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March 10, 2020

Astrology Houses: A Complete Guide


In this complete guide, you will discover the 12 astrology houses and what each house in Astrology means.


More often than not, we are familiar with our zodiac signs. As we search for divination methods in understanding ourselves spiritually, these zodiac signs emerge as one of the most viable candidates in having that holistic view of the self.

Given how each zodiac sign points to our fate and what’s in store for us, these signs can bring light to almost all the uncertainties that we have to face as human persons. 

For instance, when we are searching about birth chart compatibility (how compatible you are with someone from an astrological perspective), it pays to look at the zodiac signs and identify the convergence and divergence zones between the person we potentially like and us.

Since the basic traits between these two persons are potentially cut, understanding how they can be disconnected lies within our grasp of the stars. 

In this case, a seemingly blooming relationship between a Gemini and a Taurus can be unexpectedly cut, given how these signs are fundamentally different.

As these two individuals get closer to each other, the walls of unfamiliarity and mystery will be torn apart, leading to the unmasking of irreconcilable differences between them. 

However, by consulting the zodiac signs, such differences can be remedied. By knowing the fundamental biases of each person based on their specific zodiac sign, one can know what to expect and, thus, act accordingly.

By knowing which parts to compromise with, better communication can be expected between blossoming relationships. 

With that, gaining a better understanding of the zodiac signs will surely lead us towards the result that we want. By consulting the stars concerning the decisions that we want to make in our lives, it will be easier for us to seek divine guidance. 

But how can we do that if we only know about the zodiac signs? Yes, the 12 zodiac signs are only the beginning in understanding how the stars interpret our fate. By moving further and going deeper into the contents of Astrology, we’ll gain a more comprehensive understanding of it. 

As such, one way to go is to understand the next important arcana of Astrology: the astrology houses.

While the zodiac signs (sun signs) are definitely the basic personalities that we have, the 12 astrology houses determine the different areas of our lives and how our destiny pans out on each of them. 

Thus, in this detailed guide to the astrology houses, we’ll be going over the basics of understanding each astrology house and how the movement of the planets can affect their impact on our lives. 

The 12 Astrology Houses

One reason why the 12 houses of Astrology aren’t as popular as the zodiac signs is because of the complexity that shrouds it.


While understanding these astrology houses often requires a comprehensive understanding of the angular, succedent, and cadent modalities, people generally shy away from the astrology houses and how to accurately interpret them. 

Moreover, understanding the 12 astrology houses requires an intricate understanding of planetary placements and how they influence our scope of being.

With the Sun’s movement clockwise, coupled with certain placements of the astrology houses, all of these have particular effects on the way we live and how our fate pans out. 

But as a beginner on Astrology, such nature of the astrology houses can push a learner away. Thus, the way to go is to find simple techniques to gain an understanding of the 12 astrology houses. 

With that, one effective way to do it is to know your Birth Chart. Considered as the “master document” in Astrology, this advanced astrology chart can give you every insight that you need in order to begin interpreting your destiny. 

And while manually plotting your natal chart (or birth chart) is definitely even more complex than understanding the 12 astrology houses, the blessing of the internet has allowed us to simply key-in certain details and arrive at an accurate natal birth chart. 

As such, knowing your complete date of birth, location, and time of birth is all that you need in order to get an accurate birth chart reading. And as you have one, you’ll know which planets are dominant on certain astrology houses, and how things will pan out.

Given such, all we need to do is to redirect our energies towards understanding the meaning behind the 12 astrology houses.

Thus, in the succeeding sections, we will be outlining the basic interpretations of each astrology house in order to give us a good grasp of it. 

1st Astrology House: The House of Self

Related sign: Aries
Latin Motto: Vitaor Life

With the first astrology House, the whole focus lies on the sense of self. Meaning, this House generally governs key aspects of who you are and how you present yourself to the external world. 

As such, it relates to your physical appearance, basic traits, perspectives, and even your ego (learn more about ego death). In this House, the sole focus is understanding the core concept of your humanity and what astrology has in store for it.

This means this astrology house depends a lot on your own individual input on the world, and how you improve the lives of people around you. Life, after all, is not something you just possess, it is something that you give to others, too, especially since everything ultimately relates to cosmological Order and stability.

Certain movements of celestial bodies can strongly alter who you are. With planets going in and out of the astrology houses, such can be interpreted to either positive or negative effects on your personality. 

