how to raise spiritual vibrations

September 24, 2022

12 Ways to Raise Your Spiritual Vibrations


Understanding spiritual vibrations and frequencies (or spirit frequency) can help you attain a deeper level of understanding and control over the energies surrounding us daily. Regardless of your level, it can help us comprehend the importance of our spiritual path, the lessons it teaches us, and how to stay spiritually aligned. 

Understanding how energy works and manifests can help you understand your experiences by broadening your view of your personal spirit’s journey and sharing facts that can help you prepare to deal with negative energies or entities. When a person has a better awareness of the mechanics and purpose of her spirit and soul, they may deal with challenging events better. 

You may detect various entities and energy levels, making judgments so that negative vibrational energy is counteracted, leaving you with a higher level of self-awareness. This is the ultimate aim for which we all strive. To gain a personal awareness of our current levels of vibration is to be able to sustain them. Ready to know more about spiritual vibrations?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Spiritual Vibrations: The Law of Vibration
  • How to deal with low vibrational people
  • The Spiritual Awakening of a High Vibration Person
  • Human Vibration Frequency: Vibrations and Frequency

What is the Law of Vibration of Spiritual Vibrations?

According to the principle known as the Law of Vibration, everything in the cosmos is in a perpetual state of motion. These motions are referred to as vibration, and the frequency of something is defined as the speed at which it vibrates or the rate at which it moves. The pace at which each object vibrates is the factor that differentiates them from one another. 

Even solid items we think of as “static,” like cement or a desk, vibrate slowly even though we don’t notice it. On the other hand, the rate of vibration inside your body is exceptionally high. Like everything else in the cosmos, the energy of our thoughts can be measured. 

The nature of the idea determines the frequency at which they vibrate, which can range from very low to relatively high. Our ideas are cosmic waves that are so potent that they can travel through space and time.

Furthermore, the vibrations of our bodies are controlled by our thoughts and emotions. By choosing and focusing our thoughts in a certain way, we can control the frequency at which we exist. 

Sentimental emotions determine the vibration that your body is in that you are experiencing. And to a significant measure, these vibrations influence how you perceive life because they resonate with anything on the same frequency as yourself.

12 Ways on How to Raise Your Spiritual Vibrations

#1: Always have Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most effective strategies to raise your vibration. Stop reading right now and take a peek around the room. Concentrate on what you are grateful for right now (there is always something). It could be your purring cat, the lovely weather, or the fact that you have another day on this planet. 

“You can’t feel fear or rage while feeling gratitude at the same moment,” life coach Tony Robbins says. So, anytime you sense yourself experiencing a low-energy emotion, see if you can shift your attention to appreciation. Make gratitude a habit; it will change your perspective on life as you gain an excellent spiritual vibration and appreciation for the little things.

#2: Love Fearlessly

Consider someone easy to love and keep in your heart; consider how you would feel if they were seated before you. A sense of expansion, lightness, and enjoyment will take over your existence, which is the shift you seek. Love is one of the highest vibrating states of being (the fourth highest level on Hawkins’ scale of awareness) and can lift you out of the deepest ditches. When you open your heart to love, your spiritual vibrations will begin to soar.

#3: Be Generous

When you are stingy or greedy with anything (love, attention, money), your vibration drops, and you feel miserable. If you attach your happiness to something other than yourself, you experience the opposite of how you want to feel. 

Being generous is the antidote. Offer it to someone or something else if you want more of it in your life. Feeling low? Donate some money to charity. Do you feel lonely? Attempt to brighten the day of a stranger. Have you run out of time? Donate your time to a worthy cause.

#4: Consider Meditation and Breathwork

The research of Dr. Hawkins has been founded on the premise that the more “true” something is, the higher its degree of consciousness (or spiritual vibrations). As a result, by training yourself to be present in the moment, you will resonate more harmoniously with the truth. The past and future exist only in your head; the only actual moment is now. 


Meditation and focused breathing also help to quiet your nervous system, boost your mood, and increase emotions of peace—all of which are high-vibe attributes that will benefit your state of being. This spiritual practice assists in quickly raising your vibration level so that you can reap the rewards.

#5: Always Forgive

On the emotional guidance scale developed by Abraham-Hicks, placing blame has a low energy level. Blame is the 15th feeling on the list of 22, ranked from highest vibration at number 1 to lowest vibration at number 22. If you can work toward forgiving someone, you will be able to free yourself of the negative energy that can weigh on you, like a bowling ball, and you will move higher on the scale as a result.

