Suit of Swords tarot guide

September 22, 2022

Suit of Swords: Courage, Honor & Overcoming Challenges


The Suit of Swords Tarot cards is concerned with the mental plane of consciousness, which is concentrated on the mind and intellect. Swords reflect the mental state shown in your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Also, Swords are frequently double-edged, and the Suit of Swords represents the delicate balance between intellect and might and how these two components can be employed for good or evil. 

As a result, to have the most positive influence, the Swords must be balanced by the spirit (Wands) and feeling (Cups). The element of Air is connected with the Suit of Swords. Air is invisible and unseen, yet it is also constantly moving. The air might be silent and undetected, or it can become a breeze or a strong wind. 

It is potent while yet being invigorating and purifying. The air element represents knowledge, action, power, and change. Though invisible, it is a masculine energy that can lead with force and might. Additionally, the Suit of Swords correlates to Spades in a deck of playing cards. Are you ready to dive deeper into the suit of swords tarot?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • What it means to draw a Suit of Swords card in a reading
  • What it means to draw mostly Suit of Swords tarot cards
  • The strengths and weaknesses of a Suit of Swords tarot card
  • Mastering the divine meanings of every Suit of Swords tarot card

What do the Suits of Swords mean in a tarot reading?

The Suit of Swords tarot cards represent action, change, force, power, oppression, ambition, courage, and struggle. Action can be either productive or detrimental. Anger, guilt, harsh judgment, a lack of sympathy, and verbal and emotional abuse are all terrible aspects of the Suit of Swords. 

The astrological signs of Air – Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini – are frequently represented by Swords Tarot cards. When you encounter a Swords Court Card in a Tarot reading, it usually refers to someone born under the sign of Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini. Swords individuals are often intellectual, thoughtful, sensible, logical, and outstanding communicators. 

They are rational beings who like experiencing the universe by comprehending and evaluating what is happening around them. Swords individuals, on the other hand, can be brutal, oppressive, confrontational, and rigid.

What does it mean when your tarot reading consists mainly of Suit of Swords cards?

If the majority of the Tarot cards drawn for you are the suit of swords, it indicates that you are looking for resolutions to primarily mental problems, such as contention and debates, and choices that need to be taken. 

Additionally, there is a possibility that there will be a lot of conflicts or perhaps violence at this time. Although Swords can bring a variety of harmful or powerful and forceful messages, they can also serve as a cautionary message to be more aware of what is happening in your immediate environment.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Suit of Swords tarot cards?

The strengths of this suit are all in the realms of cognition, intelligence, and communication. It is how we organize and interpret data, as well as how we structure our reality. This gives us knowledge and clarity. People associated with the suit of swords are curious, logical, disciplined, moral, and fair.

The suit of swords in the tarot can also be harmful. Consider the sword’s ability to be employed for good and evil; it can save, sever, or hurt. As a result, this factor is also linked to conflict, hostility, and violence. At its worst, the suit of swords may bully and intimidate through argument and words. Reversed sword cards are frequently associated with sentiments of cruelty, coldness, and perplexity.

What are the meanings of each Suit of Swords tarot card?

#1: Ace of Swords

In Upright, the Ace of Swords Card represents accomplishment and achievement and the numerous opportunities that come with it. When the door to success opens, it represents the start of a new journey and the beginning of a new life. 

If you employ your intellectual power and intense attention while performing a task, you can have the opportunity to encounter dazzling possibilities and breakthroughs. With this, it is best to seize any opportunity that comes your way, as this may only happen in rare instances. Take advantage of it while it is still available.

#2: Two of Swords

The Two of Swords Card in Upright signifies that you are caught between two competing options. You have difficulty deciding since you are unsure what to choose from the different possibilities. This could be a terrible thing because it will bring you to a halt. Success and accomplishment will be challenging if you can’t go over the necessity to make such a decision. 

It could also indicate a struggle to maintain balance in your relationships with others. Because of your impatience and intolerance, you are battling to retain the devotion and camaraderie you have developed for each other.


#3: Three of Swords

You may be at your lowest moment in life right now. You are in great agony and sadness due to the rejection, betrayal, and suffering you have endured. However, your worries, doubts, and fears will diminish if you approach them with optimism. You must remember that problems and suffering are a part of life and that life would be impossible without them. 

These unfortunate encounters teach one to appreciate the essential delights of life and how to avoid blunders and faults in the future. It will make you a stronger, better, and braver person who is tough and wise enough to combat life’s brutal fights.

#4: Four of Swords

The appearance of the Four of Swords Card in Upright means that today is a good day to rest and reflect after a long and challenging battle. After all of your pain, woes, and obstacles, it gives you a chance to unwind and meditate. The future may be filled with horror and uncertainty, but you must allow yourself some peaceful and relaxing days. 

Do not deny yourself the opportunity to take a break. Allow yourself a break from all the daily worries that plague you. You will be able to obtain new strength and power to face life’s new challenges and hardships in this manner.

#5: Five of Swords

The appearance of this Card in Upright suggests that you are involved in some form of quarrel or fight. You are proclive to become engaged in disputes and disagreements, which can lead to violence and animosity. Also, you may believe you have won the war, yet there is still a sense of loss because you have insulted and injured others. 

