A Complete Guide in using Feng Shui for Love

August 29, 2019

A Complete Guide in using Feng Shui for Love


Want to know the Complete Guide in using Feng Shui for Love? Literally meaning “wind” and “water,” the ancient practice of Feng Shui has been going on for the last 6000 years. Known as one of the most popular forms of geomancy in the east, Feng Shui has earned its immortalized status. With Chinese as its main users, this practice is definitely a part of their checklist as they pursue ventures in life.

As the eastern world has maintained its popularity, the emergence of the New Age furthered its widespread application. With people from the west garnering more interest on this subject, Feng Shui became more relevant as they make life-defining choices.

For instance, when purchasing a house, Feng Shui practitioners are particular in its placement and shape. Some lot shapes are considered to bring good fortune in as much as the orientation of the building is known to affect its prosperity levels.

With that, Feng Shui is also known to impact one major aspect of human existence – love and relationships. By following certain principles and rules of physically arranging and decorating your life, you will be able to attract positivity in it. As you optimize the living spaces that you’re in, the natural flow of Qi (Chi energy) will be in your favor.

How Feng Shui balance the energies in your household?

Generally, Feng Shui seeks to re-balance the energies in your household by systematically making use of both energies, elements, and directions in your house. This is why when we talk of Feng Shui, people often have experts visit their homes to get a physical vibe of the place. In doing so, they will be able to physically assess if things are in the right places.

Particularly, in the case of love and relationships, Feng Shui would associate that with the color pink/red and focuses on the southwest part of your home. These colors and placements are not randomly made as they are based on ancient notions of elements and the Bagua (energy map). By reading on, you will get a fundamental sense of how Feng Shui works. This will grant you the ability to assess on your own what improvements can be made in your household.

Given such, here are Fundamental guidelines in using Feng Shui in improving your love life this 2019:

1.Understanding the Yin and Yang

As the ultimate illustration of complete balance, the imagery of Yin and Yang illustrates how energies of opposing forces can create harmony. Largely based on the way how life ebbs and flows, Yin and Yang represents both creation and destruction, light and darkness, the coming into being and going-out-of being.

Being a universal concept, Yin and Yang have an all-encompassing nature. Given that all life comes to be and ceases to exist, everything must follow this path of nature, whether one likes it or not.

Similarly, such ominous concept is being observed in Feng Shui. As people follow its principles, this way of nature is taken into account. Meaning, as we pursue things in life, we have to remember this perpetual push and pull as part and parcel of how all things come to be.

Although yin energy is often attributed to females while yang energy is to male, the whole point of its relevance to relationship revolves around the concept of balance. By integrating this mindset in our approach, every other tip seeks to reach out to such as its ultimate goal.

Applied to love, this ebbing and flowing is a fundamental concept of relationships. Understanding phases and transitions are crucial both in Feng Shui and our love interests. More often than not, people can easily fall prey to the infatuation part, such that they forget that love is a long and eternal journey. Taking note of this and applying nature’s ways can definitely help you keep your current one.

2. The Function of the Five Elements

As a form of ancient geomancy, Feng Shui adheres to the notion of Wu Xing or Five Elements. Looking at primordial aspects of nature, Feng Shui uses such to account for all the change that is happening around us. Given these powers which is perceived to overrule the physical world, we are bound by it and must flow with it.

Traditionally, philosophies and ideas are built upon this notion of elements. On a more popular note, Sun Tzu’s art of war utilized such as a representation of his chapter on maneuvering. To quote, he writes, “Let your rapidity be that of the wind, your gentleness that of the forest. In raiding and plundering be like fire, be immovable like a mountain.”


five elements of nature in feng shui to attract love

While the above quote points out war tactics, this shows how ancient Chinese philosophy believed strongly on how we should pattern our lives according to nature. As such, in Feng Shui, the goal is to keep these five elements balanced in order to have a smooth flow of energy and thus, harmony.

In general, Fire is the element of passion which leads you to create meaningful relationships with others. Thus, when looking for love, it pays to decorate your house with the fire element in order to create positive opportunities. Love, after all, is constantly a creative process.

But in maintaining and sustaining it, other elements like water which seeks to nourish can also contribute to the picture. Wood, on the other hand, feeds the fire while fire can turn into ashes creating the earth and turning into metal.