#6: Eat High-Vibrational Food

Everything you put into your body is prana, another word for life force energy. Your vibration will drop if you consume a lot of “dead” energy, such as that found in foods like meat, fried foods, and processed foods. 

If you consume foods high in prana and nutrients, such as fruits and vegetables grown locally and organically, your body will absorb these things, making you feel lighter, more vibrant, and more alive. The vibration of a person can be raised by eating foods with a high frequency.

#7: Detoxify your Body

Alcohol is depressive and has the effect of lowering a person’s vibration, even though it can temporarily make one feel incredible. Getting rid of the toxins in your body is probably a brilliant place to begin if you want a healthy attitude in life, mental clarity, and a connection to your spirituality. 

Additionally, getting rid of toxins will help you have a healthier body. Instead of numbing out, try adopting a healthier and more holistic way of living and see if that doesn’t make you feel like you have more energy.

#8: Be Optimistic

What you think about becomes you, and each idea you have shapes your future. If your thoughts are pessimistic, anxious, or otherwise harmful, you will most likely discover what you seek. Similarly to how thankfulness attracts more of the same, impatience, jealousy, and unworthiness do. 

This bad energy might make you feel weighed down and burdened. Be mindful of the thoughts you give your attention to, as it only takes 17 seconds for one thought to attract another like it and trigger the Law of Attraction. Negative energy should be avoided, and positive thoughts should be chosen because they are the path to positive change.

#9: Expose yourself to High-Vibrational Things

Prana is more than just the food you eat; it is everything you consume. Make sure your entertainment has a high vibration and leaves you feeling energized rather than depleted. Do you feel energized or insecure when you use social media? Is that violent action movie making you feel better or worse? 

Are there any aggressive or low-vibration lyrics in the music you listen to? What effect might switching the soundtrack of your everyday commute from death metal to mantras have on the course of your day? Be as picky with your media consumption as you are with the quality of your diet, and you will find newfound vitality in your day.

#10: Surround yourself with Beauty

While you’re at it, make sure the spaces you spend time in at home and work are beautiful, passionate, and full of life-affirming energy. Finding the correct lighting for the space you work in can have a significant influence on both your level of productivity and your mood. 

Display works of art that stir your imagination. Make use of colors that help you relax and feel refreshed. Eliminate as much clutter as possible and make more space for clarity. Your environment significantly impacts how you experience life on the inside and how you choose to live it.

#11: Go out for Walks

Exercising outside is like hitting two birds with one stone to enhance your vibration. While you’re getting your heart rate up, why not let the sun warm your face? Take a vacation from the hum of electricity and other forms of modern technology and reacquaint yourself with the natural world. 

Even just a few minutes spent intentionally outside can drastically change your mood. This is one reason why going for a walk around the block can be so good, whether you’re experiencing a mental block or a lover’s quarrel.

#12: Surround yourself with High-Vibrational People

Last but not least, you should try to surround yourself with individuals who will encourage and inspire you rather than bring you down. Spend your time solely with people who can make you feel better about yourself, believe in you, and are interested in resonating at a high frequency, just as you are. In other words, only spend time with those who can raise your spiritual vibrations.


Final Word: 

You must take good care of your spiritual vibrations; you may find that they will create a massive difference in your life. Always consider your overall health and well-being in all that you do.

Which of the 12 ways to raise your spiritual vibrations is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments down below!

5 thoughts on “12 Ways to Raise Your Spiritual Vibrations”

  1. I was diagnosed with depression 21 yrs ago and anxiety 6 yrs ago. I found all these steps helpful but, resonate with #12. Surrounding yourself with high vibrational people!
    I am more happy, rejuvenated and becoming more self aware. I now am learning the spiritual side of me and my health, mental state and ambitions have been miraculously changing. I am opening up to a hold new world and energy.
    I thank you so much and recommend everyone to do these 12 steps daily.
    Thank you again ❤️

    1. Thank you!!! All methods of vibration that as been mention here are quite okay 👌!!! I’ll say
      However, how we eat is as important as we chose our friend… and I’ll there say… for even our families whom, we’ve allowed beside us should examines… truly… some people ARE just not good for us.
      This is my second timereading this.

      Thanks again for giving me a second chance at reading this another beautiful article.

    2. Thank you!!! All methods of vibration that as been mention here are quite okay 👌!!! I’ll say
      However, how we eat is as important as we chose our friend… and I’ll there say… for even our families whom, we’ve allowed beside us should examines… truly… some people ARE just not good for us.
      This is my second timereading this.

      Thanks again for giving me a second chance at reading this another beautiful article.
      With love alwats!!!

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