December 23, 2022

102 Angel Number: Find Real Purpose in Life


102 angel number brings with it an important message from your angels and guide masters to follow your heart and soul and trust them. You need to stay positive in finding and fulfilling your life’s soul mission. Things will not work for the highest good in the future unless you truly believe in them. Look at the obstacles coming your way as blessings in disguise to help you develop a positive mindset. 

Angel number 102 is encouraging you to listen to your heart, and follow your gut, so you can find your real purpose in life and go for it with full force. Know that anything is possible and you can manifest your innermost dreams and desires. So when people laugh at your dreams, ignore them and continue focusing on the biggest possible dream you could come up with. 

In this post all there is to know about 102 angel number will be discussed, as well as shed light on the following: 

  • What is the meaning of number 102 in life and career choices?
  • How do you know what angel number 1 signifies?
  • Does angel number 10 play a big role in your professional and personal relationships?
  • Will angel number 2 become your turning point for making major life decisions?
  • How will the number 102 meaning in love affect your current romantic status? 

Let’s dive right in and discover the 102 angel number meaning!

The Angel Number 102 Essential Vibration

The number 102 is a mix of vibrations from the attributes of numbers 1, 0, and the power of number 2. This number signals great potential and the need to make hard decisions in life. Furthermore, it is the only way you can develop your spirituality. Seeing this number represents the start of your spiritual journey and warns you about the difficulties it could entail. 

Number 0 is asking you to listen to your intuition because this is how you will find all the answers to your most pressing queries.  It also has the power to amplify the energies of the numbers that appear with it, increasing its power and influence even more. The number 2 on the other hand, represents the energies of trust, faith, diplomacy, and cooperation. It will guide you through all your relationships and give you insight, intuition, and your life’s divine purpose and mission. 

Spiritual Manifestation of 102 Angel Number

On a spiritual level, there are so many angel signs surrounding you that you often take for granted as mere coincidence. But these synchronicities are important and you must pay close attention to them as they are sent as guidance from the angelic realm. Remember that angels cannot intervene in your life unless you give permission. Unless of course there is a life-or-death situation before your soul is supposed to depart this world, it will send you signs to help you along the way. 

However, when you clearly ask for their help and acknowledge their existence through these number signs and guidance, they will work with you even more. Your angels will increase the incidence of these signs appearing along your path, regularly, persistently, almost on a daily basis. 

Love and Romance with 102 Angel Number

Your guide is sending you a message pertaining to a reunion with your twin flame and for you to live a happy life together. In order to do that, however, you must utilize the opportunities that are presented before you, which means recognizing the perfect time to carry on a relationship with your twin flame. 

Angel number 102 is a divine and auspicious message when it comes to love and romance. It is suggesting that if you’re experiencing the end of a serious relationship, know that it is not the end of the world. You are to look forward to wonderful relationships in the future which will lead you to your true love. 

Career Endeavors With 102 Angel Number

This angel number signifies ambition, success, as well as personal achievements. Whenever these vibrations are influencing your life, your unique skills and talents will be highlighted. You can go on with your plans, rest assured that you are supported by your angels.  

Number 2 is all about duality and partnership and is closely associated with cooperative ventures and collaborations. Thus, you can benefit from a partnership of some kind with like-minded people. It could mean building business partnerships highlighting your creativity, or even forming a team to work out problems that have stalled artistic or business ventures. 

Tip When Making a Request With Your Angels

It is important to ask for help and tell them what you want or need. However, do not be too specific when making such requests. Ask for the highest good or for your best interest then release it to them, trusting that they will know what to do with it. What happens when you’re too specific is that there might have been a better option for you if you just left the request more open-ended. 