For instance, certain shifts in this House can cause you to have some sort of existential instability, forcing you to ask who you are and why you are like that. In the same way, a positive impact on it can give you that much-needed confidence boost to conquer your goals in life. 


Also, given how Aries, a fire sign, governs this planet, it definitely relates to your inner drive as an individual. By having that strong desire to reach your goals, daring moves can be transitorily relevant, depending on how certain combinations pan out on this specific area of your life. 

However, what gives this astrology House the urgency and care it rightfully deserves is the fact that personal biases and prejudices which serve to hinder your capacity to evaluate yourself represent a stark contrast to the ever-changing, ever-moving universe that astrology illustrates.

Thus, being unable to shift opinions or attitudes as reason demands often result in significant friction between you and your loved ones.

That being said, there is hope. Paying attention to certain shifts in the first House can give us an insight into possible life-changing perspectives.

Given how certain planets can dwell or pass through this area of your life, knowing their particular effect can give you a good insight on possible shifts that may occur.

In this way, you’re able to arm yourself with the knowledge to prepare for what’s coming.

2nd Astrology House: The House of Value

Related sign: Taurus
Latin Motto: Lucrum or Gain

The second astrology House is all about acquisition and stability. In this world, we all have the opportunity to create value and yield profit out of it.

As such, almost everyone desires some sort of universal value, such as money, so that it is easier for them to move about.

On a cosmological scale, it reflects the tendency of all living things to gravitate towards being the best possible version of what they are.

We earn money so we may continue to lead the most fulfilling lives we can possibly imagine. We want to possess because owning things is one way of living to the utmost.

The question is – how should we approach our risks and ventures in life? As they say, divine timing is everything. Even when you have the necessary skills and connections, the lack of proper timing can lead to your demise. 

However, just as this House governs being perceptive and able to predict the right moment to strike, so does it govern the courage to seize the opportunity.

As the Roman saying goes, “Fortis fortuna adiuvat–” Fortune favors the bold. In other words, this astrology House displays the tension between timidity and recklessness.  

People often counteract this by simply becoming prudent when it comes to investing or opening ventures. But when one is overly prudent, he/she is also unable to achieve massive or life-changing gains.


Ultimately, those who are afraid to risk being trapped in the rat race, unable to move further in their financial status.

Astrological readings about when one should be prudent or aggressive give us a good insight into when the stars are aligned for us. By striking the perfect point, it is far easier for us to achieve our financial targets. 

Furthermore, this also means that this House governs the direction of your self-development. By improving your skill sets, it is likelier for you to gain more income.

As such, certain planetary movements and placements can help you determine if you should begin learning a new skill or hone existing ones. 

Certain movements of celestial bodies can strongly alter who you are. With planets going in and out of the 12 astrology houses, such can be interpreted to either positive or negative effects on your personality. 

That being said, mastering the second House by taking note of cosmological shifts can give you an insight on possible life-changing opportunities.

By paying close attention to the way planets move, it becomes much easier for you to know when to exert patience and avoid life’s many traps. Similarly, you’ll also be able to spot hidden opportunities!

3rd Astrology House: The House of Communications

Related sign: Gemini
Latin Motto: Fratres or Order

As our main form of relating to the world, almost everything is a form of communication. By saying something or acting in a certain way, we are delivering signals to another person about what we want or what we intend. Even non-action or not responding at all can be a form of communication, delivering the message that we are not interested, one way or another. 

Of course, transmitting messages is not the only aspect of communication, because what bridges people is their mind’s ability to understand what these messages mean. It is no coincidence, therefore, that astrology assigns the Third Astrology House as ruler of both communication and intellect.

However, “communication” in this case does not necessarily just mean talking, writing, speaking, or even conveying. After all, you might ask: what makes this about Order? Doesn’t communication also cause disorder sometimes?

And you’d be right to ask that because Order isn’t just about messages, but about interaction in general. Navigating this House, therefore, requires you to mold yourself to become great at interacting in any setting so you can bring about harmony to your environment. 

While communication is one of the must-have skills, not all can appreciate its value. Given such, people can easily forget or neglect the way they deliver things and how it appears to other people. With that, unnecessary conflicts may occur between persons, despite the fact that you’ve tried your best to reach an amicable solution. 

Not only that, miscommunication often affects our ability to exercise prudent judgment. For example, with the rise of fake news, it becomes more and more difficult to think about situations clearly and effectively. As more and more people fall victim to misinformation, discourse itself breaks down, and society becomes all the more difficult to live in. 

