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January 22, 2022

Descendant Astrology: Find the Right Relationship


The Descendant Sign of a person relates to the sign that was in the degree of the ecliptic (reflection of the earth’s orbit in the celestial sphere) at the time of their birth. Thus, Descendant Astrology gives information on how we relate to one another, depicting relationships in particular.

We can examine the type of people who emerge in our life, with whom we prefer to form genuine connections or the attributes we want to see in our loving relationship by using the Descendant Zodiacal Sign.

The energy we project is the first step on the journey to self-awareness and self-realization. Understanding our Descendant and researching the personality traits we suppress informs us not only how to maximize our actual potential, but also where we may grow. Curious to know more?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • How Astrology Readings work for Descendant Astrology
  • Relationships between a Descendant Sign and Ascendant Sign
  • What a Descendant Sign means for a person’s birth chart
  • Finding Out your Descendant Sign

What is Descendant Astrology to you?

Searching for love in the cosmos? You may need to discover what descendant means in astrology and consider how your ascendant influences how you present yourself in the public. Your descendant is situated on the other side of the zodiac wheel and reflects attributes in others that you want for or even admire.

It’s like a scene from West Side Story, with two individuals from diverse worlds meeting from across the room, practically star-crossed. “If you embody the attributes of your Rising Sign, the sign opposite can be intuitively appealing,” astrologer and tarot card reader Maria Sofia Marmanides explains. “That sign may essentially appreciate the same ideals as you, but it approaches them in an entirely different way.

That’s why the Descendant sign basically reflects the house of relationships, devoted relationships, and marriage—the individuals we attract or desire as partners.” If you want to know how marriage and partnerships appear in your natal chart, you should first use a birth chart generator.

Then, according to Maimonides, you should look at the sign that rules your descendant, any planets in the 7th house, and where the ruler of the sign of the Descendant dwells in your birth chart. You may also use compatibility readings to discover if your partner has planets in your Descendant sign.

What does a Descendant Sign Represent?

The descendant sign basically reflects the cusp of our seventh house of partnerships, just as our ascendant sign represents the cusp of our first house of self. This house reigns over all of our closest one-on-one connections as well as the commitments we make to others, including our employers, business associates, and best friends. However, it is especially relevant to our love lives and romantic partners.

Although our descendant sign can reveal a lot about what we’re drawn to in other individuals, how we want to regulate the crucial engagements and alliances in our lives, and even the aspects of ourselves that we may find difficult to accept. Because our descended sign is diametrically opposed to our rising sign, it represents the polar opposite of the traits that we consciously put into the world.

Thus, our rising sign governs how we are perceived by others and the picture we project of ourselves – it governs our first impressions, reactions to things, and surface characteristics. The descendant, on the other hand, is everything that our ascendant isn’t. Our descendant sign contains all of the inclinations, strengths, and faults that we (consciously or unconsciously) shove into the shadows.

That is one of the reasons we will continue to be drawn to these features. They’re like the missing parts of our personality jigsaw – the gaps that we’re constantly trying to fill through our interactions with others. The “opposites attract” idea is fully operational here.  There is a tangible (and sometimes overpowering) tension that exists between the qualities we value in ourselves and those we reject or believe we lack.

So it stands to reason that the ones we don’t really have are often the ones that draw us in intuitively. However, there is an important connection to be noted here as well. Although opposing zodiac signs may struggle, they actually have comparable ideals and aims since they share the same “plane” in astrology. That nevertheless, it makes it logical that we’re drawn to the characteristics of our ancestors – it symbolizes a new approach to attaining what we want to do, and that’s bound to be appealing.

Lessons we can learn from Descendant Astrology

Our descendant sign indicates qualities in others that we admire, in part since they are qualities in ourselves that we find difficult to access. These features have a natural appeal, even if they appear odd to us. That is why we frequently strive to incorporate the characteristics of our descendant sign into our life through external interactions.

For instance, you may find yourself forming a lot of deep relationships with persons born under your descendant’s sign. If you don’t, you must start – the sign that governs your descendant may be a great zodiac mate for you, since they will likely exemplify many of the attributes that pique your passion in relationships.


