August 23, 2019

15 Tips to Attract Love using Feng Shui this 2019


Following the old adage that “love begins at home,” Feng Shui is one of the many ways for you to actualize this saying. Using this ancient technique of geomancy, you will gain access to centuries of wisdom and knowledge that originates from nature itself. By taking into account how Qi (Chi) energy flows in your own home, you can attract the kind of love that you want this 2019.

To begin with, this general Feng Shui tips for love life this 2019 is to make sure that you arrange and decorate the southwest corner of your home properly. By placing red and pink color accents, you will empower the Yin energy, which in turn will liven up the animus (feminine) balance in your home. This move is known to bring good tidings for love and relationships.

15 Feng Shui Tips For Love Attraction

1. Properly place your bed

And when we say properly, what we mean here is that you have to ensure that both sides are easily accessible. If your bed is placed too close to the wall, your partner will constantly have to pass through you or vice versa. This can cause negative energy and conflict.

Furthermore, giving enough spaces on both ends means that airflow will be better. Meaning, the Qi energy from nature will have good room access, allowing for a more harmonious transition. Keeping such space will allow both you and the energies to not feel trapped in the bedroom.

2. Choose the right bed size

While those who have cash to burn can almost surely select a king bed for the master’s bedroom, perhaps it is time to re-examine such default choice. True, having that extra room will benefit a more comfortable sleep. After all, we need enough space to comfortably rest for the next day.

However, such space will also create a physical distance between you and your partner. Note that this distance isn’t supposed to be healthy, it’s just that having too much can also lead to emotional separation, as couples can easily get used to sleeping almost alone.

With that, consider opting for a queen-sized bed or smaller depending on your physical dimensions as a couple.

3. Decorate in pairs

This cannot be stressed enough. Feng Shui strongly suggests that if you want to attract love and relationship, or even maintain such, it is crucial for you to ensure having things decorated in pairs. By avoiding those single chairs in the corner or those seemingly alienated artworks, you will avoid the power of singularity in your subconscious.

Inversely, making sure that you are surrounded with pairs will influence your vision – that life must be lived with another. To note, this rule applies to all places, whether it is your living room or bedroom.

4. Make use of Mandarin Ducks

Decorating in pairs is only the beginning. To be more specific, making use of mandarin ducks is one of the surefire ways to bring good luck in your relationships.

Scientifically, ducks have been observed to be loyal to their partners for a lifetime. Even after the death of their partners, they remain solitary, which purports how important the other was to them.


Thus, mandarin ducks have gained an eternal standing in Feng Shui and love relationships. Making sure to have a pair in your home will definitely bring opportunities or strengthen the current one.


5. Avoid additional rooms in your bedroom

In order to ensure that your bedroom energy flow is clean and harmonious, it is essential to not only keep adequate spaces but to also avoid placing dividers. When we create internal divisions within the room, it is possible that not all areas will be covered by the flow of energy.

Furthermore, creating distinctions within the love area also suggests rifts and disputes. When couples are in conflict, having these dividers will easily tempt one party to cave-in and distance themselves instead of resolving the issue. Such bedroom arrangement will not benefit your current or future love relationships.

6. Be Mindful of Wall Colors

Whether you are building a new house, or doing a semi-renovation of it, paying attention to wall colors is always a good practice. Commonly, people select their wallpapers or paints based on their house themes. While such can be aesthetically perfect, doing so without minding Feng Shui principles can cause more harm than good.

Particularly in case of relationships, making sure that your home is painted with earth and fire colors will ensure that you’ll attract the right forms of energy. The popular colors in these categories are red, yellow, and orange. Any spin-offs should be fine as well.


7. Be conscious of your paintings as well

While paintings are often great sources of inspiration and motivation (especially on a bad day), these forms of decors are rather double-edged. Depending on the images that are portrayed on it, artworks can work for or against Feng Shui principles. Even with the right intentions, wrong placement of artworks can also cause havoc to the flow of Qi energy.

For instance, placing an artwork that seems to promote romance on the kitchen will go against its intention. Instead, it is better to place nutrition or food-based designs while placing romance artworks in the master’s bedroom. In this way, you’ll attract positivity in marital life.