Truly, we need discipline and Order more than ever, and luckily for us, the Third House delivers this. Did you know that certain planets can have effects on your communication skills? Yes, the dwelling or passing of planets can impact the way you relate to the world, and even to yourself. 


With that, paying attention to shifts in this astrology House can lead you to make wise choices in life, not only for yourself but for humanity. After all, as social beings, there will always come a time where we must heed the call of others or request for their assistance. By knowing when to do such, we are able to effectively use our resources to our advantage. 

4th Astrology House: The House of Home and Family

Related sign: Cancer
Latin Motto: Genitor or Parent

The Fourth House of astrology is governed by upbringing and personal roots. Of all the astrology houses, this is one that specifically focuses on your own past, if only because without it, none of us would be here.

In fact, it could even be said that your coming here and reading about this article is governed by the Fourth House, since every decision you’ve made, every person you’ve ever loved and every advice you’ve received at this point in your life has inevitably led you to us.

As such, it comes to no one’s surprise that Cancer is the relevant sign for this area of our life. After all, Cancer empowers our emotions and intuitiveness, in as much as it gives us a good grasp of familial situations and their possible effects in our lives. 

For example, when dealing with family, we cannot be too transactional, nor can we be overly affectionate. After all, transactional ways cultivate indifference in as much as overfamiliarity breeds contempt.

Indeed, the inability to manage your relations well can often corrupt your ability to bond with others.

When you think about it this way, the Fourth House essentially requires that you put at least one foot on the ground while you soar high and move through with your life.

This is because the basest feelings of happiness and contentment are born from your earliest beginnings. It is from our parents’ cooking that we gain a love for food, and from their care and warmth that we learn how to love and help others.

By being mindful of our relationships, we get to have a balanced approach to our familial life. Whether it is with your spouse, parents, or children, these relationships require closer attention so as to avoid deep-seated conflict within the home, or indeed, anywhere.

With that, certain tips can be found as we consult our sign and how the planets are arranged for this astrology House. By knowing if certain retrogrades are occurring for dwelling planets, we get to become prudent on our approach or know when to make sure that we fight for things. 

More often than not, planets moving within this House will encourage us to develop a more intimate and private relationship with our family. In a world covered by the clout of social media, ensuring such important notions can allow us to make meaningful moments with them. 

5th Astrology House: The House of Pleasure

Related sign: Leo
Latin Motto: Nati or Children

The 5th astrology House is all about creativity, romance, and happiness. As we pursue things that we perceive as meaningful in life, it is often this aspect of our existence that allows us to always keep in touch with our fundamental human nature.

When we think about art, for example, we often judge its worth primarily by how well we’re relating to it. In this sense, art and creation remind us endlessly that there’s always more to the world than just the mundane experience of sitting on your desk and typing away on a keyboard.


By pursuing some level of creativity in us, we are able to experience a moment of happiness. For instance, when we play an instrument, we find a certain pleasure of being able to express ourselves through the music that we want.

In the same way, doing a hobby like swimming allows us to find a different kind of pleasure where we experience some sort of non-verbal meaning in our lives.

Of course, there is more to creation than just celebrating the glory of being human. Like all things, pleasure is also something we share with the people around us. astrology knows this, which is why it also assigns childbearing and caretaking on the Fifth House. 

In the end, all of our effort and creative capabilities will always tilt towards ensuring that no matter what happens, there will always be oases of happiness for people to stop by as they continue to endure the harsh desert we call life and its many challenges.

From this, it is easy to see how transitory planets tend to contribute to bringing happiness to our lives. With certain alignments and transitions, these planets can dictate the moments wherein we feel alive. By experiencing such, we’ll see a life that’s full of color and joy.

More importantly, this House is also at the heart of romance itself. Thus, when you are seeking to create new relationships, it is important to know the right timing. By knowing more, you become more mindful of going out at appropriate times, hoping to meet that special someone.

Thus, this House dominates our emotions and heart-based decisions. Providing us with that much-needed motivation to move forward, the 5th House makes life meaningful altogether!

6th Astrology House: The House of Health

Related sign: Virgo
Latin Motto: Valetudo or Health

For the 6th House, it is all about personal well-being, particularly on one’s health. As the 6th House focuses on the thread that allows us to exist, examining what the planets have to say about our health will always be a good precautionary measure for us. After all, prevention is better than cure.