Direct and Indirect Signs from Your Angels

After asking for help, release your worries instead of holding on to them. Your angels will leave direct or indirect clues and signs that they have heard your request. Here are some examples: 

  • White feathers left in unusual places/trails/route
  • Repeating numbers on digital displays
  • Numbers that have personal meaning to you keep popping up
  • Seeing the word ‘angel’ or images of angels in the most unlikely places
  • Vivid dreams where angels speak to you directly
  • Waking up knowing exactly what you need to do to solve a specific problem
  • Seeing the shapes of angels in feathers or in the clouds

Why Angels Won’t Speak to You Directly

Bear in mind that your angels are extremely powerful spiritual beings and they would answer your questions by sending you numbers. Sure, it would be easier if they just blurt out clear and direct answers, but there’s a good reason why they do this. It all boils down to resonance and frequency. Remember that angels are purely spiritual beings with intensely elevated vibrations. 


Their unconditional light and love energy vibrates so high, their voices so light, that as a human being, you will not be able to see, hear, or feel their presence until you release your own vibrations as well. You need to let go of your multiple layers of beliefs and filters that are blocking you from experiencing these amazing angelic realms. Therefore, these number sequences are your angel’s way of bypassing filters. 

Pitfalls of Seeing Angel Numbers

There are three common pitfalls that you may encounter when dealing with angel numbers. This is important to know because these messages are feedback from the universe that is coming from your angels. They are not meant to simply be looked at or ignored, rather, be utilized and used as feedback. This is the only way you can make the right choices to help you on your path, so here goes. 

Not Using Your Intuition

Sometimes you can get so excited that these numbers or messages are coming through that you fall into this heady kind of excitement. What happens is you take what is coming through at face value instead of using your intuition. You ignore the fact that some things simply do not resonate with you, or your intuition is not leading you to it. 

When you’re using your intuition it will be telling you that yes, that is great, but for some reason, it’s not what you are looking for, it’s none of these things. Therefore, you need to go out to seek further. It will be difficult because in your head you would want to buy into it because there is some sort of validation coming with a certain definition for you. The thing is, it won’t be coming from the right place, but from your ego. 

Instead of it coming from an egoic place, you want it to come from a heart-based place. So you need a good communication tool to use to determine what it is for you, the definition or explanation that truly rings true for you. When you can be 100% honest that it’s really resonating with you, then you could follow the green light and see it through. 

Forcing VS Allowing

Another pitfall that goes with seeing angel numbers is either forcing or manufacturing them instead of just letting them occur naturally. This is common especially when there’s a specific number that’s going through your head, so you sort of manufacture it then tell yourself you wrote it down. Later on, you get back to it and then convince yourself that it is indeed “a sign”. 

When it happens naturally you are actually taken aback that you keep seeing them. Sometimes you’re even too terrified to think about it because it is so non-linear, so surprising, something your mind was not expecting. Thus, allow these numbers and signs to come in a non-linear way so you can have a genuine experience. 

If it is not happening in a surprising or non-linear kind of way, and you have a feeling it’s just being drummed up in your mind, perhaps you’re right. So allow things to be spontaneous and just allow them to flow. Don’t force it to belong to a specific definition or put it into a box. Otherwise, you will end up confusing yourself, and when you finally are getting some genuine angel numbers in the future, you might find it difficult to recognize them this time around. 

Not Taking Action 

The third and probably the most important tip is not taking action from genuine feedback. So say you get numbers and messages in a natural, non-linear way, but you’re not doing anything about it. You are not taking action, therefore it will not have any effect or influence on your life. Again, these are your guides who are purely spiritual beings. 

They could lead you to the water but they can’t make you drink it. Your angels could open doors for you but they cannot force you to walk right through them because that is totally up to you. You have free will so you need to make your own choices. There is no point in being communicated with by these ascendant beings if you are not taking any action to manifest amazing things into your life. 

Final Word

The 102 Angel Number is about following your intuition so you can fulfill your true purpose in life. Trust that your angels and guided ascendants are there to help and support you along the way. 

What specific aspect of this angel number fascinates you the most? Does it resonate with you, too? 

Hit us with your thoughts in the comments section below!

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