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February 13, 2021

Find Out The Zodiac Signs Who Will Have The Luckiest Valentine’s Day This 2021


Because of everything that’s been going on the past year, it is extremely understandable if most people don’t have elaborate plans this valentine’s day. After all, the negative energy that the Mercury retrograde brings adds to our zodiac signs with the Heart’s Day this year. Surely, most of you would rather stay at home and celebrate February 14th in the simplest way possible. To some, it can be just an ordinary day.

However, astrologers say that this year’s Valentine’s Day is still worth the effort. This love month is a great time for partners to bond and reconnect with each other. With Venus setting up camp on Mars, you can expect an extraordinary amount of passion and intimacy within you. You will find yourself going out of your way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in an unconventional way. For those who are single, now’s the time to take a step forward and show your interest to the person you’re eyeing. 

More than a threat, Mercury retrograde serves as a reminder to everyone that there are various approaches to plan this Valentine’s Day. Because there is a huge possibility of miscommunication and confusion, you might want to reconsider complicated plans. Stick to simple, yet meaningful ways to celebrate Valentine’s with your partner. If you are single, why not ask your closest friends to celebrate with you?

Although “low-key” is the theme for this year’s Valentine’s, there’s still some luck especially for people with certain zodiac signs. 

Curious? Here are 4 zodiac signs who will have the luckiest Valentine’s Day this 2021.

Leo: Stronger Bonds

Want to take it up a notch by going for a committed relationship? This Valentine’s Day might be the best time to do so, Leos. Some lucky Leos will be making it official this love month! The planet Aquarius will be hovering over Leo’s chart that rules commitment and trust. If you’ve been meaning to ask your partner about your real score, you might just get the answer you want. For the Leos who are in a committed relationship already, a stronger bond this Valentine’s Day could mean a marriage proposal or a renewal of vows. Those who are single can expect an admirer finally confessing their feelings or a first date with a promising potential for future interactions. Keep your eye open!

Libra: Nothing But Fun 

If there’s one zodiac sign who should look forward to Valentine’s the most, it’s probably Libra. Libras are set to have nothing but pure fun this Heart’s Day. No drama, no complications. Just some good old bonding together. Libras who are taken can expect a Valentine celebration that’s definitely one for the books. It may not be extravagant, but it’s surely something that both you and your partner will appreciate. A steamy night is on its way too so be prepared! For those who are single, a date might go better than what you initially expected. In this case, make sure to make the most out of it by either inviting them over or asking them out for a second date.

Scorpio: Deep Communication 

Another zodiac sign who will have the luckiest Valentine’s Day is Scorpio. Drama-free realness is waiting for you! If something has been bothering you dear Scorpio, now’s the perfect time to bring it up. The planets will guide you into a fruitful conversation with your partner, friend, or family. Although Mercury retrograde is set to bring confusion in general, this is not the case with Scorpios. Deep understanding and intimate connection will rule your Valentine’s. You can expect that the receiver will be very welcoming of your thoughts and intentions. You might be able to resolve long-standing issues this Valentine’s too. Just remember to be open to what the other person will share too. Make sure that you listen in as much as you want to be heard. After all, it takes two to tango, right?

Aquarius: Grabbing Attention 

This Valentine’s season is mostly beneficial for the single Aquariuses. The planet Venus has its energy focused on how this sign can attract the people that they truly deserve. Those who are single will not have a hard time finding a date this February 14th. Your positive energy is highlighted this season which will get more people to be naturally drawn to you. You don’t even have to try, hun! If you are an Aquarius in a relationship, this means that your partner will see you in a different light this season. Compliments and words of appreciation will definitely come your way.

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