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January 20, 2022

The Ultimate List of 200 Astrology Dog Names


The heavens above have always piqued people’s interest. Perhaps it’s the enigma of the great unknown, or perhaps it’s the timeless beauty of stars glittering in a clear night sky. Who wouldn’t want to know astrology dog names at this point in time?

For whatever reason, the cosmos is an inexhaustible source of motivation that pervades all parts of existence. It even appears in the names we give to our dogs. Perhaps you believe your dog is the most wonderful thing in the universe. Maybe you believe your pooch is a cosmic being, perhaps you’re just a big astronomy fan.

Whichever the reason, if you’re considering giving your new puppy an alien name, have a look at this list of over 200 options. Is there a greater way to commemorate your dog than to name it after something as wonderful as the galaxies?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

Why name your dog at all?

We have all done it, called out a different name or word to see whether our dog would respond. Most of the time, they will. What’s the use of devoting all those hours to deciding on a name for our dog if he’ll react to anything? We’ve tried to confuse our dog by intonating the same method and calling a name that’s very identical to our dog’s actual name.

A dog’s name, like a human’s, is required for identification. Most significantly, it is a method of attracting their attention. According to studies, dogs prefer their own name over any other moniker. A dog’s name will frequently precede a command, which sets them up for success in training.

It provides us the best opportunity of escaping a potentially devastating circumstance, such as sprinting into a busy street, when it’s quick and crisp. Choose names with one or two syllables that are easy to pronounce and avoid words that sound like popular orders. It is ultimately up to you to name your dog, but our top suggestions will get you started.

Why name your dog after astrology?

The ancients sought guidance and the foundations of universal truths from the stars. Also, the stars of old mythology continue to exist as constellations in our nightly sky. Many Graeco – Roman gods and heroes are memorialized in the names of our most prominent celestial bodies; these heavenly names make for a one-of-a-kind, heavenly pet name.

Dog Names Inspired by Constellations

  1. Adhara
  2. Centauri (Centaur)
  3. Major
  4. Aldebaran (Aldi)
  5. Cepheus (Ceph)
  6. Mensa
  7. Algol
  8. Cetus
  9. Minor
  10. Alpha (Alf – dog star)
  11. Chameleon
  12. North (brightest star)
  13. Antares
  14. Corvus
  15. Orion
  16. Antlia
  17. Crater
  18. Pavo
  19. Apus
  20. Cygnus
  21. Pegasus (Peg)
  22. Aquarius
  23. Delphinus
  24. Phoenix
  25. Aquila
  26. Denebola
  27. Pisces
  28. Ara
  29. Dipper (like the big dipper)
  30. Polaris
  31. Archer (faithful hunting companion)
  32. Dorado
  33. Saggitarius (zodiac sign)
  34. Aries (zodiac sign)
  35. Draco
  36. Scorpius
  37. Auriga
  38. Gemini (zodiac sign)
  39. Sculptor
  40. Betelgeuse (Beetle, Juice)
  41. Hercules
  42. Serpens
  43. Bootes
  44. Hydra
  45. Sirius
  46. Canis (the little dog star)
  47. Lacerta (Lacey)
  48. Spica
  49. Canopus
  50. Leo (zodiac sign)
  51. Taurus (zodiac sign)
  52. Capricornus (Capri)
  53. Libra (zodiac sign)
  54. Ursa (like ursa major or ursa minor)
  55. Carina
  56. Lupus (Loop)
  57. Vega
  58. Cassiopeia (Cassie)
  59. Lyra
  60. Vela
  61. Virgo (Virgo refers to a zodiac sign)
  62. Zodiac