With that, it seeks to examine our daily routines and schedules. By checking out things that we are constantly doing, we allow ourselves to re-evaluate whether some practices are unhealthy and must be changed.

In this regard, this astrology House’s true power lies in its ability to help people make informed choices about self-management.

However, evaluating one’s habits is half of the work this House demands. The 6th is made notoriously difficult by the fact that discipline is its primary driving force.

As we move about and endure life’s problems, we eventually develop habits that could end up destroying our bodies.

This often leads to the all-too-familiar tension between mind and body: we know that we have to move out of our comfort zones, but because our bodies love our habits so much, it becomes difficult for us to address or even identify them. We procrastinate until it becomes too late to address.

For this reason, the planets which dwell in this astrology House often assist us in the re-scheduling of our calendars. By re-assessing the things that we have to do and why we do them, the planets can aid in improving our overall well-being, both our physical and mental health. With discipline, leading a good life becomes even easier.


Furthermore, it also strongly resonates with Virgo energy. Known as an earth sign, Virgo adheres to the powers of the earth, allowing it to yield worldly and tangible results.

When we do yoga, for example, we feel positively relaxed. As such, this speaks strongly with what the 6th House aims for – a life where we are most comfortable.

In this case, such is manifested in the idea that the more we manage our time correctly, the better overall well-being we have. After all, time is the only resource that we cannot take back.

While we may ask others to do stuff for us, time itself is beyond our control. If we die today, then it is already the end. 

Thus, the wisdom the 6th House imparts is that managing time and health is truly an area of our lives that we must focus on if we are to lead productive and meaningful lives.

7th Astrology House: The House of Partnerships

Related sign: Libra
Latin Motto: Uxor or Spouse

Given our nature as social beings, it would be a blunder to ignore our partnerships with others. After all, the line “no man is an island” still holds true, at least until we are able to exist fully on our own with fully automated A.I. to do everything else for us.

But even then, our psychological health will still be challenged by the fact that we aren’t communicating with someone who exists. If we think of it, much of our mental health is also dependent on the people around us, on the kind of conversations that we have, and the time that we spend with them. 

This is best reflected in much of civilized society. Economies function because businessmen make deals with one another and form healthy partnerships with their employees, and societal Order is maintained by the invisible social contract from which we derive our criminal and civil laws.

Aside from this, it also governs the partnerships that we make on a personal level– from saying “I do” to your special someone, to your promises to others.

The duality of transaction and affection from which humanity thrives is the basis for the 7th Astrology House.

With that, while you may be someone who loves to do things alone, paying attention to the 7th House will always give you a better outlook in life.

Since the 7th House focuses on improving our relationships, paying attention to it can eventually make or break our own meaning and happiness. 

Ultimately, all of this is because partnerships and mutual gain form a huge part of the celestial Order. Hence, planets moving along this House will usually help you to secure deals and create partnerships with others.

Whether it is business, romance, or shared goals, this astrology House will make sure that you are on the right track.


The key is to ensure that every decision falls in line with how the planets interact with this House because the only way to truly succeed is to maintain a solid partnership with the cosmos.

Thus, try to pay attention to this House and examine it from time to time. Perhaps, it will give you an idea why certain partnerships or ventures aren’t working at all. 

8th Astrology House: The House of Transformation

Related sign: Scorpio
Latin Motto: Mors or Death

Upon reading its Latin motto, it wouldn’t be surprising if it baffles you. At first glance, this would make you ask: what is the House of transformation, and why does it have death as its motto? 

More often than not, though, people miss out on this one. Think of your history lessons from way back when and how your teacher discussed important events.

You’ll notice that at least once or twice, your teacher ended up mentioning someone who died. For example, Rome was founded on a fratricide when Romulus killed his brother Remus. This is why Italy’s capital today is called “Rome” instead of “Reme.”

As you can see, this is perhaps one of the most important astrology houses. After all, it shows how much change can impact humanity’s history, as well as yours.

Further still, this House is all the more important because we now live in an era where we can think of anything else other than death. Ironically enough, we are now able to look at death more deeply and objectively.

For one thing, if you think of transformation and progress, it is essentially a synthesis of both creation and destruction. Thus, we know now that death leads to change and, with prudent judgment, improvement.

For something new and significant to arise, it is necessary for us to pay attention to how certain areas are renewed while others are destroyed.

For instance, if you want real change to happen in your life, bad habits must die to create space for good ones. 

