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April 9, 2022

Tarot Politics: Everything You Need to Know


Tarot readings are a common method of gaining valuable insight into one’s particular condition. People attend readings in order to find answers to their queries and to unearth information that may be useful in making decisions in the future. It also provides an opportunity to see how external factors might have an impact on the course that you choose in life. Hence, people turn to Tarot Politics when it comes to political questions and matters.

By allowing the cards to represent the outcomes of different decisions, you may make an informed decision about the best course of action based on your intuition and intuition alone. You may not be aware, however, that some people utilize the tarot to predict contemporary political circumstances.

Our society is undergoing a period of transition, and many people have discovered – or rediscovered – the benefits of receiving a psychic reading during uncertain or frightening circumstances. Now, let’s conduct a little research to find out what tarot politics is and whether it is something you would be interested in incorporating into your practice. Are you ready to learn more about this?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • How readings for tarot politics work
  • The YouTube channel of Rosie Psychic Investigator
  • Access the tarot cards for politics and understand them
  • How to answer each question and give direction to your politics

What is Tarot Politics for you?

Tarot politics, as the name implies, is the practice of using a reading to offer insight on how to best respond to a political issue on an individual level. Following the 2016 presidential election, many Americans felt as if their safety net had been taken away. Although the democratic system has always had flaws and difficulties, this was a wake-up call to what may happen when fear and misinformation are used to win the election.

Several psychic readers reported an increase in business during this period as people grappled with the ramifications of a new normal. People appeared to be looking for a means to understand the political transition and how to prepare for life in a more unpredictable world. While no one can predict the future, using the tarot for advice can help people understand how to respond and what beneficial things they can do to keep themselves stable in an often tumultuous environment.

Tarot, like all other forms of aid, causes an individual to focus on their choices and how the consequences of those choices affect the larger world. Looking inward to ask, “what can I do?” is a great technique for people to start small and verify they’re heading on the correct path while making larger decisions.

You can also utilize card spreads to gain insights into politicians and uncover some of the causes behind their behavior. This spread responds to a query regarding intentions and is intended to enlighten the querent about their concerns about a specific person or strategy. This could be very useful in deciding whether or not to vote for a particular politician or in determining their expectations and perceptions.

How do you use Tarot Politics?

As stated previously, tarot and politics can be beneficial for both personal and informational purposes. On a deeper level, seeking guidance from the tarot is a terrific approach to regain some control. A great method to take back some control over a situation, particularly one that you can’t always manage, like politics, is to consult the cards.

It can help you make confident decisions and get rid of any remaining negativity. By concentrating on the positive, people may take charge of their own life and start achieving their goals. The tarot can also help explain an election or a campaign strategy. If you want to know more about a politician’s motivations, perform a spread and inquire about their campaign and long-term strategy once elected.

You may even use a spread to explain the results of the election or forecast race results. Also, you can ask the cards anything from how a politician will use their power to help a candidate win their next election. You may enjoy combining tarot with politics on both personal and political levels to assist you in moving forward or in obtaining insight into a political crisis.

Who is Rosie Psychic Investigator?

Rosie Psychic Investigator receives her monthly earnings through her YouTube channel which has garnered about 10.5k subscribers. Basically, Rosie psychic investigator is saying, “All my current links of my specialty (aka tarot politics) of my YouTube channel account possess the right amount of data for my subscribers to access the content of their psychic and political interest which I have created.”

Feel free to watch her content if you think her videos interest you. You can access all the Rosie psychic investigator videos in these current links she has put up on YouTube. Rosie Psychic Investigator interests us with this sign to watch her YouTube videos to learn more about her “special data”, aka tarot politics.

Tarot Card Interpretations in Politics?

#1: Five of Swords

This ominous card can sometimes suggest dishonesty, a deceptive victory, or an aggressive invasion. This one has come up several times in hazardous work environments. If you encounter this one in a reading when you ask about your employment, you can bet someone isn’t being truthful.

#2: The Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands is a famous “keep an eye on your back” card. Even though this card can represent paranoia, interpret it as justifiable mistrust – trick me once, and I won’t be deceived again. It is a reminder to be cautious of those around you and to create firm limits.


#3: The Tower

When bullets start flying, heads will roll. This can signify a coup and this card can represent someone coming in with the purpose of starting a mutiny.

#4: The Devil

This bad card can represent misguided ambition that has turned into envy. It might also be a sign of a “poor boss.” This card has also been used to signify a terrible sexual connection at work – even sexual misconduct!

#5: The Five of Wands

Even though this card is normally considered to be “friendly rivalry,” when combined with a negative card, it can imply unethical fighting or nasty competition.

#6: The Seven of Wands

Dealing with a larger group of people, sticking up for yourself in the face of adversity. Daring to go up against “the man.” This card has also been used to symbolize a “whistleblower” who must do the right thing even if it means upsetting the apple cart, particularly when paired with Justice.

#7: The Moon

The Moon is seldom a positive card, and it symbolizes secret foes in the workplace. If this card appears in any work-related reading, you should be cautious.

Final Word:

When it comes to tarot politics, you should consider watching Rosie Psychic Investigator videos about them to know more. All the necessary data you need to know is there in her videos, you will surely achieve enlightenment when it comes to your political choices.

Which of the kinds of political tarot spread do you find to be most intriguing?

Tell us your thoughts through the comments below!

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