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December 9, 2021

The Best Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals for You


The solar plexus chakra (aka the “Manipura” in Sanskrit) is the fire center that sits right below the breastbone and houses our ego and confidence. Although ego has a negative connotation, it is necessary for our healthy ability to stabilize our demands, set boundaries, feel good about ourselves, and tap into our warrior spirit efficiently. The phrase Manipura means ‘city of jewels,’ which is a lovely way of thinking about our valuable self-worth and energy resources.

The solar plexus chakra, like all chakras, has a significant effect on our general health, inner prosperity, and emotional equilibrium. We are filled with rich and potent energy, we have the tenacity and talent to set out and improve our lives, we are loaded with passion, and we have a deep feeling of confidence that will sustain us while our fiery center is blazing.

Life can be difficult when the solar plexus chakra is blocked. In a physical sense, folks who have a blockage here may experience digestive disorders, liver problems, or be tired and weak all of the time. You may experience poor self-esteem, a sense of worthlessness and directionlessness, and be overwhelmed by the prospect of putting your thoughts into action. Curious to know more?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Chakra healing stones that attract positive energy
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals that expel negative energy
  • How to restore healthy energy flow with healing stones
  • Converting solar plexus chakra imbalance to solar plexus chakra bliss

Getting to Know Your Third Chakra

When it comes to repairing the area of the body near your navel, the solar plexus chakra crystals are really beneficial! Since the solar plexus is responsible for protecting almost all your vital organs, and also when it comes to dealing with concerns of self-worth and personal strength, it’s critical to keep this chakra clean and purified!

Your digestive system, neurological system, immune system, and adrenal glands are all part of this. Activating the chakra and stone power if you desire a nice energy flow and inner calm is very recommendable. A Solar Plexus Crystal can help us stabilize and correct our chakras, and when our Solar Plexus chakra is centered, we have more self-confidence and can interact with people in a more harmonic manner.

Boosting Your Third Chakra

The luminous golden energy of the third chakra embodies themes of light and fire. Our solar plexus is a source of warmth and vitality that provides us with energy. Warming colors abound in the crystals and gems associated with sacral chakra cleansing, including yellows, scorched oranges, and earthy hues. They also bring you bright energy, exquisite joy, and energizing rays to wake you up.

chakra stones

Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals

#1: Citrine

Citrine is the ultimate summer mood stone, with its rich light and pleasant harmony. This success stone ensures that any negative energy is expelled, allowing you to cuddle up with happiness and play. It works on the solar plexus chakra, eliminating any issues and boosting self-confidence and emotions of personal power. Citrine can also assist in the upward flow of energy from the chest to the crown chakra, providing you with all you need to soar higher in life.

#2: Amber

Amber is full of organic bright energy that warms the heart. Additionally, Amber is orange, red, and brown and elegantly selected from the dawn of creation. It should come as no surprise that this balanced stone is linked to both the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Amber is an offspring of the sun and earth, and it frequently bears traces of the old world into modern times. Its spirit of age-old knowledge, natural cleansing, patience, clarity, and stronger judgment ties all of this together beautifully.

#3: Calcite

Calcite is a cold and bright stone with citrus tones and a zesty vitality. This gauzy magnificent diamond tends to strike a nerve with the sacral chakra as well as the solar plexus chakra, reminding us that when life brings us lemons, we should make lemonade.

Calcite is an energy-enhancing stone, which means it can convert a pinch of strength into a potful of self-assurance and charm. One glimpse of this warm, shimmering jewel is enough to fill you with a dazzling rush of excitement and new energy.

#4: Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye, named for the wild and magnificent cat, is a good stone for developing self-confidence and embracing every inch of your strength. Tigers are famed for their strength and uncompromising ability to strike when needed which makes them notable among the other chakra stones.

This is the energy you need to embrace every bit of your own chaotic and wildlife, fearless and furious when appropriate. Tiger’s Eye ensures that your root chakra is powerful and that your solar plexus chakra is clear, allowing you to have steadfast confidence in all areas.

