Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what three of swords tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Three of Swords General Meaning

When the Three of Swords appears in your midst, there may be an indication of pain, loss and suffering in your life. It may be grounded on separation or termination of relationships, such as in a friendship or in a romantic love affair.

The magnitude of this agony may be very difficult to endure but when you view it positively, it could imply a new beginning or a fresh new start. This particular tarot card is an epitome of agony, distress and suffering.

It portrays an image of a heart being deeply stabbed by three long swords. The heart in the image represents love, care and affection while the swords symbolize the inclination to cause pain and anguish to those it wishes to pierce.

A sea of stormy and turbulent clouds can be seen in the background while the rain is pouring heavily. This stands for the sadness, misery and desolation that envelops and covers the already dismaying situation.

Three of Swords Upright Meaning

You may be in the lowest point of your life right now. You are in deep pain and sorrow because of the rejection, disloyalty and distress that you have experienced.

However, when you have an optimistic attitude towards it, your worries, doubts and fears will be lessened. You have to remember that problems and suffering are part of the things you have to endure each day and the lack of it would clearly be impossible.

It is through these painful encounters that one will learn to appreciate the simple joys in life and how to evade mistakes and errors in the future. It will transform you into a stronger, better and bolder person who is resilient and wise enough to fight the intricate battles of life.

Love Meaning - Three of Swords Upright

This is an absolutely bad card to have in a Tarot reading about your love life. It means heartbreak if you’re currently without a partner, and if you’re already in a relationship, this basically means trouble will be heading your way and will grind you down, little by little.

Each of these will take its toll on your emotional health, and one of them could very well end the relationship that you’re about to fight for. In a way, you can interpret this as life’s harsh way of teaching you about strength.

Wealth Meaning - Three of Swords Upright

Never in human history has the image of a heart being stabbed thrice in multiple directions ever been seen as a good thing. In Tarot readings regarding wealth, this makes the Three of Swords even worse, as it means you may fall short of your highest expectations.

If you have a business, this means you might experience a loss of income, and if you’re an employee, you may not be able to meet your goals as planned. However, note that the heart is still intact despite the swords: this means that there is hope in courage and grit.

Three of Swords Reverse Meaning

You may be situated in a difficult and complicated place right now but always remember that this is just temporary. When you learn to let go of the pain and troubles of the past, the burdens that you have long been dealing will turn out lighter and easy to carry.

Moving on from it may be arduous and difficult to bear but when you put all of your effort in overcoming it, life would be more beautiful and fulfilling.

Love Meaning - Three of Swords Reversed

You have just suffered a very serious emotional blow-- your relationship hangs in the balance, and may well be broken after seeing this card’s position. For some, you may have already been cheated on and the lies have since been unraveled.

Your heart bleeds as you try to protect what remains of it from further damage. This is a truly hard time for you romantically, but there is hope: the ordeal is over, and because you’re at your lowest, things can only improve from here.

Use this time to recover and come back a stronger person.

Wealth Meaning - Three of Swords Reversed

The Three of Swords Card in Reversed position is a good omen in terms of finance, as it means that you’re holding on despite every challenge thrown your way. In fact, you’re not just holding firmly for dear life, you are excelling in this tumultuous time.

Your skills are actively being honed to a fine edge, and you are being trained constantly in a combative world, making you a more efficient strategist, a prudent spender and a wise source of knowledge for you and your team. You have everything to be proud of for reaching this far.

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