A part of you is filled with remorse since you know that you have caused them suffering. Aside from that, it could indicate that you want to achieve a significant and dangerous goal. You may get overly focused on achieving your goal, which could hurt you. As a result, you should remain realistic and practical in your life ideas and ambitions.

#6: Six of Swords

You are expected to undergo adjustments and transitions that will cause you pain and anguish. The inevitable shift will be a regular occurrence for you, yet it will result in sadness and suffering. This is best exemplified when there is a need to leave a toxic relationship, an uncomfortable workplace, or an ineffective life plan or approach. 

However, remember that this is all part of the human condition. Instead of viewing it negatively, consider it a ticket to a brighter future. Make it a stepping stone toward achieving the plans and goals you’ve set for yourself. Be optimistic about the beautiful things this world offers if you embrace growth and advancement.

#7: Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords Card in Upright may indicate that you are attempting to break free from something. You don’t want anyone finding out about your plot or plan of action, so you must keep it to yourself. Also, you fear retribution, spiteful outbursts, or embarrassment when someone finds out about this. When attempting to elude these concerns, consider whether doing so will actually solve the situation or will only exacerbate matters in the long term.

#8: Eight of Swords

Because the risk of failure and disappointment limits you, you may feel despondent and unsure about achieving your goals. You feel stuck and helpless to pursue your goals because you are afraid they will not come out as you want them to. Also, you have built these jails and traps, and only you can break them. 

Instead of focusing on the negative consequences of this situation, it would be wiser to focus on the benefits and advantages that it can give. You can maintain your optimism despite the odds and troubles you will face. This will allow you to develop techniques and approaches to navigate it efficiently and swiftly.

#9: Nine of Swords

The presence of the Nine of Swords Card in Upright indicates that you are experiencing anguish, fear, or emotional pain. It reminds you of the anguish and agony brought on by the awful experiences you’ve had in the past. Also, it has continued to plague and afflict your emotions, making it difficult for you to avoid worrying about it. 

To get rid of these destructive emotions, you must first recognize and accept that you are in the midst of a mental and emotional crisis. Once there is acceptance, you will find it easier to communicate and offload these heavyweights. Focus on the good things in life and attempt to get aid from others if you believe you can no longer cope.

#10: Ten of Swords

The Upright Ten of Swords Card foretells a disaster, calamity, or tiredness. Its enormity and scope may be vast and intimidating, yet there is a chance for success and triumph if you devote your complete focus and attention to overcoming it. The fact that the man in the card is stabbed in the back suggests that betrayal and disloyalty may occur unexpectedly. 

You must understand that you cannot control everything and that total command over the unavoidable is impossible. It could also refer to a bad scenario in which you are trapped within the constraints of failure. Remember that as one door shuts, another one opens. You must let go of the bitterness and disappointments of the past and be hopeful about the future.


#11: Page of Swords

There is little doubt that the Page of Swords, with her sharp mind and philosophical ideas, can resist any form of debate or discussion. She, like you, is an example of a funny and clever person who is skilled at expressing herself and sharing her ideas with others. Her discourse is so persuasive and uncompromising that she is constantly involved in intense fights and debates. 

When the Page of Swords is upright, your passion and energy to achieve your goals are vast and spectacular. It shows that you are incredibly eager to implement a plan or strategy. You are so excited about pursuing your goals for yourself that you can’t wait to start. Also, you are overjoyed to be able to share this project with others.

#12: Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is the personification of someone with vast and lofty goals. He is a person who is adamant about achieving his objectives and making his aspirations a reality. He is so focused on achieving achievement that he overlooks the consequences of his actions. It warns us that an inability to plan for and anticipate the consequences of his decisions might lead to failure or downfall. 

Furthermore, the Knight of Swords Card placement in Upright indicates an open and receptive attitude toward opposing views and beliefs. Making room for people with opposing opinions and principles will be more fascinating and satisfying than continually being around those who always agree with you.

#13: Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords Card in Upright represents a person full of substance, conviction, and brilliance. Because of her firm, disciplined, and authoritative demeanor, she is regarded as the most masculine of the deck of queens. She encourages individuals to use intelligence and reason in decision-making rather than relying solely on emotion and instinct. 

Also, she believes that each option’s facts and potential repercussions must be carefully considered to reduce or eliminate the danger of making mistakes. Furthermore, it encourages everyone to make decisions with objectivity and independence. Judgments must not be biased or irrational, nor must they be wholly bound by redundant feelings and emotions. 

To make an informed decision, you should rationalize and comprehend the potential consequences of each option and how they will affect your future.

#14: King of Swords

It represents the need to preserve your harsh and authoritative demeanor while maintaining sound judgment and sensible thinking. It encourages you to use your brain to carry out objectives and goals and make sound life judgments. This means that your emotions and instincts should not significantly influence your judgment. 

When faced with the need to select, you must examine your intelligence and reason. Aside from reasoning and critical thinking, staying aware and attentive to your surroundings would be beneficial. This will allow you to accurately estimate what should be avoided and the probable implications of your actions. 

In an upright position, the King of Swords represents impartiality and objectivity in developing a decision, as well as the embodiment of a high standard of ethics and morality.

Final Word:

The Suit of Swords represents courage, honor, and overcoming challenges. Also, the featured cards will show you how to prepare for tough times and advice on staying calm under intense pressure.

Which of the Suit of Swords tarot cards intrigues you the most?

Share with us your answers in the comment section down below!

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