With that, the 8th House of transformation usually governs this aspect of our lives. Together with other aspects such as sexual relationships, commitments, karma, and spirituality, its importance is irreplaceable as it determines the ebbing and flowing of energies in our life. 

As such, the planets passing through this astrology House will usually help us to understand life’s complexities. With shifting points, life itself can be very tricky. However, when we focus on seeing how empty space can be an opportunity for growth, such shifts will slowly become good things for us. 

9th Astrology House: The House of Philosophy

Related sign: Sagittarius
Latin Motto: Iter or Journeys

In classical antiquity, distinctions were often made between the “body” and the “soul.” The former was considered imperfect due to its tendency towards decadence.


By contrast, the “soul” or “mind” was considered ascendant, and that through rigid education, its power could be harnessed to solve life’s problems. 

By the medieval ages, new knowledge became associated with moving out. As each person must go out of their circle in order to expand it, traveling and exploring new places can lead to a newly acquired knowledge which gives you a good grasp of things that you don’t know of.

As such, the link between understanding, perspectives, and various philosophies are often associated with traveling and journeys in general.

Of course, Astrology sees the importance of thinking philosophically and prudently, and as such, assigns the 9th with matters pertaining to critical thinking. It sees both the rigid and dynamic traditions as one and the same; both impact how productively you’re able to live.

In fact, it also sees their individual limits: learning about the common good in a classroom is simply not the same as engaging in social work, for example, but just practicing prevents you from having an informed opinion of anything you do. 

The 9th Astrology House draws its profundity from this, as it encourages you to maintain a healthy balance by learning through reflection and action, as well as by observing the planets’ movements and making wise decisions based on them. 

Aside from this, the value of the 9th House also affects one’s ability to understand moral perspectives.

In this case, morality is not only about right or wrong but also one’s notion of what should be right and which things are wrong. 

Meaning, when we speak of moral judgments, pointing to its normative sense can be very limiting. After all, our perceptions of right and wrong are dictated by our notion of the good life, and how much should be lived.

For instance, wanting to become a great musician often overtakes other decisions and, thus, dictates our notion of what is right or wrong for our life.

With that, we can never truly distance ourselves from our moral choices and perspectives, ultimately making them necessary for our overall existence. 

10th Astrology House: The House of Enterprise

Related sign: Capricorn
Latin Motto: Regnum or Kingdom

As for the 10th Astrology House, it generally covers the things that we usually aspire for. Speaking about ambitions, motivations, career, status, and authority, this House governs how much control we can exert in our lives. 

Indeed, this aspect of astrology is based on the idea that we aren’t just parts of some larger system; we are systems in our own right. Just as the cosmos maintains Order through a sophisticated set of rules, so do we maintain ourselves by influencing both ourselves and others. 

For instance, when we assess the way we live, we’ll see that one way or another, we are pursuing something. Whether it is something that we can do professionally or one that we aspire for our own sake, some sort of career is present in our lives. 


Given such, the application of this House often occurs when we get to see how important our goal setting is. With varying notions of what should be, knowing what we want will ultimately dictate our path to success.

This tendency towards pursuing and aspiring something is the result of a primal desire to assert our place– our own kingdom in a universe of equals.

Of course, finding a place is easier said than done. The 10th House’s primary difficulty is that our need to find our place in the cosmos shows how hard it is to bridge our freedom to choose and the responsibilities that come with it, as even the slightest of errors could permanently crush our hopes of living well.

With that, the 10th Astrology House will usually guide us towards finding what we want or empower us towards the things that we are already pursuing.

In this case, certain shifts in this House will give us the idea of what to do next since it is normal for people today to have that constant questioning about the direction of their career.

By studying how the cosmos’ own glorious movements, it becomes much easier for you to know exactly what to do to further your goals in life.

Furthermore, it will also provide that much-needed push to conquer challenges. Since all careers have their own varying learning curves, having that power to push forward is crucial to make one ultimately consistent. 

Finally, this House will also give warnings when certain red flags arise in our own career and authority. As the stars will give guidance when to stop and go, we’ll be able to determine when to take that leap of faith and when to become prudent with our own actions. 

11th Astrology House: The House of Blessings

Related sign: Aquarius
Latin Motto: Benefacta or Blessings

For the 11th House of Astrology, it is all about the results that come with friendships and social connections. We have outlined multiple times in this article the need to constantly cultivate friendships, and if the other astrology houses govern how to work on them, this one shows why we should work on them.

