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March 26, 2022

Angel Number 21: A Sign of Blessings in Life


When you encounter angel number 21, your guardian angels are sending an important message to you. It may appear in front of you in your day-to-day life, manifest in a dream, or visit as a thought. Because they cannot communicate with you face to face, they convey their words through symbolic numbers.

You are so privileged to experience this opportunity as not all people will come across angel number 21 in their lifetime. It is important that you pay attention and look into its meaning, you will gain insight to move forward from your current situation. The meaning of angel number 21 will surely astonish you.

Whenever you see angel number 21, it is a sign from your angels that you are about to manifest your wishes on a massive level. It can be found in time, date, money, car plates, and even text messages. Your guardian angels may be telling you to trust them and keep thinking positively to actualize your desires in all areas of your life. Are you ready to find out what it means?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • How an angel number appears to affect major life decisions
  • Knowing how angel numbers can bring about new beginnings
  • The significance of repeating number sequences and their secret meaning
  • Having a positive attitude to make positive assertions that lead to a positive direction

Angel Number 21 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of angel number 11?

Angel number 21’s spiritual energy roots from the combination of two powerful angel numbers. When reduced to its individual parts, angel numbers 2 and 1 are equally special. Angel number 2 is a symbol of life’s duality. Every person is a walking contradiction, and this inherent ability is the reason why you can change your perspective depending on the situation you’re in.

On the other hand, angel number 1 is the spiritual representation that marks the start of something new. It’s the turning over of a new leaf in favor of positivity and opportunities. When added together, 2 and 1 totals 3. This number is the single-digit that angel number 21 is most connected to.

Signifying the Holy Trinity, angel number 3 is also directly related to creativity, completion, abundance, and self-confidence.

Is angel number 21 a good sign?

Angel number 21 is a sign filled with positive news and opportunities. This is a message from the angels that in order to live a meaningful life, you need to nurture independence in your decision-making processes. It’s great that you seek advice from your friends and family, but at the end of the day, it’s your call.

Keep in mind that you have control over looking for the solutions to your problems. Sure, the possibility of making a mistake is real and possible, but your control extends to the ability to pick yourself up and move forward. It doesn’t mean that you entirely disregard what they say because words fueled with love are strong enough to change your life.

The 21st angel number is a message from your guardian angels that your path is heading towards a direction where you will receive so many blessings. It is important that you maintain your relationships with other people. Soon, you will need a shoulder to rest on.

Is angel number 21 a lucky number?

Angel number 21, similar to its single-digit parts, is an auspicious number. The heavens are pleased with how you’re living your life so they will multiply your blessings with abundance. You cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with people that when you’re in a pinch, it’s a guarantee that there’s someone you can call for help.

Your social support is stable and healthy. Though it may face rough patches from time to time, you don’t allow a single problem to become the reason that you’ll cut off your ties. Because angel number 2 represents duality and angel number 1 signifies a new start, expect that something new will happen in your life soon.

This change is going to draw different perspectives from you. It’s good that you have trusted confidants to share your problems with. They will listen to what you have to say, so when you do, don’t hold yourself back. No story is too big or small for a conversation with them.

What does angel number 21 represent?

The 21st angel number is a special message with crucial symbolisms. This is the sacred number chosen by the angels themselves to shed divine wisdom on your current situation right now. In love, angel number 21 signifies that you will come across real happiness soon. The heavens will help in weeding out surface-level relationships that will only become muddy through time.

You’re a highly emotional person who values connection with other people. Always one call away, and even if you’re busy, you make time to keep your loved ones in check.


Angel Number 21 and Love

In romance, be mindful that a relationship is a partnership. It’s made of individuals who love and respect each other. And being with them every day despite your differences is a choice that you deliberately make. Some days, it’s easy. Other days, you’ll need more motivation.

When you make a decision that affects the relationship, take your partner’s feelings into account. Make sure that it benefits both of you. More importantly, make sure that you don’t lose your unique individuality in the process. Even if you function as a team, you still need to uphold your sense of self.

One of the symbolism of this sacred number is the upcoming change you’re about to experience. Be flexible when you adapt to wherever life flows, but always stand on your ground. Uphold your principles and practice your values. Sometimes, you can be too gentle for the world, but assertiveness will help you go far.

The 21st angel number is a nudge from the angels that you should stand up for yourself. You will not share the same opinion with everyone, but having a different thought doesn’t make you a bad person. Before you enter a new space, take some time to clean up the past.

Relieve yourself of the baggage you’ve been carrying for far too long. Move on from the things that anchor you down. Your previous mistakes don’t define you, and if you allow them to affect you every single time, you will miss out on so many opportunities. You are not perfect. No one is, and that’s okay.

You’re bound to experience a well-lived life. It’s not a straight path towards your dreams, but the bumps and the sudden twists are all part of the journey. The universe is a witness to everything that you experience. More so, the Higher Being wouldn’t want you to be lost in any way, so consider angel number 21 as the good omen that you’ve been waiting for.

 Why do I keep seeing angel number 21?

There is a special reason why the angel number 21 keeps on appearing in your life. It is not a coincidence that you see this number in the most random of ways. Your guardian angels have something to say to you, and they’re conveying the message through sacred angel numbers. If you keep on seeing angel number 21, consider yourself lucky.