#5: Pyrite

Pyrite has the nickname “Fools Gold”, but it doesn’t change the fact that it has a lot of strength. Solar plexus chakra happiness is this gleaming golden nugget of a jewel. Pyrite gets it’s derived from the Greek word for “fire”, which connects it to all of the wonderful associations with flame, energy, and life that create warmth.


Additionally, Pyrite is a fantastic stone to have when you’re going through a difficult moment. It tells us that difficult times and pressure may turn coal into diamonds and that trials can be an excellent opportunity to remind yourself of your capabilities. The solar plexus offers determination, ambition, and the brilliant glow of vitality, and this is an image of it.

#6: Yellow Jasper

Allow the Yellow Jasper stone to bring sunshine into your life. This golden brilliance gem is associated with both the solar plexus and sacral chakras. The Yellow Jasper carries all of the sun’s energy with it, assisting in chasing away the darkness and filling you with light and pleasant play.

Yellow Jasper is also known as the stone of protection since it is excellent at absorbing negative energy, allowing you to go about your work without fear of being harmed by external influences.

#7: Yellow Topaz

When you embrace the golden orb of Yellow Topaz into your life, you will be detoxed in the most dreamy way possible. Yellow Topaz works on the sacral chakra as well as the solar plexus chakra, bringing a lovely glow and a guarantee of brighter days.

As a detoxifying stone, it works wonders in cleansing the system and removing blockages and traces of negative forces, allowing waves of positive energy to flow straight through. Yellow Topaz is your instrument for cleansing, balancing, and activating your confidence-boosting chakras.

#8: Agate

The Agate stone, which is filled with fiery energy and warm hues, is yet another solar plexus chakra purifier that also helps to purify your sacral chakra. This gem enjoys spring cleaning all of your lingering emotions, ensuring that your soul closet isn’t a location of cramped confusion, but rather one of clear-headed energy and purposeful procedures. Agate is particularly beneficial for those who are prone to rage and require assistance channeling their rage into healthier outlets.

#9: Yellow Tourmaline

Yellow Tourmaline, a solar plexus chakra cleanser, welcomes sunshine vibrations. This diamond is here to cut up that bad energy and disperse it with the breeze. Yellow Tourmaline has a magnetic quality that allows it to attract negative vibes and dispel them instantly.

When you just want to bask in the glow of absolute protective and positive influence, this is the crystal you need. It’s also a stimulant stone, so it’ll stir up any lackluster energy and get you moving.

#10: Lemon Quartz

In the energy of the Lemon Quartz stone, you’ll find sherbet fizz and a whole lot of fun. This solar plexus chakra purifier is a bursting feast of goodness that carries with it shades of happiness, clarity of thought, and a softer touch. Lemon Quartz can be just what you need to unleash a domino effect of sunshine beams right through your life if you’re continuously weighed down by anxieties and gloomy energies.

#11: Sunstone

The Sunstone is a fiery, dazzling stone that carries the positive energy of the Egyptian sun deity Ra. It is here to assist you to revel in the warmth of profound healing. The Sunstone has balanced and healthy energy that works across the sacral chakra as well as the solar plexus chakra.

It encourages positivism while simultaneously acknowledging that there is room for a broad range of emotions. It promotes emotional intelligence, self-worth, courage, and the precision we need to express our aspirations to the rest of the world.

How to Properly Use the Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals

It’s time to start leaking out that stagnated energy now that you have a light-filled collection of healing stones for the solar plexus chakra. Simply having these treasures nearby is enough to feel their pleasant vibes begin to stir your soul awake, but if you want to take things a step further, here are some pointers to get you going.

  • Wear the solar plexus stone jewelry all the time to keep the happy vibes flowing.
  • During meditation, lay healing crystals on your solar plexus to rid yourself of dark energy.
  • Repeat powerful affirmations about confidence while holding the stones in your hands.
  • On your mat, perform sun salutations with an energetic amplifying stone to achieve mental clarity and self-confidence.
  • Take a sip of crystal elixir to boost your chakra system to get in touch with your energy center and personal power.

Final Word:

It is important for you to achieve emotional balance with these healing crystals which easily raise energy flow. You must use the solar plexus chakra stones that block negative energy.

Which are the most powerful healing crystals that produce deep grounding energy for you?

Comment your answers down below!


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