Dog Names Inspired by Moons

  1. Ariel
  2. Himalia
  3. Perdita (Purdy)
  4. Atlas
  5. Hyperion (Hyper)
  6. Phobos
  7. Belinda
  8. Janus
  9. Phoebe
  10. Bianca
  11. Julie
  12. Portia
  13. Calypso
  14. Kari
  15. Prometheus (Greek myth)
  16. Carme
  17. Leda
  18. Prospero
  19. Cordelia
  20. Miranda (Mandy)
  21. Puck
  22. Cressida (Cressy)
  23. Moon (like a small moon or the Galilean moons, a perfect sphere)
  24. Rhea
  25. Cupid
  26. Narvi
  27. Rosalind (Rosy)
  28. Desdemona
  29. Oberon
  30. Thyone
  31. Elara
  32. Ophelia
  33. Titan
  34. Helene
  35. Pan
  36. Titania
  37. Himalia
  38. Pandora
  39. Umbriel

Dog Names Inspired by Astronomy

  1. Ictalurus
  2. Ellipse
  3. Kuiper
  4. Alpha
  5. Faye
  6. Magnetosphere (Magnet)
  7. Azimuth
  8. Filament
  9. Messier
  10. Barnard
  11. Fireball
  12. Neutron
  13. Blueshift (Blue)
  14. Flare
  15. Newton
  16. Caldera
  17. Galileo
  18. Orbit
  19. Celeste
  20. Gamma
  21. Quantum
  22. Chaos
  23. Gravity
  24. Quasar
  25. Copernicus (Copper)
  26. Halley
  27. Rigel
  28. Cosmic
  29. Hartmann (Hart)
  30. Roche
  31. Cosmos (Cosmo)
  32. Hawking
  33. Sagan
  34. Crater
  35. Hershel
  36. Solar
  37. Drake
  38. Hubble
  39. Solstice
  40. Dreyer
  41. Jansky
  42. Tektite
  43. Drone
  44. Kelvin
  45. Trojan
  46. Einstein
  47. Kentaurus (Kent)
  48. Tyson
  49. Ejecta
  50. Kepler
  51. X-Ray

Dog Names Inspired by the Solar System

  1. Asteroid (Aster)
  2. Galaxy
  3. Pleiades
  4. Archenar
  5. Jupiter (gas giant)
  6. Pluto
  7. Astro
  8. Leonid (Leo – a lion constellation)
  9. Procyon
  10. Auriga
  11. Lyrid
  12. Pulsar
  13. Capella
  14. Mars (the red planet)
  15. Saturn
  16. Ceres (Roman goddess)
  17. Mercury (smallest planet)
  18. Star
  19. Cluster
  20. Meteor
  21. Sun
  22. Comet
  23. Moon
  24. Triton
  25. Corona
  26. Nebula
  27. Universe
  28. Crescent
  29. Neptune
  30. Venus
  31. Earth
  32. Planet
  33. Zenith

Dog Names Inspired by the Skies Above

  1. Alto
  2. Lightning
  3. Space
  4. Aurora
  5. Luna (word luna refers to “moon”)
  6. Star
  7. Billow
  8. Mamma
  9. Stargazer
  10. Borealis
  11. Night
  12. Storm
  13. Breeze
  14. Pannus
  15. Stratosphere
  16. Celestial (Celeste)
  17. Pileus (Pilot)
  18. Stratus
  19. Cirrus
  20. Rain
  21. Sunshine (Sunny, Sun)
  22. Cloud
  23. Rainbow
  24. Thunder
  25. Cumulus
  26. Red
  27. Velum
  28. Eclipse
  29. Rocket
  30. Virga
  31. Fog
  32. Shine
  33. Whirl
  34. Gaze
  35. Sky
  36. Wind
  37. Ice
  38. Snow

Dog Names Inspired by the Heavens

  1. Angel
  2. Heavenly
  3. Blessing
  4. King
  5. Bliss
  6. Paradise
  7. Divine
  8. Rapture
  9. Eden
  10. Shangri-La
  11. Elysium
  12. Spirit
  13. Heaven
  14. Utopia

Final Word:

Most of these names are a little out there, but you never know what can catch your attention. Taking it from somebody who knows? Having a dog with a distinctive name is always entertaining.

They are great conversation starters, and you’ll quickly learn how many other individuals share your interests. Remember that if you choose one of these celestial names for your dog, you’ll always be mindful of him or her when you look up at the stars.

Which of the names did you like the most? Which do you think became an inspiration to you for a perfect name for your dog?

Comment your answers down below!

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