January 7, 2020

5 Feng Shui Rules that should Never be Broken


In designing your own home, considering Feng Shui rules  is a crucial step in ensuring the good flow of energy. By taking into account these fundamental steps, you are essentially allowing positive energy to flow freely in your house. 

While there can be a lot of rules for Feng Shui itself, paying attention to the most crucial ones will get you off the good start. As you make sure that you don’t miss these important ones, your home itself will become a good nestling ground for positivity.

  1. Make use of the Bagua Map

Making use of the Bagua map is a step that you should never ignore or skip. Given that the elements and their necessary assignments are already pre-determined in Feng Shui, this map serves as your general blueprint in allowing positive energy in and keeping negative energy out. 

Simply put, the Bagua map assigns certain areas of your home as follows:

N – Fame, and Reputation

E – Children, Joy, and the Future

W – New Beginnings and Family

S – Career and Life Journey


NE – Marriage and Relationships

SE – Travel and Helpful Friends

SW – Knowledge, and Self-Cultivation

NW – Wealth and Prosperity

By placing certain items according to their particular areas, they can bring positive energy to your home. Inversely, wrong placement of things can lead to the blockage of positive energy.

  2. Take time to Understand the Feng Shui Elements


Included in the Bagua, understanding Feng Shui rules  is also a key part of interpreting them correctly. By knowing the value and function of each element, you’ll gain a better idea of how to utilize them in attracting the kind of energy that you want. 

In this case, there are 5 basic Feng Shui Elements, namely: 

Fire – creates the earth, and is tasked to govern our emotions. 

Earth – eventually becomes metal; is responsible for our nourishment and stability. 

Metal – produces water; governs our intellect and productivity.

Water – nourishes wood; is responsible for our spirit.

Wood – feeds fire; is responsible for our growth.

feng sui rules

By taking into account these 5 Feng Shui elements, we can think of whether or not the things that we’ll be placing in our home necessarily matches the kind of energy that we want to bring in. Instead of simply guessing, these first two tips lay-out properly what we need to do and consider when making a decision for our home. 

3. Pay attention to Colors

While they are often perceived from their aesthetic value, colors in themselves also share the same meaning with their respective elements. As each element presents a different vibe or energy to your house, it necessitates that you pair a particular color with it. 

For instance, decorating in pairs will bring you good luck with your marriage and relationships. But paying attention to where you place it affects its effectiveness. Following the previous points, you should place this on the northeast portion of your room as this one is the center of such. 

But on top of that, the color scheme that you’re picking will also affect the result. For instance, picking a pair of black mandarin ducks doesn’t seem as lively or good bearing compared to picking a pair of pillows with shades of pink and red. 

As colors affect our psychology and the overall flow of energy, paying attention to colors is an indispensable tip in moving forward. 

4. Be particular on Furniture Placement


As a culmination of the previously stated fundamentals, being particular on furniture placement is the ultimate key to allow positive energy in. If you look at the basic principles of Feng Shui, it seeks to not only utilize geomancy but also positive reinforcement. 

By creating conditions that inspire us in certain areas of our life, we prevent ourselves from subconsciously absorbing negative energies. In this case, one example that we can point to is the placement of one’s bed. 

Following Feng Shui, placing your bed beside a wall creates bad luck for relationships. As it traps negative energy, it also prevents your partner from getting off the other side. Thus, this creates unnecessary annoyances and quarrels during the night. 

With this principle, we have to take note that each furniture with a particular color must be placed accordingly.

5. Cleanliness and Tidiness is key

Last but not least, this simple tip is similar to the 4th one. In Feng Shui, a clean home allows positive energy in, while keeping negative energy out. As such, when you leave your home in a dirty state, negative energy is stored within the corners of your home. 

Physically, the manifestations of such energy can be in forms of accumulated dust. Affecting not only your luck but also your psyche, doesn’t it make sense to clean such? Nevertheless, paying attention to this tip ensures that your home welcomes new and positive things in life. 

Final Word

By taking into consideration these Feng Shui tips, it becomes a lot easier for you to attract and manifest positive energy in your home. Instead of accidentally mis-arranging it, paying attention to Feng Shui reinforces positivity and good health as it ensures that everything is in order. 

With that, one point here is how Feng Shui ensures that everything is harmonious. By creating harmony in one’s home, it follows suit that the result will also be good for us. Balancing internal and external energies, Feng Shui is definitely one of the best practices that you can implement with the help of these 5 simple rules!

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