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December 4, 2021

Prepare to be Enlightened With the Spiritual Guidance Tarot


The spiritual guidance tarot is a spiritual instrument that has been utilized for millennia for making decisions, forecasting, and self-inquiry. If done correctly, a tarot reading can present you with new information that you may not have had access to previously. It sets the stage for your intuition to take control, allowing you to gain more clarity in a specific aspect.

We are urged to ponder thoroughly on our life and, throughout the process, find our path in this spiritual practice. This is an extremely powerful meditation that is ideal for when you require guidance in your life. It’s also about being conscious of where you are now and where you want to be in order to live a more mindful life.

Pause a second to center yourself before beginning this reading. Pick a serene location and close your eyes lightly while holding your Tarot cards. Inhale deeply and let go of the day’s worries, replacing any strain with calm. Direct your focus inward. Allow yourself to spend quality time with yourself, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for! Let’s dive deeper into this reading now, shall we?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Receiving spiritual guidance through tarot card readings
  • Using your tarot spread to find spiritual enlightenment
  • Find higher awareness and practical advice from spirit guides
  • Acing your tarot skills as a tarot reader for higher awareness
spiritual guidance tarot

Choosing the right Tarot Deck for You

Although the Rider-Waite tarot deck is the standard method for classic tarot decks, there are plenty of other options available these days. Everything boils down to personal preference when it comes to deck selection. Daya Parvati, a professional tarot reader, and energy practitioner add, “It’s crucial to feel linked to the artwork and symbols in a deck since those will be your prompts for reading and what you use to understand the messages.”

Since you’re new to tarot, you may also want to start with a Rider-Waite-inspired deck, as you’ll be successful in finding more information about each card’s meaning online.

You can select what to ask your deck about after you get it. Also, you can conduct a single-card draw or a multi-card spread depending on the situation. The five Parvati spreads below are a fantastic starting point, but feel inclined to tweak them as you see fit. All that’s left is to shuffle your deck and start pulling once you’ve decided on a question to ask and a spread to utilize.

Tarot Card Readings for Spiritual Enlightenment

#1: Tarot Reading for Life Guidance

This tarot deck is the foundation of Parvati’s personal spread, and it’s a straightforward five-card configuration that includes overall life wisdom. Your past is represented by the first card, your present by the second, and your future by the third.

The fourth card signifies inspiration, and the fifth card represents the need to act decisively to achieve spiritual growth. Set the first three cards, left to right, adjacent to each other. Among the first and second, and the second and third, inspiration and active engagement are placed at the top, horizontally.

#2: Tarot Reading for Love

Reading tarot for love and relationships can be difficult, according to card readers, but they will frequently request a card that reflects “the mirror or lesson the person is exhibiting or teaching you” in readings. All you need for a basic tarot spread to understand the relationship is 3 cards.

The first card depicts you, the second depicts the person with whom you are in a relationship, and the third depicts the both of you together. Set the first and second cards (left to right) next to each other, with the third card atop them.

#3: Tarot Reading for your 7 Chakras

If you’re curious about chakras and what they mean, this seven-card spread (each card representing one of the fundamental seven chakras) will help you figure out what you need to do to bring each one into balance. To do just that, take seven cards and position them in a vertical line that corresponds to the chakras’ path up to your spine.

Sort and read them from the bottom to the top. Then the first card you choose symbolizes your root chakra, the second your sacral chakra, and so on until you reach your seventh card, which represents your crown chakra.

#4: Tarot Decks for Forecasting

Finally, Parvati employs the “wheel of the year” spread to forecast the coming year. You may do this on your birthday, New Year’s Eve, or any other significant annual date. The number of cards you draw will be determined by your traditions or calendar.

You might use the traditional 12 months of the year or the 4 seasons, with each card signifying a month or season. To get a feel of what’s in store for each month, season, or cycle ahead, arrange the cards in a circle and read them clockwise.


Tarot is one of several psychic practices that can help us get insight into our innermost selves. The most vital components to a well-rounded tarot reading, according to Parvati, are being receptive to the answers you hear – then taking action. Then you will be able to fully appreciate this vibrant practice.

Receiving Spiritual Guidance from your Spirit Guides through Tarot Card Reading

This three-card Tarot deck was created to assist you in connecting with your Spirit Guides and Angels and receiving high-level wisdom and reassurance. It’s not always easy to hear the messages your Spirit guides and Angels are sending you, but you can directly interact with your spiritual support team by using your Tarot cards as a “spiritual landline.” This tarot card reading is also excellent with oracle cards, particularly Angel Cards!

1st Card: What is the primary issue or aspect of your life that your Spirit Guides and Angels are now assisting you with?

Pay close attention to the card’s suit. Pentacles represent health, home, and money, whereas Wands represent action, creativity, and inspiration. Cups represent connections and emotion, whereas Swords symbolize the mind, reasoning, and communication.

2nd Card: What would your Angels and Spirit Guides like you to know today?

This has been the most crucial message they wish to convey to you right now. It could be a battle cry, support, or guidance. However, it is frequently just a word of encouragement and inspiration. Your Angels and Spirit Guides would never send you a message that is negative, terrifying, or depressing. If a bad card appears in this placement, be interested in opening your mind and delve deep to unearth the good message. 

3rd Card: What can you do to strengthen your relationship with your Spirit Guides and Angels?

There are several ways to improve your connection to your guides, many of which you may not be aware of. Maintain an open mindset! What do you think the tarot card reading is trying to tell you? But do not be scared to deviate from the card’s established interpretation here.

Pay attention to the behavior of the persons on the card. Are they dancing, marching confidently forward, or simply pondering life? These are the keys to unlocking new levels of spiritual connection for your spiritual growth.

Questions to Ask when Seeking Spiritual Guidance

  1. What stage of life are you at right now?
  2. Where do you wish to be in a month’s time?
  3. What do you aim to achieve in the coming year?
  4. In the next five years, where do you want to be?
  5. What have you evolved into?
  6. What kind of person do you want to be?
  7. What are your true desires in a relationship?
  8. What do you actually want to get out of your job?
  9. What is it that you truly desire from your spirituality?
  10. What can you do to free up your imagination?
  11. What can you do to make a difference in the community?
  12. How can you live in accordance with your own passions, values, and ideologies?
  13. What is the best way for you to connect with your spiritual path?
  14. What is your most valuable skill or potential?
  15. What’s the best way to go from here to where you want to go?
  16. What’s the first thing you’re going to do?

Final Word:

Find relevant answers to your spirituality to find higher awareness and find spiritual enlightenment using the perfect tarot card reading for you.

Got any practical advice and improved your tarot skills while having a tarot card reading?

Comment your answers down below!

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