August 23, 2018

The Planets in Astrology: How They Reveal Your Secrets


Astrology is not necessarily about looking to see what is causing things to happen but more about looking to see how the flow and movement of the planets throughout space are influencing our character and experiences in life.

The planets essentially describe what is already occurring. This is a frequently overlooked fact about astrology but an important one.

When you understand the messages that a planet might bring, and you learn to read your advanced astrology chart, you can start to understand your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities and also forecast what experiences you might have in the future too.

How Planets in Astrology Reveal Your Secrets

Here is a brief explanation of what messages each planet brings:

The Sun
● Meaning: “I am”
● Best quality: Leadership
● Worst quality: Dictatorship

The sun is electric and represents who you fundamentally, the part of you that never changes, and the profound force that lasts within you – it’s your essence, and often how you express yourself externally.

The sun also represents your ego, and willpower and how you make and execute decisions, how you deal with life because it’s also your will. You can learn from the sun how you express your will by studying the activity of the other planets in the horoscope in relation to the sun.

You can also learn a lot about your character from the sun, it helps you to define your ‘self’ and can answer questions about;

● How introspective you are
● Are you fabulous or understated?
● Are you greedy or generous?
● Are you stressful or easygoing?
● Fast paced or slow paced?
● How you manage or cope with responsibility.

The answers to such questions are often found by studying your sun’s position and also the aspects in your chart that involve the sun.

The Moon
● Meaning: Feeling
● Best quality: Resourcefulness
● Worst quality: Flakiness

The moon is often overlooked when considering the horoscope, but it is as vital as the sun in your birth chart. The moon reflects the part of you that only you see (or those closest to you) it’s the magnetic aspect of you and represents emotion and instinct as well as all of the aspects of yourself that are unconscious such as your habits and instincts.

The phases of the moon can be moody, and changing, and can reflect your immediate reactions to situations you were not prepared for. It shows what makes you feel secure, nurtured and content, the moon represents your greatest need too.

● Meaning: Thinking
● Best quality: Communication
● Worst quality: Restlessness

Mercury governs all things related to the way that we think, intellectualize, communicate and rationalize.


How we perceive is reflected in Mercury, as is our capacity to research, assimilate and communicate the knowledge we gain through our experiences.

It shows us how we process the information too – how we perceive and understand it. Mercury also reflects transportation, short trips, software related to communication and our nervous energy.

● Meaning: Loving
● Best quality: Love and affection
● Worst quality: Giving in too easily
Venus represents how we enjoy beauty and express our affection towards others. It also reflects our capacity to attract all of the things we love, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually and also defines the characteristics of people we draw to yourself.

Venus rules; love affairs, the arts, adornment, beauty, social graces, harmony, pleasure, sex appeal, friendship.

Venus can also show you how you engage in and express yourself in relationships, such as marriage,
● Meaning: Action
● Best quality: Getting Things Done
● Worst quality: Harshness

While Mars is often the cause of aggression, conflict, and war, it also reflects your desires, aspirations for activity, how you get things started or moving in your life. The kind of activity you take and how you are motivated.

Mars reflects your energy levels, vitality and how you might take action.
● Meaning: Growth
● Best quality: Kindness
● Worst quality: Arrogance

Jupiter is optimistic and the bringer of good luck, success, and generosity – it reflects joy. Expansive joy.

Jupiter can also reflect confidence, frankness, honesty, knowledge, expansive visions and philosophy. Jupiter searches for the truth, and so it represents philosophy, education, justice, law, religion, metaphysics and all aspects of self-development.

You can also learn more about your religious, philosophical and moral standards are by studying Jupiter in your chart.
● Meaning: Accomplishment
● Best quality: Systematic Organisation
● Worst quality: Selfishness

Saturn can seem a little harsh because it reflects the boundaries, limitation, restrictions, practicality, realism, duty, discipline, responsibility and sensibility you have.
Saturn is also the home of karmic or societies laws, and limits – it brings hardship so that we may grow and so that when you do, you’ll earn long-lasting success.
● Meaning: Evolution
● Best quality: Originality
● Worst quality: Rebellion

Uranus represents unconscious urges toward individuality, Uranus is around when you experience an epiphany or a sudden bolt of information. That’s because Uranus reflects revelation, creativity, revolution, change, disruption, and shock.

Uranus shakes things up quite literally but only so that it can bring new innovative ideas into our awareness. Uranus can be challenging but refreshing at the same time because it clears out the old so that you can bring in the new. Stagnancy is not going to be present when Uranus is around.
● Meaning: The Dreamer
● Best quality: Idealistic tendencies
● Worst quality: Vagueness

Neptune is elusive and imaginative, but it can also be delusional, confused, foggy and unrealistic. That’s why Neptune is always associated with acting and spiritual healing or service to others.

In the birth chart, Neptune often represents confusion in whatever house it appears in your birth chart. Things aren’t always as they appear when Neptune is around. You can become lost in a world of fantasy or experience mystical visions. If you’re curious about what each of the 12 astrology houses mean, you can refer to our guide to the astrology wheel.


If Neptune is positioned negatively in the birth chart, it can express escapism, which can be through the forms of addiction, psychosis, cult worship, suicide, etc.
● Meaning: Transformation
● Best quality: Transformation
● Worst quality: Stagnancy

Pluto represents the natural process of transformation, the urge to grow spiritually, and expand.

It also represents sexuality, transformation, power, obsession, and the accumulation of great wealth. Pluto can also bring drastic change that can last for a generation because it’s a slow-moving planet.

Pluto tears down so that it can rebuild and transform what it has destroyed.

You can associate Pluto with mental obsession, recklessness, and compulsion, and transcendence. Pluto is also associated with mysteries, secrets, and taboos.

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