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January 16, 2019

Feng Shui Tips for Love this 2019


Feng Shui, a traditional practice originating in Asia, is one of the many spiritual practices in eastern culture. The basic idea behind this is that by studying how the energy flows in the universe, one is able to place his/herself in a favorable condition.

As a form of geomancy, it is reliant on certain markings and symbols within the area which signify a certain idea or principle. Given such, Feng Shui seeks to understand certain actions and principles within a given area, whose analysis will lead to a greater understanding of how one can benefit from it.

The practice of Feng Shui can be implemented in our love life this 2019. By paying attention to our spatial surroundings, we can greatly benefit from the positive energy that it brings into our lives.

Feng Shui Love Tips

Here are 8 quick tips on how to invite positive energy for love this 2019:

1. Place Mandarin Ducks on the southwest side of your bedroom

Feng Shui Love Tips - mandarin ducks

The mandarin duck is a classic symbol in Feng Shui, one that embodies undying love, reconciliation, and peace between couples.

The history behind this significance emerged from the immortal tale about an Asian man who was to divorce her wife. On his way to his wife’s parents to inform them of his plans, he noticed two mandarin ducks, drifting slowly on the lake, appearing as if they were whispering words of love for each other.

Such serenity reminded the husband of all the good times that they’ve had with her wife, about the beautiful parts that he seemed to have forgotten. This eventually changed his decision about the divorce.

Since then, this tale about the ducks have spread all across Asia, and the mandarin ducks have been regarded as a symbol of eternal love.

The legend about the ducks have since been used in Feng Shui, a symbol of luck in love. This 2019, if you want to have positive energies enter your love life, you can simply place your mandarin ducks on the southwest side of your bedroom, as this side represents wealth and abundance.

2. Clean your bedroom

Feng Shui Love Tips - clean your bedroom

The purpose of cleaning your bedroom is not only the hygienic part, but also the spiritual one.

Although your loved one won’t be necessarily entering your bedroom this 2019 (especially if you’re single), cleaning your bedroom is one of the best ways to attract love.


Feng Shui tells us that unclean or untidy bedrooms weakens the flow of positive energy for you this 2019. Cleaning your bedroom is the first step to allow energy to flow flawlessly, instead of it being blocked from within.

After cleaning, Feng Shui specialists tells us that we have to clap our hands or use a bell to ring out the stuck negative energy and allow the flow of new ones.

3. Free some bedroom space

Feng Shui Love Tips - free some bedroom space

No, you’re not having another boarder in your room. Rather, you need to free up some bedroom space in order to attract positive energy in!

Just as the classic Chinese saying “empty your cup”, freeing your bedroom some space will be helpful as it will allow new things in, while old things out.

Freeing your bedroom some space will allow new things, especially your closet. If you have old clothes that you are barely using, make an effort to throw them out, as it will bring new clothes in which can be associated to positive movement.

You can also remove unnecessary items in your bedroom, like old tin cans of body sprays, or dusty textbooks which were never read at all. By removing these items, you can allow new ones to come in.

More importantly, if you really want to attract that positive relationship in your life, you need to begin admiring this clean slate, and imagine your partner as you do so (or your ideal person).

4. Remove negative objects and things from previous relationships

Feng Shui Love Tips

In line with the third tip, we need to also free our bedroom from things of the past, particularly those from failed relationships.

If you still have that photo of your ex, then perhaps January 2019 is the time for you to finally take it out and place it in the trash bin. Even when you’re single, you have to do this in order to let new people enter your life.

By taking them out, you are freeing your bedroom space, along with your heart, of some failed idea about love and your life in general.

Also, removing negative things from your bedroom can heavily impact your love life this 2019 as negative objects can equate to negative energy.


One of the famous things are broken crockery that we keep in our bedroom. Sometimes, we have broken mugs which were meaningful to us and we chose to keep them. Continually carrying this on 2019 can negatively impact our relationships as this attracts negative thoughts.

Removing such objects is essential for us to move forward, as these objects can trigger negative ideas in our psyche. If not, constantly seeing them can make our subconscious be cluttered with their negativity.

With an unclear mind, one might decide not to go to that party where he/she is destined to meet their next love adventure.