Somebody with the energy of your descendant sign can bring balance and harmony to your personality, which could hold promise for a fruitful romantic partnership or commercial venture. However, essentially, one of the reasons we sought out people and relationships who reflect the attributes of our descendant sign is to find methods to exhibit those qualities inside ourselves.

If we aren’t being honest with ourselves about our struggles, our ancestral sign may indicate attributes that we project onto others, despise, or are jealous of. Having said that, we may instinctively seek connections that fit with our Descendant sign’s energy like a mirror to our own undesirable traits.

If you find yourself attracted to or judgmental of a certain type of personality on a regular basis, try to gain some clarity by reviewing your descendant sign and being truthful with how those attributes appear in you.

What is your sign according to Descendant Astrology?

The most important step in figuring your Descendant is to know what sign your Ascendant belongs to. Given that the Ascendant determines the First House in the natal chart, the Descendant is located in the opposite place on the Zodiac wheel, at the apex of the Seventh House, as seen in the chart.

The Descendant Sign corresponds to the one who is in direct opposition to the Ascendant Sign, no matter what the situation is. As a result, if you know your Ascendant, it’s simple to figure out your Descendant:

  • Ascendant Aries – Descendant Libra
  • Ascendant Taurus – Descendant Scorpio
  • Ascendant Gemini – Descendant Sagittarius
  • Ascendant Cancer – Descendant Capricorn
  • Ascendant Leo – Descendant Aquarius
  • Ascendant Virgo – Descendant Pisces
  • Ascendant Libra – Descendant Aries
  • Ascendant Scorpio – Descendant Taurus
  • Ascendant Sagittarius – Descendant Gemini
  • Ascendant Capricorn – Descendant Cancer
  • Ascendant Aquarius – Descendant Leo
  • Ascendant Pisces – Descendant Virgo

Attributes of the Descendant in each of the Zodiac Signs

#1: Descendant Sign in Aries

Natives with their Descendant in Aries are constantly on the lookout for a spouse who is active in every meaning of the phrase. Whereas Aries, as a Descendant, is visually appealing, it may also exhibit frigid and callous attitudes, which can be detrimental to interpersonal connections. Additionally, these indigenous people have a strong aversion to long-term devotion.

#2: Descendant Sign in Taurus

The Descendant in Taurus has as a personal objective to meet someone who is sturdy, loyal, and loving, and who can serve as the foundation of the relationship. Taurus is the sign of the bull. Envy, pride, and stubbornness, on the other hand, are the greatest hurdles to harmony in your relationships. Warm interaction with other people is quite essential to these indigenous, yet they find it difficult to convey their feelings in a straightforward manner. They adore comfort, but they don’t allow themselves to enjoy it too often.

#3: Descendant Sign in Gemini

Geminis in the Descendant despise being in a domineering relationship. It takes a partner who is imaginative, free-spirited, enticing, and energetic in order to shift the game. There is a sense of possession with the partner, or perhaps numerous partners at the same moment, on the other side of things. Another contradiction is that, despite the fact that lying causes issues, it is fairly usual for people born under the sign of Gemini to tell lies.

#4: Descendant Sign in Cancer

Natives of Cancer who have the Descendant sign in their horoscope wish to discover a trustworthy, empathetic, and hospitable mate. Nevertheless, there is a hidden element to these people’s personalities that demonstrates a lack of comprehension of the concept of instability.

This native does not have a constant desire to receive instruction and advice from someone he perceives to be superior in his own eyes and opinion. The most terrifying thing for a Cancer descendant is having to demonstrate their own power and fortitude.

#5: Descendant Sign in Leo

Natives with a Descendant in Leo love being in the presence of those who are unique and vibrant. People who follow conventional wisdom are not well-liked. Therefore, because of their natural need to stand out from the crowd from time to time, persons who are particularly prone to attracting attention become bothersome to these individuals.

#6: Descendant Sign in Virgo

The ideal mate for the Descendant sign in Virgo is someone who is organized, meticulous in their attention to detail, careful, and tenacious. These natives are appreciative of modesty and empathy, yet they have a proclivity to criticize themselves in a self-destructive manner. Also, the aptitude of a Virgo Descendant to pay close attention to detail is something to be respected. The result is that these people have difficulty focusing on even the most basic of daily activities.

