angel number 1244 a promise of abundance

December 22, 2021

Angel Number 1244: A Promise of Abundance & Supportive Relationships


Despite the barrier between the material and spiritual realm, the guardian angels continuously look for ways to communicate with you.

They may not be able to do so directly, but they use a special symbol called angel number to share their wisdom on what you’re currently going through. 

If a certain random number keeps catching your attention, it may be an angel number. It’s a sign for you to look into its meaning and learn what the divine beings have to say. 

There’s a lot of angel number sequences, but first, what does angel number 1244 mean? 

Angel Number 1244 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of this angel number?

Angel number 1244’s spiritual energy can be sourced to its roots: angel number 1, 2, and 4. Their variations and combinations resulted in a more personal message from the guardian angels to you. 

To understand its fullness, let’s understand where it’s coming from first. 

Angel Number 1

Angel number 1 represents fresh starts. It signals the beginning of a new chapter in your life, one that is full of great opportunities that will help you achieve your goals.

It’s also a confirmation of all the talents you have, all of which will be helpful in navigating around this shifting tide. You’ve demonstrated your ability to lead, charm, perseverance, and a strong sense of self-reliance. When the waves of change come, you’re ready for it. 

Angel Number 2 

This sacred number is associated with harmony amidst the chaos of the universe. It represents tact, balance, and cooperation within your relationships. 

Like angel number 1, one of the things it emphasizes is independence. The guardian angels want you to remember that despite the importance of personal relationships, you must never lose your sense of self despite the importance of personal relationships.

Angel Number 44

Repeating digits in an angel number sequence makes its message more time-sensitive. 

Doubling the spiritual power of sacred number 4, angel number 44 indicates the importance of pursuing a stable life. This angel number symbolizes your determination and hard effort to attain that, but no matter which phase you are in, you need to continue building the foundation of your future.


It’s also a sign of spiritual favor and abundance. Money is not a great boss, but it’s a great slave. As it pours, make sure that the way you’re using it is in line with your goals. 

Combining these things together means that angel number 1244’s appearance means good things for your future. The new chapter brings the promise of abundance and supportive relationships. 

Is it a good sign? 

Because they come from the divine beings, no angel number is bad. They may come in the form of warning or a warm encouragement. Each of them bears the message you need at this moment.

The appearance of angel number 1244 brings positive energies that will influence your day-to-day. As you navigate through the newness of the chapter, allow the guardian angels to help you along the way. 

In this journey, remember that you can be your best supporter or worst enemy. Don’t peek into other people’s lives to see who’s doing better. When you find that you’re doing better, will you be prideful? And if you’re doing worse, will you sulk in the corner?

The best comparison you can do is when you think of your past self and see how far you’ve come. 

Is it a lucky number?

Each digit in the angel number 1244 sequence bears different associations when it comes to good or bad luck. 

First number 1 is associated with victory. It’s the winners’ sign, as well as the representation for power and authority. 

Second, people think that “good things come in pairs.” Number 2 symbolizes twins and repetition. As an even number, it’s also a sign of good luck. 

However, not all even numbers bring auspiciousness. In Asia, people tend to avoid number 4 because it’s the homonym of the Chinese word for “death.” 

People who suffer from irrational fear over this number are diagnosed with tetraphobia. Some Asian countries, particularly those with strong Chinese influence, take the extra step to avoid this digit on their building floors, street numbers and train serial numbers. Citizens also avoid having the digit as part of their house numbers and phone numbers. 

Either way, the fact that you’re seeing 1244 angel number doesn’t equate to good or bad luck. It’s a given that the guardian angels want the best for you, and if only everything is up to them, you’ll only experience great things in life. 

But you have the power over your choices. You also need to deal with their consequences too. 

Essentially, the appearance of angel number 1244 means that luck is what you make out of it. If you consciously make bad decisions, you’ll receive bad luck. And if you pour your best efforts into living life to the fullest, you’ll receive good luck. 

What does angel number 1244 represent?

Beyond the obvious, angel number 1244 bears a specific insight from the guardian angels for your current situation. As straightforward as they are, you’ll learn a thing or two when you let their message sink in. 


First, 1244 angel number encourages you to fix your focus. To understand where your priorities lie, learn which aspect of life you are spending most of your time in. 

When there’s a disconnect between what you think your priorities are compared to the activities you spend the most time in, you’re not maximizing your resources. Focus your attention on the things that will help your goals.

Second, angel number 1244 is urging you to cultivate positivity. Start the new chapter with the right mindset. 

It’s a given that there will be hardships along the way, but the guardian angels want you to strengthen your mind and look only where it matters. Embrace positivity as a way of living, and it will influence you to gain a new perspective that’s filled with abundance. 

This perspective will help you to change the narrative from becoming a victim of circumstances to being a proud survivor. 

Hold on to it as you pour in the effort in building the life you’ve always dreamt of. Little by little, let each step compound, and before you know it, what was once in your imagination is now your reality. 

Angel Number 1244 and Love

Just as the guardian angels give you insight into the general direction of your journey, they also want to share something about love and romantic relationships. 

Angel number 1244 is a sign that you need to have a more positive approach to love, especially when you’re single. If you’re ready to accommodate new romance, let the appearance of this sacred number be a sign that the Universe has received your message. 

Before you meet them, though, make sure that you’re doing the necessary inner work to get rid of all the baggage of the past so you won’t bring them over to the new relationship. These changes are so critical in the blossoming of your love life and your personal development. 

If you’re in a relationship, the guardian angels are telling you that you’re about to experience bouts of changes that will push you and your partner to grow not only as a couple but also as individuals. 

These changes will test you too, but don’t be afraid. Facing changes is a normal part of living life. Enjoying the highs and battling through the lows is a natural part of its process. 

Once your relationship rises above these challenges, you’ll emerge as better people with stronger ties. 

Why do I keep seeing angel number 1244?

The appearance of angel number 1244 is because the guardian angels chose two things. First, among billions of people in the world, they chose to show you an angel number. Second, among all the angel numbers, they felt that you can identify with 1244 angel number’s message the most. 

There are different ways for you to encounter this number. Some possible instances would be browsing through your emails or scrolling through phone numbers. Sometimes, it’s as straightforward as checking the clock and seeing the time at exactly 12:44. 

Now that you know what you need to do to achieve a brighter future don’t make excuses to delay it. 


Final Word

To provide insight on what you’re going through, the guardian angels sent angel number 1244. It’s a positive sign that great things are coming, so cheer up for the road ahead. 

The guardian angels are always supportive of your decisions. It’s in their best interest to see you living a fulfilling life and surpassing all your potential. 

To receive even more messages from them in the future, continue to keep your communication with the divine beings. Strengthen your spirituality and focus on your goals. 

Now, which part of angel number 1244 resonates with you? 

How do you feel about grabbing new opportunities?

Share your thoughts with us! 

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