8. Be particular with your Lighting

While most people think of lighting simply on its practical aspect, such bulbs with illuminative power can also direct the flow of energy. As they are associated with the fire element, lighting is considered as a great factor in attracting luck and positivity in your own home. By making sure that your place is well lit with a combination of daylight and warm light bulbs, the flow of Qi energy will be harmonized.

On the contrary, a dim house which lacks proper light can cause negative energy. Just try to imagine how one would feel going home to a house that’s only lit by a television and a small lamp.



9. Create a space for someone else

If you are single and is looking for someone to be with this 2019, then perhaps it is time for you to consider creating spaces in your home for someone else. It doesn’t need to be an entire room. It is more of having that reserved thing for another person, thus attracting duality instead of singularity.

For instance, instead of simply having one set of towels, you can go for two as you set aside enough for a surprise guest in your life. The same goes with drawer space, guest slippers, etc.

10. Remove ornaments of dead animals

While you may be proud of your hunting achievements and frame them out to be hanged in your own home, Feng Shui suggests that such can be detrimental for your love life. In general, hanging the remains of these dead animals are known to store negative energy.

Because they come from those who have already passed away, they can prevent positive energy from coming in by emitting their own negative energy. Moreover, these items also remind you of the past instead of looking forward to the future. In almost all aspects of your life, this can be negative.

11. Remove items from old relationships

Similar to the previous point, removing items from old relationships will help a lot in leading you to attract new ones. If you are keeping items from your exes, make sure that you don’t constantly see them because doing so will only lead you to be more attached to the past.

If you really want to keep them, make sure to take these items out of the bedroom to avoid further bad luck. Just store them in some cabinet that you won’t open anymore. This will give you enough space to focus on yourself and your prospects.

12. Avoid having your bed/work area face/or be placed in the southeast direction

This 2019, the robbery star or the destruction star is set to be in the southeast direction of your home. By placing your bedroom, which is directly linked to romance in this corner, you run the risk of having broken promises and failed relationships.

Alternatively, having your workplace in this area will also indirectly affect your romance and relationship. If you are to encounter troubles in your career area, this might influence the way you treat your partner or future prospects.

If you already have your bedroom in this area, make sure to strictly avoid all other bad Feng Shui practices while empowering your bedroom by placing ornaments that can cure such.

13. Avoid having a mirror near your bed


Placing a mirror near your bed is known to attract third parties. In general, mirrors are known to attract past energy, which may bring out unnecessary parties into the relationship.

Moreover, following this feng shui tips for love attraction, a mirror in your bedroom is known to bounce off energies, making your worries and anxieties circle around the area. As such, mirrors are known to be culprits of sleepless nights.

14. Place ornaments of love on bedroom

Instead of placing a mirror, it is better for you to place love ornaments in your bedroom. In doing so, you will be able to not only attract positive energy in but also program your subconscious towards love and romance. As you wake up to these ornaments, they can easily remind you of your goals and dreams in terms of relationships.

For instance, this tip works with all the other ways to decorate your bedroom in pairs, artworks, which suggests love, and the like.

15. Place a water plant or bright flower at the west wing of your home

While the robbery/destruction star is in the southeast, the west is the area of love and prosperity for 2019. And as they say, people who know how to empower their strengths will often become victorious.

As such, it is best for you to place a water plant or a bright flower in this area. For instance, you can place pink roses with white lilies to empower that positive energy flowing through such. Make sure that in doing this, place the flower near the window as such grants air and sunlight. Lastly, do not forget to give attention to it by watering it every day, ensuring that it is constantly blossoming.

With these 15 simple Feng Shui tips for love attraction, we hope that we were able to impart concrete ways on understanding and applying Feng Shui in your own home. By incorporating these simple suggestions, you can now harness the power of Qi energy as it will gently breathe in and out of your home.

Furthermore, applying these tips doesn’t need to be done in a day. You can treat it as a process and so, you can take your time on this one. Always remember that Feng Shui, more than the Qi energy that it provides, also focuses on changing one’s mindset. By improving the way we think and attracting the thoughts that we want, Feng Shui actively shapes our subconscious thoughts, leading us to the result that we want.

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