financially. You share lectures and books with one another about how to improve your social standing, which makes you all the more likely to succeed in any undertaking.

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