The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

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The Magician General Meaning

Today will be a good day to rise up and emerge victorious as this card signifies intelligence, wit and brilliance. The figure portraying a man with one hand pointing above and the other on the ground indicates that the earth echoes the heavens and that the external self replicates what can be found within.

The infinity sign imprinted above his head is a clear symbolism that the possibilities to prosper are infinite as long as the will to succeed is impeccably strong. The magician is an epitome of a resilient and determined person who has an exceptional drive to get things done in the way he sees best.

He exemplifies a skillful and creative person who effectively puts into actions the many ideas and thoughts he has in mind. This card is often associated with a high level of aptitude and acumen that would likely cause someone to move forward and succeed in life.

With such amount of wisdom and brilliance, the magician is blessed with excellent communication skills that would lead him to achieve his goals. He possesses a high degree of confidence that would play a big part on his ventures in politics, business, career and other areas of life as long as he continues to own a strong will and dedication.

The Magician Upright Meaning

Now is the right time to execute your plans and goals in life. By maximizing your innate capabilities and potentials, it is not hard to think that you can possibly translate your dreams and thoughts into a reality.

You just have to inculcate a great deal of determination and perseverance in yourself and play the right set of cards in order to seize it. Bear in mind that you are powerful and that the endless possibilities are within your reach.


Love Meaning - The Magician Upright

Magicians at their most optimal, upright position are capable of fully moving things even further. In love, this card gives you the OK to finally take things to their next logical step, which makes this outcome so great particularly for those who are still hesitant.

The Magician holds his wand up, indicating that he is ready to perform the task on hand. Whether or not you are aware of it, he tells you that you are prepared to take things further.

“Taking things further” in this context means becoming more serious in your relationship. It is now way past the time for casual flirting; this is your chance to commit! For example, if you have someone at this time and you’re not sure what to call yourselves, you can finally think about it because you now possess the power to bring yourselves even closer together.

If you’re feeling fear, then now’s a great time for you to overcome it! Think of the card. Magicians do not always know if their tricks will turn out alright.

The same goes for your relationship. There will always be that fear that you and your partner might not be enough for another.

But guess what? Just as there is no such thing as flawless magic, the perfect relationship does not exist. All you have to do now is trust in each other and your love.

Remember this: “Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything.”.


Wealth Meaning - The Magician Upright

The Magician now’s your time to shine. You’re a true innovator and a solid asset to your team and your family.

You’re prudent with your expenditures, never going beyond what’s necessary, and always pooling money towards reserves for emergencies. Because you keep vast resources, you may even have surplus money which you can use for your more ambitious goals.

It may seem like you’re wasting money, but really, it’s not. Even magicians have to indulge themselves sometimes.

How can you make magic if you can’t even make your life a bit brighter? If you’ve been eyeing a certain car for quite some time, then congratulations: nothing’s preventing you from claiming it. Your life will be abundant and bountiful, just like this card! As you buy whatever your heart desires, you may also notice that your bank account is seemingly bottomless.

This is because people will be paying back their dues. Financial blessings through bonuses and monetary gifts will also be rife in this period.

As you accept all these, remember to keep a grateful heart. You can also give back by helping others in however way possible.

Remember that you deserve all these and that your hard work is paying off. Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can help pay for things that make you feel that everything is worth the effort.

Enjoy having a fat wallet and big numbers in your bank account! This won’t be the last time it’ll happen, but it sure does feel good!

The Magician Reverse Meaning

This may serve as an indication to change some of your ways because it may be detrimental and damaging. Your thirst for power might lead you to crave for more, making you overly obsessed and fixated for it.

If you will not make the right strategies and plans, your strong will and motivation may possibly result to your downfall. Do not be deceived or betrayed by it.


Love Meaning - The Magician Reversed

If the upright position represents the will to open possibilities, the reverse represents the perverse desire to dominate. In a relationship, this means that either you or your partner may be trying to manipulate each other into fulfilling your own, selfish goals.

Reflect on the tarot card. Aren’t magicians supposed to use their magic for good? Yet here you are, using your abilities to harm your relationship.

What’s worse, you are conscious of you doing it. Assess yourself and the things that you want for yourself and your partner.

Is it truly for the both of you, or is it just for your selfish desires? Do you genuinely need to be forceful to have your way? Conversely, if you feel oppressed by your significant other, you can also reflect if they genuinely have your best interests or not. If you do not think that they are doing good, perhaps it is best to talk things out.

Whatever may be the case, remember that it is never a good idea to impose what you want on another person. Indeed, you may have your love and commitment, but this doesn’t mean that you own them or vice versa.

No relationship can sustain the weight of two wills constantly clashing at the seams, nor should relationships ever be a pressure cooker for power struggles. If you ever get this outcome, do consider reevaluating your relationship’s overall priorities and try asking yourself whether dominating your equal is a good way of maintaining it.


Wealth Meaning - The Magician Reversed

In Roman times, it is said that slaves were made to whisper to their Imperators the following words: “Remember that you’re only human.” For the Magician in its reversed position, this saying is everything, especially in the context of wealth.

The Magician is a creator of things, the catalyst of change. As such, you pulling this card in reverse means that you are creating something- but for the worse.

Money is indeed bountiful at this time, and you will have many opportunities to generate even more of this. However, as time goes on, your thoughts of greed and wealth may start to consume you inside out.

At the moment, you may be too obsessed with wealth, and you may even be succeeding in current ventures, but you’re also starting to develop a sense of pride and may be taking things too far, overworking yourself and your team without thinking about mental health. Without humility, things may fall apart.

Your extraordinary abilities may bring you glory and success, but they will also come at the cost of your relationships. Indeed, this is not the time for you to put your interests.

Instead, you must put your feet back on the ground. Remember how in the card, the reversed Magician has flipped upside-down, defying gravity? That is what you must avoid.

Stay grounded at all times and be humble. Focus on the people around you, and do not let yourself be swallowed by your success, lest you lose the things that truly matter.

Be cautious.

Open up your mind and realize your true identity.

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