#7: Descendant Sign in Libra

The Descendants’ most valuable asset in Libra is their diplomatic skills. It is preferable for these individuals to have a partner who, rather than focusing on other attributes, focuses on demonstrating their strengths to one another. The downside is that these individuals become easily fatigued by relationships, and they greatly value their privacy and independence.

#8: Descendant Sign in Scorpio

It is common for emotions to be paradoxical in the Scorpio Descendant: sometimes they are excessively intense, and other times they are easily overwhelmed. This group of locals is quick learners through the assistance of partners and companions, but they require ongoing personal work, which can be stressful during some occasions.

#9: Descendant Sign in Sagittarius

Possessing the Descendant in Sagittarius implies the desire to be in a relationship where personal space and freedom are honored, as shown by the constellation. Even yet, there is a certain amount of childishness in the manifestation of personalities, but when differences are regarded seriously, the balance can be restored. Personal truths are more important than anything else to these people, and they are hesitant to compromise when disagreements arise – a traditional characteristic of Sagittarius.


#10: Descendant Sign in Capricorn

When the Descendant sign is in Capricorn, natives have a strong sense of duty, commitment, and authority in a relationship, and this is reflected in their personalities. The desire for authority, on the other hand, can constitute a hindrance for these natives, since we all want freedom and room to develop. When it comes to dealing with Descendants, this one is among the most challenging.

#11: Descendant Sign in Aquarius

In their lives, Aquarius natives are on the lookout for a partner who is adventurous, interesting, and clever. For these individuals, a relationship must provide them with exciting stimulation. Their inability to be flexible and their unwillingness to accept rejection, on the other hand, are their most significant difficulties in the love field.

#12: Descendant Sign in Pisces

Pisces is the ascendant sign and there is a great inclination to idealize one’s mate when they are in Pisces. Furthermore, their lack of practicality in real life frequently has a negative impact on their interpersonal interactions. Individuals with a Pisces Descendant, on the other hand, typically have unreasonable dread of failure, which makes it difficult for them to go forward in their lives and achieve their goals.

Descendant and Ascendant Sign Partnership

#1: Aries Ascendant/Libra Descendant

They will look for someone who cares about people apart from themselves because an Aries ascendant is an earth sign that values self-preservation above all else. “As an autonomous and liberty sign like an Aries ascendant, you place a high importance on concepts such as fearlessness,” Marmanides explains.

“Having Libra as your Descendant indicates that you are looking for a partner who is courageous enough to express a desire for a relationship despite the fact that you are aware of how fragile emotional commitment may make you feel. It’s the want to be with someone who isn’t frightened to fall in love.”

#2: Taurus Ascendant/Scorpio Descendant

When you are born under the sign of Taurus, you naturally embody steadfastness and stability, and you appear to others as quiet and restrained. However, when you are born under the sign of Scorpio, you may find yourself attracted to someone who emits a lot of mystery and intrigue,” adds Marmanides. “Although their surface appears to be highly formidable, you will be curious seeing what depths lie beneath the surface.”

#3: Gemini Ascendant/Sagittarius Descendant

Gemini Rising is looking for someone who has a huge heart and sees the big picture, and with Sagittarius as the Descendant ruler, they will find someone who not only thinks big but lives even bigger. Marmanides explains that “Gemini Rising can be self-critical, and there will be an attractiveness to someone who symbolizes the notion of not analyzing and thinking so much and clearly going out there and doing it,” as opposed to someone who “thinks and studies too much and goes out there and does it.”

#4: Cancer Ascendant/Capricorn Descendant

Capricorn and Cancer are like a small husband-wife and businessman/wife couple who have merged into one. ‘Cancer is a creature of stability and comfort,’ explains Marmanides. “They desire a secure living environment, and as a cardinal indication, they place high importance on social standing.

Being born with the Descendant in Capricorn indicates that they will look for partners who can bring the same feeling of ambition and protection to the task of creating and maintaining a loving and devoted family and home unit.”

#5: Leo Ascendant/Aquarius Descendant

Theatrics will be very important to Leo Rising, as will creativity and drama, and they will appreciate and benefit from Aquarian flair and flourish. The expert advises that people who are different in their approach should be sought after.

