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August 18, 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot Spreads


Tarot spreads are commonly regarded as a divination tool, but they are more of a self-care ritual for gaining clarity and insight into any situation you may face. You can even use them as a meditation tool. Furthermore, depending on how many cards you pull, you can better understand what to expect from specific situations such as love, money, and even your day. 

Tarot was a simple parlor game in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Within another 100 years, however, it had become a popular divination tool. Tarot spreads and oracle cards, which have fewer rules and a more comprehensive range of content, are still popular among modern mystics. A tarot card layout and tarot patterns may vary when you give a tarot reading.

Traditional decks like the Rider-Waite deck, first published in 1909, and any number of fun and imaginative decks that appeal to the individual are available to the enlightened soul seeker these days. Given that a tarot formation and the types of tarot cards can also vary, tarot spreads are – too – diverse in that fashion. Are you ready to find out more about tarot spreads?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’re going to learn about:

  • Unraveling the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana
  • Understanding the types of tarot cards and spreads
  • Learning how to give someone a proper tarot reading
  • Acquiring the skills necessary to read your tarot spread

What can you find inside a Tarot Spread?

Each of the 78 cards in a standard tarot deck has its unique imagery and interpretation of what it represents. There are 78 cards, 22 of which belong to the Major Arcana and 56 to the Minor Arcana.

#1: Major Arcana

The Major Arcana, or Trump cards, consist of 21 numbered cards and one unnumbered card known as the Fool. These cards are together referred to as the Major Arcana. This character plays a significant part in the Major Arcana; during the Fool’s Journey, in which he passes through each card in the deck, he picks up valuable lessons along the way. 

A Major Arcana card’s presence will affect the entire reading because these cards are typically intricate and significant. It is often a stimulus to ponder the more significant lessons and overarching themes you have experienced throughout your life.

#2: Minor Arcana

The 56 cards that make up the Minor Arcana are related to the more particular daily issues that we face in our lives and the circumstances we are in right now. They are symbolic representations of our beliefs, feelings, experiences, and thoughts. These cards are linked to a transitory form of energy currently affecting your life and are susceptible to being swayed in a particular direction. 

The four tarot suits that make up the Minor Arcana cards each represent a different aspect of our existence, and they are as follows:

  • Wands are cards that indicate sexuality, passion, energy, and inventiveness. They are also known as “fire” cards.
  • The Suit of Cups is known as the “suit of love,” it is symbolic of emotions, feelings, and intuitive insights.
  • The Swords are intellectually oriented and reflect our thoughts, words, and actions. 
  • The Pentacles suit acknowledges the material world and offers advice on how we should handle our funds, choose our job routes, and acquire material goods.

Types of Tarot Spreads

#1: One Card Spread (Morning Meditation)

Are you new to tarot or looking for a new way to bring magic into your mornings? , begin your day with a one-card pull. This meditation ritual will help you learn tarot while providing insight into the day ahead. This type of tarot card reading can also assist you in staying focused and directing your energy throughout the day. 

Before you begin your day, take a few moments to sit comfortably, such as on a cushion or yoga mat, and shuffle your deck. Ask the cards, “What do I need to know today?”. Following that, some people like to lay the cards face down in the shape of a rainbow. Others shuffle the deck three times before cutting it, but it’s entirely up to you. Believe in your magic and intuition. 

Choose a card when you’re ready. Assume you drew the Chariot. This encouraging card could represent your determination to achieve your goals. Pulling one card daily is also an excellent way to become acquainted with the major and minor arcana meanings. We believe that your intuition is the essential tool in tarot reading. 

Keeping a notepad by your side during readings can help you remember what you’ve learned. This is not only a great way to keep track of what’s going on in your personal life and reflect on previous readings, but it also helps you learn the cards.

#2: Three Card Spread (Past, Present, and Future)

Three cards are laid out in a pattern representing the past, the present, and the future to provide insight into the development of a situation. You might, for example, be interested in gaining a better grasp of your current financial condition. 

Shuffle the deck while keeping your financial situation in mind. Stop shuffling and take a card out of the deck when the moment seems appropriate. Put this card to the left to symbolize your initial financial condition and to explain how you got to where you are now in terms of your finances. 


The second card you draw from the deck should be placed in the middle position to represent your current financial state, how you currently feel about money, and insight into your current circumstances. This card will be placed in the middle position after you draw it. 

Place your third and final card to its right after the previous one. This is your card for the future. Keep in mind that the tarot will not provide you with a conclusion. Instead, consider it a constructive guiding force that will assist you in making sense of the situation. 

Examine the three cards aligned in a row to see what they can teach you about your current financial condition, how you got to where you are, and what the following actions you need to do to achieve your objective.

#3: Five Card Spread (Love Tarot/Spread)

A five-card love spread, with three cards on top and two on the bottom, can provide insight into your love life. Consider romance as you shuffle your cards. Ask yourself, “Am I happy right now?  What do I want to happen in my current relationship?”  If you’re single, you can consider whether you’re ready for sparks to fly between you and your crush. 

Pull the first card and place it in the top-left corner of the deck. This personifies you. Set a second card to the right that will provide insight into your partner, lover, or crush’s point of view. The third card you draw should be placed to the right of it. Through that one, you’ll discover your relationship potential or the relationship you want if you’re single. 

The first row of the spread is made up of this trio of cards. To finish the second row, take another tarot card from the deck and place it beneath the first two. This card represents the guidance you require to maximize the potential of your relationship. 

For example, if you draw the Death card, it may be time to let go of a former lover or break free from toxic thought patterns. Finally, take a card and place it to the right of the guidance card. This will be your outcome and show you how your situation may unfold. Again, this card is vital information to help you manifest your ideal resolution rather than a final ruling.

#4: 10 Card Spread (Celtic Cross Spread)

Anyone with an open mind and tarot cards can do the Celtic Cross spread. Before shuffling, relax. Think of a scenario or wish you’ve had. This can be particular, like moving in with your lover, or general, like what the next month holds. Put a card in the center of your desk. It depicts the present and your mood. 

Now, cross card 2 horizontally over card 1. Here’s the challenge. The Three of Swords may represent ancient loss and grief in reading regarding moving in together. The third card drawn goes to the left of crossed cards. This card reflects the past, including events that still touch you. Put the fourth card to the right of the crossed cards. This card is predictive. 

The fifth card, placed above the crossed first and second cards, indicates “the above,” or your aim. Put “the below” or the unconscious truth below the crossed cards. It reveals the truth and can teach you lessons your subconscious wants you to learn. The seventh card goes in the rightmost row of four. 

Consider this “advice” to assist you in reaching your objective. The eighth card represents external influences (family, money, trauma) on your situation. The ninth card shows your hopes and worries and should be placed above the external influences. Your attitude matters. The hopes and concerns card exposes insecurity. 

Then the final card in the Celtic Cross spread goes above the ninth. The tenth card shows the result. If it’s not what you wanted, don’t worry. Spend time studying the complete Celtic Cross spread.

Final Word:

Tarot Spreads vary depending on the question you wish to ask the universe or any divinity you worship or believe in. Choose which spread you want to use in your tarot reading carefully.

Which of the tarot spreads do you find most insightful and exciting?

Share with us your thoughts in the comments down below!


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