This is because fundamentally speaking, we are beings who constantly seek benefit. Contrary to most philosophies, however, this is not thought of by philosophy as necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it even encourages reward and gains precisely because the universe itself works on the outcome. 

In our case, by gaining and rewarding each other’s affections and kindness, we are able to make life much easier to work with, and this is even truer now considering that we all live in an ever-smaller world.

Globalization has since encouraged us all to depend on each other instead of making war and inciting conflict, as the latter does nothing but destroy lives.

Thus, as the Latin motto reflects, like-mindedness and common goals are often perceived as blessings that are given to us. After all, things are better when we work with people whom we are familiar with.

This means we should all give as much as we receive, for we live in a world, nay, a cosmos that demands it.


Even further, it also helps us define our role within societies. Since we must necessarily fit-in with others, knowing our specific roles can help us determine our socially recognized meaning and purpose.

Whether you are a white-collar or blue-collar worker, finding your own meaning from a social context will give you a good grasp of the value that you provide to society. 

As such, some individualists might take a different stance against this. However, we cannot deny that even though we can be happy with ourselves, social validation is still one way for us to know if we’re on the right path.

With that, the 11th House will ensure that things go smoothly on this aspect of our lives. Seeing our existence interconnectedly, such a perspective will lead us towards finding communal meaning and appreciating our social nature.

Instead of doing things alone, we get to seek the help and support of those around us, and thus, achieve much more in life!

12th Astrology House: The House of Undoing

Related sign: Pisces
Latin Motto: Carcer or Rehabilitation

Finally, the last Astrology House is the most mysterious. Containing almost everything that’s mystical and unknowable, the House of undoing is more than things that we want to change – it is also the House of the things that can change us. 

Of all the astrology houses, it holds within it a peculiar irony, but considering that astrology instructs us to always look at the binary relationship of things in a much deeper way, you’re probably used to it by now.

Kidding aside, the irony is that unlike the House of Death, these changes come from something that has already been within us for much of our conscious lives. Of course, this also means that this is the House of discovery.

To begin with, the House of undoing can simply be understood as our spiritual realm. Of all the astrology houses, it is the most misunderstood, given its complex nature. Its first stage of complexity lies in the fact that much of what you know is ultimately something only you can arrive at.

When you consult your astrologer, you can’t reasonably expect them to know in precise terms what insecurity is affecting you from making a decision.

To make things worse, this is a House that has a certain sense of urgency, as being unable to figure things out for yourself can really affect everything about you, from your quality of life to your own relationships.

Thankfully, while it’s true that your astrologer isn’t omniscient, with the two of you studying your astrological sign and its relationship with your current House, you can get clues as to what your inner self truly is, and ultimately what your existence really means for you.

In doing so, you are able to transcend your existing notions of what is and what isn’t, just as the 12th House goes beyond all your understanding of life itself. 

In fact, it doesn’t really end with just addressing a distressful question on existence; because of the planets’ dynamic, ever-moving nature, you’re constantly able to learn more about yourself and how you can conduct your plans for both your future and your present.


Thus, in a huge way, the House of Undoing really does deserve its name, for a while it is indeed difficult to undo the great existential knot, getting out of it can actually give you what Albert Camus would call an “invincible summer;” a mind forever tranquil and resolute despite life’s absolute worst.

Final Word About Astrology Houses

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored how each of the Astrology Houses can be understood from a bird’s eye view. By having a good overview of how they work and how they can appear to us, we’ll get a good idea of properly utilizing each House in our own life. 

With that, the goal is not to muster all the astrology houses. Just like the Sun sign, moon sign, and the stars, these astrology houses are technically beyond us.

Meaning, no matter how we try to unravel them, they will always be on the mystical and unreachable side. 

That, however, doesn’t mean that we should stop attempting to understand more about the astrology houses.

Since they are key areas in our life that should be addressed, knowing the possible effects of planetary and celestial movements can become a make or break moment for us. 

As such, as we’ve shown in this article, you’ll now get a good understanding of their inherent value and how to properly approach them.

While you’re not totally in control of these astrology houses, knowing what Astrology says can help you become prudent in your decision-making process or aggressive on a timely basis. 

Just remember, these predictions only serve as guidelines for you. Instead of seeing them as absolute dictates, these points are only guideposts or warning signs for possible collisions or explosions in each astrology House.

Whether such turns out to be positive or negative, it is ultimately up to you on how to harness the power of each astrology House to its maximum effect!

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