“Whether it’s in the way they express their language of love or in the way they present themselves as quirky or distinctive,” adds Marmanides. “Being with someone who holds their feelings closer to their chest will be exciting for a Leo Rising because they are someone who lives their life heartfelt.”

#6: Virgo Ascendant/Pisces Descendant

After all, according to Marmanides, a Virgo ascendant is the help and the hard worker of the zodiac, so when they glance across the room, they see a large heart right on their sleeve, just like Pisces does. They will feel compelled to save them, even if the individual in question does not require rescue.

Because Virgos are known for spending a lot of time in their brains and getting bogged down in minutia, someone who represents Piscean attributes of spirituality and philosophy will serve as an intriguing counterweight to their tendency toward cynicism or practicality, according to Marmanides.

#7: Libra Ascendant/Aries Descendant

Recall that Libra is continuously on the lookout for a romantic partner, and they will find someone who exemplifies the independent attributes of Aries to be particularly attractive. As Marmanides explains, “Libra is regarded for their elegance and grace, as well as for keeping the peace and constantly respecting the other’s position.” According to the author, “This is one of the reasons why Aries will be so alluring, as it will make Libra dream about what kind of person who can live a life totally according to their own terms.”

#8: Scorpio Ascendant/Taurus Descendant

With this pairing, you have someone who prefers to keep things hidden from the rest of the world, and they will be magnetically attracted to their outgoing counterpart. Taurus represents honesty, which is why Scorpios find Taurus so appealing. “


Scorpios are often mystified by their own identities, which is why they will find a Taurus so fascinating,” explains Marmanides. “What you see is what you get, but they’re not afraid to express their opinions about what they value, what they want, and when they want it. Someone being that forthright will pique the interest of a Scorpio.”

#9: Sagittarius Ascendant/Gemini Descendant

Sagittarius and Gemini are well aware of what it takes to keep the flames of passion stoked and burning. “A Sagittarius Rising is someone who is always looking for adventure, whether it’s a literal journey expedition or an intellectually stimulating sparring match,” explains Marmanides.

“A Sagittarius Rising is someone who is always looking for adventure, whether it’s a literal traveling voyage or an intellectually stimulating sparring match.” The Descendant ruler is Gemini, and as a result, they will look for mates who are well-versed in a variety of subjects—someone who will keep them on their toes and who they will never become bored with.”

#10: Capricorn Ascendant/Cancer Descendant

Once again, Capricorn and Cancer are reminiscent of the archetype of the 1950s, with Cap seeking natural solace in Cancer after a long day at labor. “Capricorn Risings are known for their ascent up corporate ladders, and they represent material achievement and ambition,” explains Marmanides. “What will attract Capricorn to Cancer is the realization that their lives can be significantly richer if they turn their attention away from material money and toward emotional wealth and investment.”

#11: Aquarius Ascendant/Leo Descendant

With Aquarius Rising, emotional expressions are not among your strongest characteristics. ” What they really enjoy doing is daydreaming about ways to improve people’s lives and coming up with innovative solutions to problems.

You will be drawn to Leo’s characteristics because you will perceive someone who is unafraid of throwing themselves out there, becoming genuinely themselves, and is willing to work with you to create a utopian kingdom.

#12: Pisces Ascendant/Virgo Descendant

Lastly, we have a Pisces ascendant that is matched with a Virgo descendant. This is because they are looking for someone to ground them, and who better to do it than an Earth sign? “Pisces Risings are recognized as the dreamers, and they can embody characteristics that are more fleeting, esoteric, or spiritual,” adds Marmanides.

“Pisces Risings are recognized as the fantasists, and they can embody characteristics that are more ephemeral, esoteric, or spiritual.” Those who are more practical, dependable, and committed will be attracted to those who live their lives striving to make the world a better place, whether by acts of selfless work or other means.

Final Word:

In order to find your soulmate, you need to look at your astrological chart and become a descendant astrology analyzer. Take note of all the zodiac signs, a potential partner’s sun sign and moon sign as well as your own to get this right.

Have you found out who your potential partner is through Esoteric Astrology?

Let us know through your comments!

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