3. Pay attention to Colors

As a form of practical application, taking note of colors is a crucial task in doing Feng Shui. Scientifically, colors are considered as expressions of light. Such unique and vibrant hues can bring the right forms of energy in our household. Depending on your intention, colors in particular areas of your home can affect the result that you want.

Generally, each color represents a particular Feng Shui element. Wood is represented by green & brown; Fire with red, pink, orange, & strong yellow; Earth with light yellow & light brown; Metal with white and gray; and lastly, water with blue and black.

Pay attention on colors

Pointed out on the previous section, each element represents its own idea, which necessitates that these colors also follow those ideas. Given that the element for love is fire, Feng Shui strongly believes that decorating your house with this color will empower your love energy.

For instance, decorating your home with colors of red will bring an energy that is linked to creation and passion. Instead of having a dull living room with brown and black colors, placing accents of red pillows and carpets to go with, it can easily change the flow of Qi.

More importantly, knowing its value, your mind will also attract the same kind of energy. As you see these colors, they become part of your subconscious thoughts, which means that each time you see them, you are feeding the idea of love. Meaning, even on idle moments, by following Feng Shui tips, your mind is actively pursuing the intention that you want.

4. Taking into account the Bagua (Energy Map)

Aside from colors and elements, Feng Shui seeks balance by following an ancient chart of Bagua or Energy map. By using the Bagua in mapping out the scheme of your house, you’ll be able to achieve balance across spaces within your home. Meaning, you’ll be able to aptly place colors and things where they should belong in-order to create a conducive flow of energy.

In general, there are two popular schools of thought for this one – the Classical Bagua and the BTB/Western Bagua. For this guide, we’ll be following the Classical Bagua. Although you may opt to go for the western one, keep in mind that these two shouldn’t mix. Such will create a discord in energy flow.

Feng Shui for Love using bagua or energy map

Going back, the Classical Bagua places yin and yang at the center while all the other sides represent various colors and areas of life. Beginning with the south, Fire represents is the dominant color with the south being fame while southwest with love and marriage led by the Earth. Following this cycle, west and northwest represents wood with creativity and helpful people as its values respectively. Along the north, we see water with its career while northeast with earth on spiritual growth. Finally, we have health and money under the green colors of the wood on the east and southeast.

Following this map, Feng Shui necessitates that we activate the South East section of our homes. In doing so, we are strengthening the role of the woman or the yin and animus (feminine) energy of the home. If you lack positive energy in your relationships, empowering this corner can restore the balance which will allow you to reap the benefits of having a good home.


5. Decorate in Pairs

Finally, the fifth point in this guide is often the most universal one. Regardless of the Feng Shui variation that you are using, this last point is generally agreed to be a ‘must’ if you want to bring in that positive energy for your relationships.

Just as Feng Shui follows the laws of nature, it also takes into account how relationships go. If we look at the yin and yang, though opposites, the image represents a perfect balance with a fraction of each other in their space. As such, the image itself suggests that harmony requires wholeness in perfect paired balance.

decorating in pairs in feng shui for love

Similarly, Feng Shui elevates this point to the case of relationships. If we feel that we lack in this area (regardless if we currently have partners or not), it certainly suggests that we are in need of a re-balancing. But if you currently are in a relationship, then such conflict implicitly suggests an imbalance.

By decorating in pairs, we are subconsciously bringing in the positive flow of both yin and yang. Most popularly, this is done by decorating a pair of mandarin ducks in your home, having it as an ultimate symbol of undying and eternal love while showcasing the same coupled pattern. Given that ducks are known to be loyal to their lifelong partner decorating them in pairs will attract the same kind of energy and intensity into your relationships.

Know more about fundamental tips on using Feng Shui.

With these fundamental tips on using Feng Shui to attract or maintain love in 2019, your main task is to ensure that they are reflected into action. By following the guides presented here, you will have a general sense of how to proceed with things, especially on the kind of ornaments that you place in your home and where you place them.

Generally, Feng Shui follows the ways of nature. By understanding this ebb and flow process, you integrate such notions in how you decorate your home and arrange your stuff. As such, when there is discord and conflict in one area of your life, it pays to look at whether or not your own home is fixed in a way that will allow positive energy to flow in.

While it is completely normal to have setbacks, the crucial part is going beyond it, allowing you to bounce back. If you disregard these Feng Shui tips, it will be more difficult for you to do so since you yourself have chosen to block the Qi flow around you. Keep this in mind and you won’t falter when facing your own struggles, especially in your relationships.

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