The heavens have witnessed the challenges you’ve been through. This time, things are going to be different. You will experience a 180-degree turnaround filled with abundance, happiness, and blessings. It will overflow to that point that the new challenge would be cupping everything in your tiny hands.

To prepare for all of these, you have to lighten the weight on your back. Some of the things you’re holding on to aren’t worth grasping anymore. Unpack your baggage and leave them behind. There is no use in carrying dead weight. It will only slow you down. Chin up instead. Start to look at the future as a reservoir of opportunities up for grab.

Practice being more independent by making decisions of your own. Why are you uncomfortable with calling the shots? There are questions that are best answered by you alone. If you look outwards for words, you will only lose their meaning. You can always lean on social support for help, but you should have faith in yourself.

The angels wouldn’t have sent you angel number 21 if they don’t believe that you have what it takes to succeed in this life. You’re highly creative and open-minded. It would be such a waste if you cannot recognize the coming opportunities because of the limitations that you’ve set for yourself.

What is the spiritual meaning of angel number 21?

Another approach to consider the number 21 is as an expression of the root number 3. We get root number 3 by adding the various digits that make up the number 21 (2 + 1 = 3). The vibration of creativity and fulfillment is associated with root number three. Seeing angel number 21 is a sign from your angels that you have a great level of ability to create and manifest outcomes.

Angel number 21 may also indicate that your life is taking new and pleasant turns related to teamwork or a creative collaboration in some way. Whether in your personal or professional life, this creative partnership will undoubtedly be lucrative and meaningful, providing you and your spouse a great deal of enjoyment.


Have you been hoping for wisdom or a sign? Your thoughts and prayers are always heard. The Universe always responds to you, every time, without fail. Allow such messages to come to you by opening your heart. Decipher the signs and let the Universe guide you.

What do these angel numbers mean for your independence?

Do you frequently rely on your family and friends to solve your problems? If that’s the case, it’s no surprise that you’ve been seeing the number 21 a lot lately. This number represents independence; the angels are reminding you that you need to rely entirely on yourself and become self-sufficient.

You will eventually realize that the only one responsible for your actions and capable of resolving your challenges is you! Also, you can discover this in either a good or negative way, when your friends are no longer able to solve your problems, or when you realize it before and begin taking full responsibility for your life.

In this manner, you won’t jeopardize your friendship with your pals. Sure, your friends and family will be there to aid you, but if that isn’t possible, you’ll have to be prepared to tackle situations on your own.

What do these angel numbers mean for your feelings and love life?

One probable explanation for why you are seeing angel number 21 is that you are in a love relationship. Guardian angel 21 is a divine reminder to begin paying more attention to your partner’s feelings.

To be in a relationship entails sharing and living together, as well as enjoying life with someone you care about. Being in a relationship entails including each other in your plans. You are concerned with how your partner is thinking and feeling.

The angels urge you to remember why you started the connection and to remember that it is no longer about “me,” but about “us.” Make arrangements with each other and decide what is best for both of you without hurting either of your feelings.

Relationships are difficult, but they are also beautiful and challenging. Maybe you have to make sacrifices in order to be happy and pleased in your relationship.

How does angel number 21 encourage you or become your support system?

We always need support and encouragement when we face challenges, achieve our goals, or simply go about our daily lives. Angel number 21 is about relationship support and encouragement. Love is about supporting each other’s aspirations and encouraging each other when times are rough.

Encouraging each other to be their best selves is a sign of love. We all want to be in a relationship where we both grow into the person we were meant to be. Your guardian angel wants you to hear this. Communicate with your partner to elevate your relationship from good to amazing! You took the first step by asking for help.

Secondly, the angels have responded, and now it’s up to you to listen. You know your difficulties and desires, so take the messages that apply to you. Everyone is unique. Everyone has unique experiences based on their worldview. Let the divine lead your eyes and heart. Accept the abundance and help you receive!

What is the significance of this angel number to you?

It doesn’t take professional advice for you to think that perhaps the universe is insisting you notice their message by showing you a sequence of the same number. It could even be a birth date number or some other special date yet to unfold. This number could possibly be directing you to your life path or a new journey or the right direction in life.

Take it as a divine signal from your guardian angel that is trying to convey an important message to you. It could be about a mutual understanding between you and your loved ones, something about your romantic relationship that serves relationship means. Perhaps you need to drop some of your past beliefs in order for you to move forward in your life.

Your life choices as of late may have directed you to a whole new beginning, after all, you cannot stay in the same situation forever. Now, you are entering a transitional period, the right path which introduces to you a new chapter, a new phase with new doors and new opportunities. It is now time to drop your self-pity and old beliefs.

Make your large-scale life plan your top priority and keep your thoughts positive, maintain this strong connection to the master number and you will eventually unlock the best version of yourself. Trust us, seeing the angel number 21 is building you up to reaching new heights to achieve your every hope and all your dreams.


Final Word

Everyone has a guardian angel, but as humans, we are separated from them because of the barrier in the divine realm. If you keep on seeing number 21 lately, maybe from your phone, at work, or while scrolling through Facebook, this is your angel number.

Do you think this angel number’s meaning speaks to you?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments! 

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