5. Free the path of Chi energy

Feng Shui Love Tips - free the path of chi energy

Chi energy, in Chinese spirituality and culture, is understood basically as ‘life force’. It is a universal form of energy, one that is intangible and transparent (but may appear visible to some), which provides life to everything that there is.

‘Qi’, or commonly known as Chi, is essential in attracting positive vibes and love this 2019 as it is the fuel for success in almost all aspects in life.

As such, Feng Shui experts suggest that we allow the free flow of Chi energy in our households. We can do this by carefully examining and assessing our households for any object that may block Chi energy.

By doing a simple process of walking from your main door, going to the bedroom. In doing so, try to observe any object or piece of furniture that can hinder the positive flow of energy.

Some notable objects are:

  1. Reversed broom – failure to keep the bristles down can be quite disgusting and can reject positive energy as it calls for bad luck.
  2. Opened scissors – failure to keep them closed attracts bad luck and small accidents which are unnecessary.
  3. Body Parts of Dead Animals – these things, although can be quite aesthetic, is believed to bring bad luck as they are forms of stagnant energy and representations of death
  4. Stained or Broken Mirrors – the most notable of them all, mirrors are highly regarded and must be kept at pristine condition always. They represent reflections of your house, yourself, and the energies within them.

Moreover, try to keep the pathway clear and pay special attention to some broken or malfunctioning lights. They serve as illumination for pathways, allowing Chi to flow like a river.

6. Decorate in pairs

decorate in pairs

Similar to the mandarin ducks, decorating in pairs can be crucial in attracting love this 2019. Feng Shui specialists agree that usage of earth and fire elements in pairs can amplify your chances for love and improving relationships.

Furnitures with square shapes share a strong association with the earth element as it is the primary symbol of such. You can also use earth-associated decorations such as Himalayan salts, clay figurines, and natural rock crystals to bolster the earthly element in your house.


Aside from using earth elements, it is also essential to pay special attention to fire element. You can decorate your house with red candles, red colored vases, and fire colored textiles or pillows in order to attract positive energy for love.

Make sure to do this in pairs in order to remind the subconscious of that bond. As you see those red and white themed small pillows in your living room, it will help you attract positive energy in.

7. Make use of Artworks

make use an artwork

Paying special attention to the artworks that you are using in your house will change your mindset. Feng Shui also utilizes such by suggesting how these artworks can fill your home with positive energy.

Feng Shui perceives love as strongly associated to the earth element as it represents stability. Like a rock that cannot be moved, love must be viewed in a manner that is stable. More importantly, the earth element also represents nourishment. As flowers and trees grow from the ground, love needs to undergo the process of nourishment in order for it to blossom

In the same way, Feng Shui associates love with the fire element. Aside from being stable, it also needs to be burning and passionate for it to be called love. Fire element ignites passion towards the other, reminding us of the positive things that we experienced and can experience with our partners.

Paying attention to these general ideas can bring us a good grasp of which paintings and artworks to choose for our home.

8. Allow space between the wall and your bed

allow space between your wall and bed

Feng Shui, in essence, is the positive flow of Chi energy in our spatial lives. By paying special attention to how it can possibly go through, we allow it to enter.

One common thing that people usually miss out is their beds. Pushing one’s bed against the wall can block positive energy from flowing in. One actual proof for this is that it attracts dust beneath the bed, trapping negative and stagnant energy below us.

The quick solution for this is to leave some space between the wall and our beds (walkable, if possible), as it will allow fresh air and energy to flow in our bedroom. This space will mark the constant flow of Chi energy, empowering our relationships this 2019.


Making use of these 8 Feng Shui Love Tips for 2019 will guarantee that we will be able to bring ourselves closer to the love that we have forever sought. If you are currently in a relationship, making use of these tips will ensure that Chi energy will help in making it more stable and passionate between the two of you.

Utilize these tips and incorporate them into your life by enforcing them in simple and subtle ways. They don’t need to be expensive, rather, they need to be effective. Purchasing a simple figurine of the mandarin ducks, for example, can constantly remind you of your goal to improve your relationship with your loved one.


Furthermore, these tips will be helpful as it will program your subconscious and your psyche into positivity. This will lead you to making the right decisions at the right time.

So, stand-up, get your feet going, and look for that broom so that you can clean your room and house this 2019, allowing for a year of success in love and relationships!

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